50+ Best Firestick Apps [2021] For Movies, Live TV, Sports, Shows, Etc.

Best Amazon Firestick Apps

The Amazon Fire Stick wouldn’t be such a useful and reliable media streaming tool without the Firestick apps. The Firestick devices deliver the best for those who want more than what they usually get on their television. When the Firestick combines with a perfect app then you get a neverending entertainment. Firestick has indeed changed the way one gets entertained. Firestick has an exclusive collection of Firestick apps and channels which keeps on growing every day.

Some of the below-given apps might not be available on Firestick App store or it might be geo-restricted in your region. In such a case, you need to sideload apps to Firestick. Does it mean that you are going to jailbreak your Firestick to use that particular app? Do you think jailbreaking Firestick is illegal? Click this link to know more.

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To simplify the task of choosing the right Firestick app for you, Amazon has listed all of its apps under different categories. So whatever you search for, Fire TV Stick has an app for you. We have curated the list of best apps for Firestick under different categories from the plethora of apps available on the Amazon App Store. If you are a Firestick user and looking for the best Firestick channels, read further below to choose the best Firestick apps for your devices like Fire TV 3, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV.

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Firestick Apps | Best Apps for Firestick

Firestick App Store will utterly astound anyone with the vast number of apps it has included. Most of the apps are free while few of them are paid. We have listed top best apps for Firestick from the most commonly used categories of Firestick apps like movies & tv shows, music & audio, news, sports, utilities, communication, kids, and more.

Best Firestick Apps For Movies & TV Shows

Best Firestick Apps For Music & Audio

Best Firestick Apps For News

Best Firestick Apps For Sports

Best Firestick Apps For Utilities

Best Firestick Apps For Communication

Best Firestick Apps For Kids

Best Firestick Games

Best Firestick Apps For Movies & TV Shows

Most often, Firestick users use it mainly to stream movies and tv shows. There are a large number of Firestick apps available to entertain those who love streaming movies and tv shows. The best Firestick under this category are.

1. Netflix

Netflix on Firestick

Netflix lets you stream unlimited tv shows, films, and more other programmes. It is the most widely preferred streaming app by millions when it comes to entertainment. Netflix is the world’s leading subscription-based app that gives you the best of streaming experience any time anywhere. Choose to watch from thousands of movies and tv shows on your Firestick. With the constantly updated database, you can browse from the growing collection of titles and new episodes. Rate your favourite contents to let Netflix bring you the personalized contents.

See how to install Netflix on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

2. Kodi

kodi on Firestick

Kodi is yet another best Firestick app when it comes to streaming movies and tv shows. It is an ultimate entertainment center that will let you stream from the wide range of music, movies, tv shows, photos, and more. Kodi on Firestick is a media player app that supports almost all formats of music. It brings movie collection to life with the artwork, genres, and more. With Kodi, you will get organized tv contents. Change the look of Kodi app with the skin it has with ease. Besides streaming, it supports recording tv shows and streaming internet radio station.

See how to install Kodi on Firestick with screenshots.

3. YouTube

Youtube on Firestick

YouTube is the most well-known streaming app with which you can watch what the world is watching. It is the best Amazon Fire Stick app classified under movies and tv shows and you can also stream music videos, news, tv show clips, and more. By subscribing to the channels, you can stream their videos without missing any of them. You will get personal recommendations or choose to stream the latest contents on multiple topics. Connect with people to share your views about the video as like, shares, and comments. Aside from streaming, you can even upload and edit your videos with filters and music.

See how to install YouTube on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

4. Plex

Plex on Firestick

Plex is one of the best apps on Firestick that can be used to stream contents in a smarter way. You can use it to stream your favourite movies, tv shows, music, web shows, podcasts, and more other contents on your Firestick device. Using the Plex app on Firestick, you can keep your streams organized and get them at any time from any device. It will bring together all your favourite streams for you to access it with the simple interface. Watch live tv contents, recorded tv, and web shows on Plex app for unlimited fun.

See how to install Plex on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

5. Hotstar

Hotstar on Firestick

Hotstar is a popularly used live streaming app with which you can watch your favourite tv shows, movies, live news, sports, and more on the go. It is the largest premium streaming app that can be accessed from the Amazon Fire Stick. It is a must-have app if you love streaming contents in high quality at any time. It has the support for several numbers of channels and thus you can watch series and shows easily. With the constantly updated database, you will get recent releases to trending shows, and more.

How to Install & Watch Hotstar on Firestick

6. ShowBox

Showbox is an excellent online streaming app that can be used from the Firestick device. It is the most widely known app with which you can stream movies, tv shows, series, news, sports, and more. It will also let you stream the high-quality contents in different genres. Showbox on Firestick will let you choose a category and stream them with ease. Besides streaming, you can also download any contents to watch it without an internet connection. The database of the Showbox app is updated regularly and you will get up-to-date video streams.

