How to Install Amazon Prime Video on Firestick

PRIME VIDEO on firestick
PRIME VIDEO on firestick

With the growing entertainment needs, people prefer using internet video-on-demand services. Undoubtedly, Amazon Prime Video has gained an irreplaceable position amongst the huge number of entertainment fans out there in the world for numerous reasons. It has been available for a multitude of platforms in which Amazon Firestick isn’t an exception. Using Prime Video on Firestick, it is easy to stream numerous video content. The article in specific deals with the guidelines on how to watch Amazon Prime Video on Firestick.

Prime Subscription Plans

Amazon Prime offers three types of subscription plans. They are

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Features of Amazon Prime Video

  • Amazon Prime Video offers great entertainment as the users can stream exclusive Amazon Originals, Bollywood movies, regional movies, etc.
  • With Firestick, Amazon Prime Video gets better, and the users can enjoy streaming thousands of videos from different categories and genres on a big screen.
  • With one account, you can watch Prime Video from anywhere up to three different devices, including Firestick, at once.
  • It supports downloading videos, and you can watch them in offline mode without the internet on Firestick.
  • You can watch Amazon Prime Video on Firestick in your preferred screen resolution like HD, SD, 4K, etc.
  • Amazon Prime Video is a family-friendly service that features Parental Controls, a dedicated kids page, ad-free kids entertainment, etc.
  • You can use Prime Video to stream and listen to ad-free music, exclusive deals, etc.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Firestick

Accessing Amazon Prime Video on Firestick is easy, and the steps below will help you do it. To watch Amazon Prime Video on Fire TV, you must be registered with Amazon Prime or Prime Video Membership.

Step1: Open Firestick to click on the Settings option from the Fire TV menu.

Click on the Settings icon on the home screen

Step2: You should go to My Account to click on the Register option to enter the Amazon account information.

Note: Select your name and click on Deregister option if you have already registered. Register your account on your Firestick device again with new credentials.

PRIME VIDEO on firestick

Step3: Open the Amazon Prime Video app from the Home Screen of your Firestick.

Step4: Search for the specific title or browse for the Prime Video titles. You can even choose a movie or a TV show.

Step5: Make a click on the TV show or title you want to stream from the search result.

Step6: When the information screen is opened on your Firestick, click on Watch Now button.

How to Stream Prime Video on Firestick using Silk Browser

As an alternate method, your can stream Amazon Prime Video on a Fire TV device using Amazon Sile Browser.

Step1: Install Amazon Silk Browser on Firestick from the Amazon App Store.

Step2: Go to Amazon’s official website.

Step3: Select Sign in under the Accounts & Lists option.

Prime video on Firestick

Step4: Sign in with your Amazon account credentials.

sign in with your amazon account credential

Step5: Search for the movie or TV shows that your wish to stream.

Step6: Click on it and start streaming it on your Fire TV device.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video not working on Firestick

If you encounter that the app is crashing or keeps loading, here are the reasons and fixes for the issue.

1. Internet Connectivity

If the app won’t load properly, the first thing that you need to check is internet connectivity. Make sure that you have connected with the network, which has a 900Kbit/sec speed if not, reboot the router and try again.

2. Subscription Isuues

Amazon Prime is a subscription-based streaming service. If the subscription period is completed, then Amazon Prime will black out on your Fire TV device. So go to your Account page and check for the subscription plan.

3. Using One Account on Multiple devices

You can use Amazon Prime on 3 devices simultaneously. If you are using Amazon Prime on more than 3 devices, then it may not work on your Firestick device.

4. CDN Errors

Error codes are pretty common while treating on Firestick, and this problem is related to the official servers. To fix this, you can reboot your Firestick device.

5. Reboot Firestick

One of the common fixes for not working issues is restarting your Firestick. Restart your Firestick and try streaming on Firestick.

6. Update the App

In some cases, older versions do not run properly, and cases loading issues. So, ensure you are operating with the latest version of the app.

7. Clear Cache

While downloading any video on Firestick, cache files will be stored, and they won’t be erased even after deleting the respective video. This may also cause Prime Video not responding issues.

To delete the cache files in the app, go to Settings on your Firestick > select Apps > click Manage Installed Apps > Tap Prime Video > select Clear Cache and try using Amazon Prime Video.

8. Update your Firestick

Amazon Prime video may keep buffering if you are running with the old version of Firestick. Try to update Firestick to the latest version.

9. Server Isuues

Server issues occur when Amazon undergoes any maintenance work. If any of the overhead fixes don’t work, server issues might be the reason. Call the Amazon Customer server to confirm it.

Best Alternative for Prime

If you face issues using Amazon Prime Video or looking for apps similar to it, then we have listed the best alternatives to Prime Video. Try any one of these by installing it on your Firestick for unlimited entertainment.

1. Netflix


Netflix is the subscription-based OTT streaming app that is widely preferred among a wide range of entertainment fans out there. It is an Amazon Prime Video alternative that lets you stream TV episodes, movies, shows, anime, documentaries, and more on the Fire TV at one low price. Netflix on Firestick comes with a one-month free trial. You can browse from the growing collection of titles and new episodes that are added regularly. Just like Prime Video, you can download any contents to watch it offline mode.

2. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an Amazon Prime Video alternative to stream live and on-demand content. It supports more than 100 channels in various categories. With Pluto TV on Firestick, you can access the free VOD library with more than thousands of full-length movies, TV episodes, etc. The database of Pluto TV is updated regularly, and at no cost. You can choose to stream from 17 movie channels or watch from the library of on-demand movies and TV shows.

3. Hulu


Hulu is a subscription-based video-on-demand service that can be used to watch all your TV content in one place. You can stream thousands of TV shows, movies, Hulu exclusives, kids’ shows, etc. It even brings you live news, sports, TV, and more. With once Hulu account, you can create up to six personalized profiles to keep track of shows, movies, and networks. Hulu on Firestick supports recording the live TV in the cloud DVR storage for up to 50 hours.

At a low cost, anyone can watch Prime Video on Firestick. Prime Video is a contract-free service that is available as a free trial for 30-days. The counted advantage is that it can be subscribed to on a monthly basis. Those who love streaming TV shows and movies without getting stuck on the licensing issues can opt for Amazon Prime Video.


How does Prime video work?

Prime Vide works well with a stable internet connection and a subscription.

Is Amazon Prime Video free with Amazon Firestick?

No, Amazon prime is a subscription-based streaming platform, and it needs a subscription to stream its content.

How to watch Amazon Prime Video for free on Firestick?

You can Prime video for free with a 30-day free trial.

Can you download movies on Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can download movies on Amazon Prime Video.

Is Amazon Prime Video down?

No, Amazon Prime Video is still working with a huge collection of movies and TV shows.

How to see Prime Video purchases?

You can see the purchase list in the Purchase & Rentals section under the My Stuff option.

How do I change the Prime Video payment method?

On your Amazon account, go to Manage your Content and Devices > Preferences > Edit Payment Method > Digital Payment Settings > Select the Payment method > click Continue.