See how to install ShowBox on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

7. Vimeo

Vimeo is an ad-free entertainment app that is classified under the best Amazon Firestick app. You can discover amazing videos, watch and share videos in HD quality. It is the fastest and customizable player that supports saving videos to watch offline. Vimeo on Firestick can be used to upload, manage and share videos privately with others. Discover new videos, follow categories, channels, and creators, or choose to stream the hand-selected contents. Get unlimited live streaming in high-quality and grow real-time audience while using the Vimeo app.

8. IMDB Movies & TV

IMDb Movies & TV is yet another Firestick app that is classified under movies and TV shows. It is the most popular and authoritative source to watch movies, tv shows, entertainment news, celebrity contents, IMDb Originals, trailers, and more. IMDb Movies & TV app users can add their favourite movies and tv shows in the Watchlist option. You can even rate the movies and tv shows you have watched. Get personalized recommendations, create lists and share movies, tv shows, etc using IMDb app.

9. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Videos is the Internet video on demand app that can be accessed on the Amazon Fire Stick device on the go. You can stream and download popular movies, tv shows, and more other titles with ease. It lets you select titles that can be downloaded with no additional cost. You can watch IMDb data about the songs, actors, trivia. With Amazon Prime Videos on Firestick, you can purchase or rent videos from hundreds and thousands of collections including newly released movies, tv shows, etc. It even supports subscribing to more than 100 premium channels and cancels at any time.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Firestick

10. Tubi

Tubi is one of the best Amazon Firestick apps that will let you stream contents for free. You can use this app to watch thousands of hit movies, tv series, and more with fewer ads in HD quality. Without paying any subscription, you can watch free video streams. The library of Tubi on Firestick is updated regularly and you can watch new movies and tv shows instantly. You can create a personal queue to bookmark the videos that you wanted to watch. Choose videos from different categories to get thousands of hours of streaming with the Tubi app.

How to Download and Install Tubi TV on Firestick

Best Firestick Apps For Music & Audio

There are millions of people who love listening to music and songs. So Amazon has included a good number of apps listed under music, audio, and instrumentals. The best apps for Firestick listed under Music & Audio category are given below.

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1. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a music streaming app that lets you find and play music that you love. It is one of the best Firestick apps for music and audio with which you will get unlimited access to several million songs. You can choose from the 29.1 million songs with the Amazon Music on Firestick device. With the Amazon Music Unlimited, you can stream music with no limits. Get hands-free listening on your device with the Amazon Music app with unlimited skips. It even supports offline listening and you can listen to your favourite tracks even without internet.

2. Amazon Alexa

With Amazon Alexa on Firestick, you can set up the Alexa enabled devices to listen to music. It is the best Amazon Firestick music app that will also act as a virtual assistant. With the voice interaction, it will bring you the contents that you are looking for. It brings you personalized contents when you use Amazon Alex the more. With this tool, you can connect to music services like Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, etc. With Amazon Alexa, it is easy to select a song or playlist and listen to the music tracks. By linking the Amazon account to Alexa device, you can listen to Amazon Music library with no limits.

How to Use Alexa to Control your Amazon Firestick

3. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is a simple yet powerful podcast app that will let you easily manage the podcasts, radio, audiobooks, and more. It is rated as one of the best Amazon Firestick apps list under music and audio with the vast number of features. You can search and browse for podcasts by name or keyboard as with the Podcast Addict on Firestick. You can browse for the podcast networks, get custom recommendations, and more. It comes with built-in audio effects and you can control playback speed, volume etc. Podcast Addict also has the support for backup and restoring subscription, bookmarks, visual customization, etc.

4. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is the best music and audio app that will play all your favourite TuneIn stations. It will not only bring you music, but also live sports, news, podcasts, radio, and more from all around the world. You will get commercial-free music that is curated by the leading-edge DJs, special guests, live mixes, and more. It has the support for more than one million AM and FM radio stations. So you can enjoy TuneIn Radio from at any time from your Firestick device. It will seamlessly play your favourite TuneIn stations.

5. NPR One

NPR One is the best Firestick app listed under the music category. It is an audio app that will connect you to stream the podcasts and local public radio station. Besides this, it will let you get handcrafted experience with the latest headlines, stories, shows, etc. Listen to stories that matter to you or listen to public radio privately in a new way. Over time, NPR One on Firestick will learn about you and plays music that you love. It has a simple and intuitive interface that will bring the international, national, regional, and even the local contents.

6. Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is an Amazon Fire Stick supported app that will record any sound in high-quality. It is a totally free-to-use music app that will reliably record any sound like songs, notes, meetings, lectures, and more. Voice Recorder on Firestick has simple user-interface that is easy to use and you can record audio in mp3 and ogg format. It has a live audio spectrum analyzer and it supports recording in the background. The audio recorder app has a standard play tool options like Play, pause, stop, etc. You can either save or delete the recording from within the Voice Recorder app.

7. Wynk Music

Wynk Music is a one-stop music app that works well on Firestick and brings you the latest collection of songs. It has more than three million free songs from trending international artists to regional languages. Get to experience high-quality music streaming from thousands of curated playlists. You can use Wynk Music on Firestick to manage all your music from one place. It gives you personalised recommendations or you can choose to search from more than three million songs. you can also listen to internet radio for hours with this music app. Follow artists, create playlists to share your favourite songs with family and friends.

8. myTuner Radio

myTuner Radio App is the best Firestick music app that will let you listen to live radio streaming. You can listen to more than 50000 radio stations and follow your favourite shows and podcasts. Get the best of radio listening experience as with the myTuner Radio App on Firestick. It even supports listening to the internet radio, AM and FM radio even if you are abroad. You can listen to free radio while using other apps as this music app on Firestick. myTuner Radio App supports adding online radio or podcasts to your favourite ist. You can also share songs you like on any social media app.

9. Mp3 Music : download for free

Mp3 Music : download for free is a great music app that has unlimited free mp3 and songs from Soundcloud. It is one of the best Firestick apps that requires no subscription. You can access it for free and download any music to listen to it. Get endless free songs from different genres and listen to them in high-quality. You can even discover mp3 music tracks from millions of free songs as with the Mp3 Music download for free Firestick app. It has a search option and you can find songs by its song name, album name, artist, etc. It also has a share feature to share the music tracks with others on social media networks.

10. Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner is the best Amazon Fire Stick app listed under music that gives you the easiest and fastest way to tune. It is the #1 guitar tuner app that works the best for guitarists. Guitar Tuner on Firestick is an easy-to-use app that works with both the electric and acoustic guitars. It is an award-winning guitar tuner app that features world-class audio signal processing. You can use the Guitar Tuner app for bass, violin, fiddle, banjo, and more. It comes with a game to learn the guitar chords.

Best Firestick Apps For News

Many like keep themselves updated with the day to day happenings around them. Get connected with the world and gain knowledge by streaming news with a vast number of news apps in Firestick. The best Firestick apps listed under news are as follows.

1. Fox News

Fox News is the highly preferred best Firestick news app. You can use this app to watch the news on demand at any time. Watch breaking news, latest, trending news from all over the world. You will get news and live videos that are on-demand with the Fox News on Firestick. It will give you news stories that matter to you the most. You can get connected with the latest, trending news stories, favourite shows and news anchors on Facebook, Instagram, and more using Fox News.

How to Install and Activate Fox News on Firestick

2. NPR News

NPR News for Firestick will let you read and listen to news from all over the world. It is a highly rated Firestick app with which you can create the playlist of any NPR stories and share it with your friends. You can easily hear the live streams from different locations with the support of hundreds of NPR stations.

3. News 12

News 12 is an excellent app to stream and get up-to-date news from all over the world. It is a Firestick platform supported news app that will give you up-to-the minute local news, weather, traffic, and more. News 12 for Firestick is an exclusive 24-hours news network that covers the local news. It even supports weather forecasts, temperature, and storm coverage. News 12 is rated as the best Amazon Firestick app under news section that brings all the latest news to you.

4. USA Today

USA Today will let you stay up-to-date about all the latest headlines in the USA. You will get to experience the comprehensive and personalized news coverage as you want with this news app. It gives you videos, photos, and interactive features and keeps you updated always. Get personalized feeds from the topic you want to read and get instant notifications. Know what’s going on by turning on breaking news alerts. Besides news, you can play games and podcasts with USA Today on Firestick.

5. MSN News

MSN News for Firestick is one of the best news apps that will give you the latest news from all over the world. You can read stories and breaking news that is handpicked by the editors for the Firestick device. Stay updated on any topic including global and local news with the MSN News. Get customized topics by following the topics you care about like sports, celebrity, and more. It gives breaking news alerts and you can share your favourite contents with others through favourite social media apps.

6. Reuters News

Reuters News on Firestick will bring you the latest news from the world’s most trusted news organizations. You will be able to get updated with the breaking news alerts with personalized notifications for the topics you prefer watching. It brings a wide range of topics and you can easily navigate between different stories. You can read the articles, save stories and read it later and get the latest updates on the top news stories with the Reuters News app.

7. Fox Business

Fox Business on Firestick will let you stay connected with the business news. You can watch the live tv broadcast of the Fox Business Network with this app. Get to watch the favourite episodes of your favourite Fox Business Shows. Fox Business even supports watching free highlights and live- streams of major news and events. You can watch video clips from the Fox Business Network on-demand at any time. Use the Fox Business app to share articles and videos on social networks.

8. BBC News

BBC News for Fire TV is the best news app for Amazon Firestick device with which you can watch the latest news headlines. Get breaking news from the trusted global networks from the latest top stories. You can listen to the BBC World Service Radio streamed live. Personalizations and social features will let you re-order the news categories based on your need. You can watch the latest news headlines as videos from across the world. Get the stories from the personalized My Newsfeed section on BBC News for Fire TV.

9. CNN Breaking US & World

CNN Breaking US & World News for Firestick will bring you all the latest news from across the world and the United States. You will get up-to-date information about the latest happenings as news and live videos. Get custom alert settings and stay informed about anything. Watch the live contents from CNN, CNNi and more from anywhere. Besides the news, CNN Breaking US & World News app will bring you local weather forecasts too.

Best Firestick Apps For Sports

Amazon Fire Stick has never failed to impress those who love streaming sports contents. You can watch live matches of different sports or find gaming apps based on the game you love. There a huge number of sports apps available in the Amazon app store and the best among them are given below.


ESPN is one of the best Firestick sports app where you can stream the live games. You can live stream any sport and check for the latest scores at any time from your comfort space. It is an excellent sports app to watch the highlights and scores of any sports you love watching. Get faster access to the scores of your favourite teams and leagues. You will get all covered from the home tab including the sports to the team playing. It supports streaming events on ESPN networks for different sports.

See how to install ESPN on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

2. UFC

UFC on Firestick works well if you are a fight fan. It is one amongst the best Amazon Firestick app with which you can get breaking news, watch live streams, stream exclusive videos, and more. By subscribing, you will get the chance to watch the exclusive UFC fight pass event on your Firestick device. With schedules, you will get browse cards for upcoming events, watch interviews, results of past events, etc. You can even access exclusive photo galleries from UFC events.

See how to Install UFC on Firestick / Fire TV

3. Bowling King

Bowling King is the one-on-one multiplayer bowling game that can be played against players from all around the world. It gives you real-time speedy multiplayer match to get entertained for hours. You can play in the Bowling King on Firestick to win and collect the chips to rise through grades. You will get a chance to get to play with the fantastic bowling alleys from different parts of the world. It lets you pick up the game quickly with the intuitive click-n-flick interface. You can play with your friends, challenge them to have more fun while playing in Bowling King app.

4. Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars is easy to pick up yet fun to play soccer gameplay in which you have to aim and shoot the goal. It is a competitive styled game and you can challenge your opponents online from all over the world. Play in online or offline multiplayer game mode or customize your Soccer Stars experience by collecting different teams. With Soccer Stars for Firestick app, you can show your own style to defend your team. You can log in with your Facebook id to challenge your friends.

5. Basketball Showdown 2015

Basketball Showdown 2015 is yet another gameplay app on Firestick that will let you play basketball with others. You can match up against your friends or enemies or anyone from anywhere in the world to take part in the Basketball Showdown 2015. It even lets you recruit real players to form an unbeatable squad while playing the basketball. Play weekly tournaments and win big prizes. You will experience the realism beyond other basketball games as with the Basketball Showdown 2015 app on Firestick.

6. Flick Quarterback

Flick Quarterback for Firestick is yet another sports game app in which you can play as the quarterback. It has been loved by so many people from all over the world for the flick and swipe controls. For those who love Flick Golf and Flick Soccer, then Flick Quarterback is the game for you. You can unlock rewards by playing the game. It gives you free boosts, player upgrade, firework, new game modes, and more. You can use Flick Quarterback on Firestick to compete with your friends. Challenge missions to play, earn free upgrades, and more.

7. MLB At Bat

MLB At Bat is the best Amazon Firestick app listed under sports categories. With this app, you can watch every other out-of-market game on your Firestick. Get the unmatched quality of streaming by selecting live MLB.TV broadcast as it gives you 60fps video. With the live DVR controls, you can pause and rewind live videos easily. You can watch in-game highlights, condensed games, and MLB Network programs. Get in-game scores of any league from the MLB icon home screen widget with the MLB At Bat on Firestick.

How to Download and Install MLB TV on Firestick

8. WGT Golf Game by Topgolf

WGT Golf Game by Topgolf is the #1 free 3D golf game that can be used on Amazon Fire Stick device. You will get to experience 15 plus golf courses with this gaming app. It lets you compete with head-to-head game mode and you can play it with your friends or other players. Use the Topgolf mode to get the Topgolf experience on the go by competing with six players and score hitting targets. WGT Golf Game by Topgolf on Firestick has the support for single-player full 18-hole stroke play along with 9-hole.

9. FITE – MMA, Wrestling, Boxing

FITE – MMA, Wrestling, Boxing app is the best Firestick app listed under sports category with which you can watch the combat sports live. You can watch MMA, pro wrestling, and boxing either for free or pay-per-view. It is the #1 choice when it comes to combat sports videos as it brings thousands of live events, on-demand programming and more. You can even use the FITE – MMA, Wrestling, Boxing on Firestick as to get the latest news feeds and access the chat feature.

10. Wrestling Revolution 3D

Wrestling Revolution 3D on Firestick gives you a whole new gaming experience in 3D. It features an epic universe of 300 characters in which 20 of them can ring all at once. The gaming environment has an interactive tutorial and you can get to know about the basic controls with ease. Wrestling Revolution 3D app has wrestling career challenges and includes entertainment matches every week. You will never get bored of wrestling again as you can play free matches any number of times. You can also upgrade to play without ads or limits in the Wrestling Revolution 3D Firestick app.

Best Firestick Apps For Utilities

When it comes to organizing and optimizing, then Firestick has many supported apps for it. Take control of your device with those apps and manage contents on the device efficiently. Take a look at the best Firestick utility apps from here.

1. Downloader

Downloader for Firestick is the most preferred best Firestick utility apps that will let you download any files easily. It is the widely used app when it comes to sideloading any third-party apps for the Firestick or Fire TV devices. Downloader comes with a built-in web browser and you have to just use the Firestick remote to navigate to different contents on the web in the Downloader app. It supports general web surfing and you can access contents in the full-screen mode. You can also zoom, bookmark and more. Downloader app will also work as a basic file manager when it comes to opening and installing any apk or deleting them.

See how to download and install Downloader on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

2. CCleaner

CCleaner is the best optimization and cleaner app that will efficiently reclaim the device’s storage. It can be used to remove the junk files, clean application cache, clear RAM storage, and monitor the device’s performance. CCleaner on Firestick can be used to clean the download folder, clipboard, browser history, and more. The task killer will clean the memory and speed up your device. Finding those unused apps is that simple and you can remove them effortlessly using CCleaner. Easily check the CPU usage, track the storage, battery level, and more.

3. IPVanish VPN

IPVanish VPN is the best tool for those who wanted to hide their IP address to avoid local censorship issues. It will create a virtual IP address and mask your original IP address. IPVanish VPN on Firestick is the best Firestick app that will let you keep your private details safe and prevents you from identity theft. Your online activity will be encrypted and thus your location will not be tracked by anyone. With this, accessing the geo-restricted contents is made possible to stream and listen to videos or music. Stay away from online advertisers using the IPVanish VPN Firestick app.

How to install IPVanish on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

4. NordVPN

NordVPN is yet another best Amazon Fire Stick app listed under the utility section and will work in such a way to protect your privacy and security. It is the fastest VPN that will secure your identity from hackers and snoopers. With more than 5000 servers from different countries, your private contents will be absolutely safe, secure, and private with military-grade encryption. Your online traffic will be strongly encrypted and thus NordVPN on Firestick will ensure anonymous browsing. It supports unblocking the geo-restricted contents without any licensing issues.

How to install NordVPN on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is an excellent productivity tool that will function as a creative collaboration space and you can store all your files in one place. In the same way, you can access them at any time as it will safely sync them on all of your devices with a Dropbox account. It includes doc scanner, shared folders, offline access, and more. It supports sync, sharing, and editing office files like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Send large files to anyone even to those who don’t have Dropbox account. You can comment on the files to share your feedback with your team members using the Dropbox app.

6. Xender

Xender for Firestick is one among the best Firestick apps listed under utility which helps you transfer files wirelessly. It is a file transfer app with which you can send photos, music, videos, documents, movies, and more without internet and cable. Xender works extremely fast and transfers files 200 times faster than Bluetooth. You are not restricted with the type and size of files you are transferring with the Xender Firestick app. Share file to one device or to a group of devices with one tap with Xender as it supports cross-platform sharing too.

7. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is an all-in-one app with which you can connect all your email account, calendar, and files together. Access all of them from one place in a convenient way and thereby you can concentrate more on your work. It lets you do more from one powerful inbox. With the Focused inbox feature of Microsoft Outlook on Firestick, you can keep your important messages on the top and manage everyday schedule in an efficient way. Get easy access to the calendar and the files using this app. You can work on the go with the integration of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with the Microsoft Outlook app.

8. Amazon Silk – Web Browser

Amazon Silk – Web Browser is the best Firestick app with which you can easily browse the web. It uses split architecture which will give you improved webpage loading performance. Get Amazon Silk – Web Browser for Firestick as it gives you the web page in full screen. It will provide you with an immersive experience as browsing menu has made navigating back and forward simple. You can make the browser remember your password for your favourite sites. It has bookmarks feature, parental controls, and provides support for switching between desktop and mobile sites with ease.

9. ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer File Manager for Firestick is a free file manager app that will let you manage your files efficiently. It is a fully-featured file manager when it comes to local and network use. With the powerful desktop-grade features, you can transfer files like photos, music, documents, and more without internet or cable. It features app manager, remote file manager to manage the files in the best possible way. Use the multimedia explorer option to play music, video or documents. ES File Explorer File Manager on Firestick supports cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Yandex, SugarSync, and more.

See how to install ES File Explorer on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

10. Firefox for Fire TV

Firefox for Fire TV is the best Firestick app that will let you launch video websites on the Amazon device with ease. With this app, you can launch apps like YouTube, search the web for videos or load any website address to play on the Amazon Firestick. With Firestick remote support, you can navigate, search and browse easily. The Turbo mode of Firefox for Fire TV will let you browse at the fastest rate by blocking the third-party trackers. You can use this app to recommend video feeds, discover or get curated contents.

See how to install Firefox on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

Best Firestick Apps For Communication

Firestick isn’t an exception to use communication and chat apps. With the growing number of chat apps, you can stay connected with your kind of people with ease from your Firestick. Get to find the list of best communication apps in Firestick here.

1. Skype

Skype is the best free social messenger app with which you can easily communicate through video and voice calls. It is an instant chat app that works faster and you can get connected with your friends and family easily. By registering, the users of Skype will be able to chat through messages along with voice chat. Communicate with anyone irrespective of the distance using the Skype app on Firestick. Chat instantly with anyone or create a group chat to communicate with your family and friends. You can also call to the non-users of Skype including landline and mobile at low cost. With emoticons, you can live up your conversations with Giphy and images from the web.

See how to install Skype on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

2. JusTalk

JustTalk is the best Amazon Firestick app to chat with anyone via high-quality video and voice calls. It is a simple, reliable, secure communication app that can be used to make a private video call. Never miss a moment as JustTalk for Firestick will let you start a live video chat and share the moments with others. Besides one-on-one voice and video calls, you can make group voice or video chats with up to 16 users. Experience the crystal clear video calls by initiating the group call and control the meetings. JustTalk has the support for sending the group text, images, and video.

3. TextMe

TextMe for Firestick is a free text messaging app that lets you send and receive text or SMS to anyone in USA Canada. It is a free calling app with which you can call to any number and chat over real voice calls. It is a free calling and texting app and you aren’t limited with the number of minutes or calls you are making. Send free voicemail using the TextMe for Firestick app and you can even use it to send anonymous texting and calling. It gives unread message remainder, customizable call tone, call filtering, and more.

4. Twitter

Twitter is the best social app that will let you get connected with the breaking news and entertainment contents. You can watch live streaming events and get to see what people are talking about on Twitter. See what happens in the world when it happens and you can join the conversation with others. You can watch premium and exclusive live streams on Twitter even without an account. With the timeline, you can find your favourite sports, politics, news, entertainment that leaders are talking about. Discover the topics and hashtags that are trending and get curated stories of the biggest events. Besides this, you can chat privately with your friends and followers, share tweets, create group conversation with anyone with Twitter on Firestick.

See how to install Twitter on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

5. Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is the best email app to organize different email services including Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo mailboxes. It has an easy-to-use interface that works at the lightning-fast speed. Yahoo Mail on Firestick will work with the non-Yahoo email addresses without no Yahoo email address. You can save the deals from the retailers and get notified of the deals. Search across emails, contacts, files, and photos faster than ever. You can also select different backgrounds and text colours for your Yahoo inbox.

6. Kik

Kik for Amazon Firestick is the best free communication app with which you can get connected with friends and family. It is way more than messaging as you can stay connected with irrespective of the distance. You can stay in the loop, explore through chat as Kik offers the easiest way to connect with your friends. You require no phone numbers, just with a username, you can chat with anyone. Kik on Firestick supports group chat and sharing pictures, videos, music, gifs, games, and more.

See how to install Kik on Firestick in detail with screenshots.

7. Viber

Viber for Firestick is the fastest and secure messaging app that can be used for communication purpose. You can use this chat app to not only text but also to make audio and video calls for free. Send and receive unlimited text messages to anyone, chat in a group or make international calls to anyone with an internet connection. Both the audio and video are crystal clear with which you can chat with your family or friends without any limits. It supports calling to non-Viber app users at low costs. All your calls and chats are end-to-end encrypted and thus no one can access them. With secret chat, messages will get deleted automatically after it is read. Use GIF and stickers in your message to spice up your conversation.

8. Whatschat

Whatschat is yet another communication platform that is also the best Firestick chat app. You can use this chat app to start chatting with anyone from anywhere in the world. It is a free-to-use chat app that will let you stay connected with anyone with an internet connection. Whatschat on Firestick supports sharing any type of files like photos, videos, music, and documents that are of up to 2GB.

9. Messengeroid

Messengeroid is a free messenger app that can be used on the Amazon Fire devices with ease. It works as an alternative messenger app with which you can stay in touch with your family and friends at any time from anywhere. Never miss any special moments as Messengeroid on Firestick will let you chat over text messages for free. It is the most popular chat app and you can chat with a group of 200 Messengeroid users at once. You can share files like videos and documents with your friends and family without limits. Messengeroid is encrypted and all your chat is entirely safe.

10. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is also the best Amazon Firestick app under communication. You can use it to chat and reach people instantly on the go. You can text for free with the internet, with your people in your phone book. By creating a group, you can share messages all at once and get connected with them from one place. Use stickers to spice up your conversations, share photos and videos with once. With free calls, you can use Facebook Messenger on Firestick to chat as long as you want. It supports recording voice messages and you can send them when you find no time to reply.

Best Firestick Apps For Kids

The Firestick provides a whole new world to kids with the number of contents it has to entertain kids. Let your kids watch their favourite contents and play games on Firestick. The best Firestick Kids apps are.

1. ABC Phonics

ABC Phonics is the highly preferred Firestick app for Kids. It will let your little ones learn the Alphabets just in the fun way. It has fun phonics song animation along with interactive tracing game. It comes with 26 educational games to play with words. ABC Phonics on Firestick will let your kids enjoy songs, tracing, games, and more all together.

2. Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen 2 works on Amazon Fire Stick exclusively for your kids who love cooking. It is a free cooking app that will let your kids come up with their creativity when they role play as a chef. They can play with new food combinations and they can even cook food just the way they want. Toca Kitchen 2 helps kids come up with their very own recipes so that they can treat their guests with special dishes. It offers them the option to watch the guest’s reaction when they taste the food. Toca Kitchen 2 on Firestick has new foods, condiments, along with stronger character reactions.

3. Toca Hair Salon 3

Toca Hair Salon 3 for Firestick is the most popular app series in which kids can choose their character from dozens of looks to customize their look. It lets them change the style and personality with lots of styling tools available in the app. Toca Hair Salon 3 has hair that looks and moves like the real hair. The electric styling tools will let your kids try different hair types. It comes with all new characters, new braiding, more advanced hair colour, and more.

4. Kids Doodle

Kids Doodle – Color & Draw for Firestick is best drawing game for kids that have different kinds of brushes. There are 24 kinds of magical brushes and kids can use it to draw anything from glow to firework, crayon, and more. Kids can use this app to doodle their imagination without any restrictions. They can use random colour variations to make each painting a unique piece using Kids Doddle – Color & Draw on Firestick.

5. Endless Reader

Endless Reader is yet another best Firestick app for kids that features endless Alphabet. It works the best for your kids when you want them to read early. The app has sight words that are most commonly used and kids can recognize those words for fluency. With delightful animations, kids can recognize the words in an interactive and fun way with the Endless Reader Firestick app.

6. Peppa Pig: Paintbox

Peppa Pig: Paintbox is a drawing app that works well on Firestick and it is the best Firestick kids app. The app has both traditional drawing tools and magical surprise that kids will love. They can draw on the canvas or choose from the background to colour in. Kids can choose paintbrush colours, characters, animated stickers, backgrounds, and more based on their preference. Peppa and George will see how your kid is drawing. They will even exhibit at Peppa’s school once after your kids.

7. Thomas & Friends Minis

Thomas & Friends Minis for Firestick will let your kids create their own train set piece by piece. It supports them to build tons of exciting tracks from rattling ramps to twisting turns. By using decorative tools, they can add beauty to the trains. Thomas & Friends Minis on Firestick will let kids paint their train, drive through their creation, collect golden gears, and more. It has endless customization options that helps kids let out their imagination.

8. Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2

Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 in Firestick works the best for the kids and they can try adventuring new hair styling and jungle fashion makeover. They can travel and find more about jungle animals. Kids can style any animal they want and try different hairstyles and outfits. Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 lets the kids clean up monkeys, take care of elephants, play music with leopard, and more. They will get to play, learn about the jungle life and the tropical animals with the Jungle Animal Hair Salon 2 app on Firestick.

9. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures for Firestick will let your kid create their own Barbie Dreamhouse experience. Kids can get involved in designing every room and make it their dream house. They can meet best friends of the Barbie called Ranee, Daisy, and more others in the Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures app. Get to use the new dress, pose a selfie, and give fashion tips. Join to cook with others, choose favourite instruments, and show your best moves in the dancefloor.

10. Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game

Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game is yet another best Firestick app that can be used by kids to run along with Minion. Let your kid strap the running shoes to run with their favourite Minions. Minion Rush on Firestick will give them exciting and fast-paced missions and they can collect cards, unlock running missions, and more. There are dozens of unique Minion costumes to be unlocked as you finish the despicable missions. They can choose to run across stunning 3D game environment while in the Minion Rush: Despicable Me Official Game on Firestick.

Best Firestick Games

Though the Firestick is a streaming device, you can play many smartphones games as you want. In the Amazon App Store, it has a lot of games for Firestick. The Best Games for Firestick are,

  • Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • The Escapists: Prison Escape
  • Hot Wheels: Race Off
  • Hill Climb Racing
  • BombSquad
  • TV Chess
  • Leo’s Fortune
  • Sudoku
  • Badland
  • 2048

1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is the best racing game of all time. The graphics quality is the highlighting feature of the game. The car collections are quite awesome. Cars like Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari FXX, and Lamborghini Veneno are featured in this game. You will get to race on 9 different tracks, 8 seasons and 180 events. If you happen to damage your car, the damage details will look like in cleared view. If you are a car freak, you will love this game.

2. The Escapists: Prison Escape

The Escapists: Prison Escape is an addictive prison simulation game. The game has steal spoons, forks, and some other items, you need to dig a tunnel and make your way out of the tunnel. In this game, you get to experience 6 themes prisons and exciting new features. There is an exercise yard where you can increase your stamina and can able to dig the tunnel faster. You can also make friends with other jail mates and trade items that can be used to escape. The game is available for $5.99 on the Amazon App Store.

3. Hot Wheels: Race Off

Hot Wheels is a toy car and now a game is developed in the name of Hot Wheels: Race Off. In this game, you can get to race on 25+ Hot Wheels original cars on 50+ insane race tracks. The game also has a multiplayer mode too. On the course of the game, you will have cool updates for your car. It is one of the best racing games for Firestick. The game is available on the Amazon App Store for free.

4. Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is a never-ending racing game. Though it is a never-ending game, the game is the most addictive and entertaining. The game has a different variety of cars that you can drive. It has not only cars, but it also has one wheeler, Santa’s Sleigh, Tractor, Ambulance, Train, and Moon lander. Other than that, it has a variety of race tracks too. Tracks like Artic, Moon, Mars, Xmas, Alien Planet, Ragnarok, and much more. It is one of the best game apps for Firestick.

5. BombSquad

BombSquad is a fun-packed multiplayer game that can be played on Firestick. The exciting multiplayer game has a lot of playing arena like Hockey, Capturing the enemy flag, and a lot more. On the start of the game, it may look boring but if you know the game tactics, you will love this game. It is one of the best multiplayer games on Firestick.

6. TV Chess

Everyone one of us wants to become a master in the Chess game. Chess is one of the oldest games in the world but the hype for the game never fades. In this game, you will get to play with a random player, with AI, and with your friends. The game of chess is very easy to learn but very hard to master. With the game, you can showcase your chess game skill and you can increase the chess gameplan. TV Chess is the simplest game that you can play on your Firestick. The game is available for free on the Amazon App Store.

7. Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune is an adventure game where you go for a hunt to find the mythical thief who stole your gold. The graphical works are the best in this game. Leo’s Fortune is one of the fewest games on Firestick that has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars which includes 314 customer ratings. It is one of the highly recommended games for Firestick. In this game, you will get to explore new levels with increased difficulties on each passing level. Leo’s Fortune game is available on the Amazon App Store for $4.99. It is the best-paid game app on Firestick.

8. Sudoku

Everyone knows how to play sudoku. With the same rule set, there is a game on Firestick. Sudoku is a game that requires full attention to solve the number puzzle. You can keep track of your game timings and try to improve them. The game is a real brain teaser for you. The game occupies only 3.1 MB of your storage. With this game, you can develop your sudoku skills and can master all the tactics. The game is available on the Amazon App for free.


Badland is yet another adventure game on the list. In this game, you can get to play 100+ unique levels. You can also play multiplayer up to four players on 30+ levels. This game has cloud support too. One of the key things in Badland game is that you can create your own levels either by editing the existing levels or by creating a new level. This game can test your gaming skills and by creating a new level, you can improve your creative skills too. The game is available for free on the Amazon App Store.

10. 2048

2048 is a math game that is easy to play. It is one of the best-rated game on the Amazon App Store (4.5 out of 5). The aim of the game is to make the magical number 2048 by swiping up and down, left and right. Once you attain 2048, you can either continue or quit the game. The game is pure heaven for math lovers. The game’s simple UI works great on Firestick. The app is available on the Amazon App Store for free. It is the best math game app for Firestick.


We have listed almost all of the best Firestick apps under popular categories. Did we miss any of your favourite Firestick apps or do you want us to include any of the best Firestick application, leave a comment below.