How to Reset Kodi on Windows in 2 Easy Ways

Whenever a program or software you use malfunctions, the first thing many people do is simply uninstall and reinstall it. Yes, this is one of the simple yet effective solutions to get rid of errors. But still, there is an even more simple method to solve issues. Yes, you got it right! Factory reset the software using built-in settings or using the Windows File Explorer to save time. So if you’re a Windows user then you should learn how to reset applications like VLC, Kodi, or any other programs that run on your PC as the process is similar for any app.

Kodi is a popular online and offline media player the supports add-ons that can enhance the features of the app player. But sometimes the third-party addons might cause your player to break and also slows down the speed of your Kodi. So in such cases, you no need to reset Kodi to solve all the issues.

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How to Reset Kodi on Windows

Kodi can be reset on Windows PC in two ways. They are,

  1. Using File Explorer.
  2. With Dimitrology add-on.

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How to Reset Kodi on Windows Using File Explorer

This is the easiest way to reset Kodi on Windows PC, this method just takes less than a minute to complete the reset process.

Step 1: Before proceeding the below steps make sure to close the Kodi app player.

Step 2: Tap Windows button on keyboard and type %appdata% in to the search box.

Step 3: Select the %appdata% option as shown in the image below.

 %appdata%  - How to Reset Kodi on Windows

Step 4: Then Right-click on the Kodi folder and select Delete to erase the entire folder and its contents.

Right click and tap Delete button - How to Reset Kodi on Windows

Step 5: Now open the Kodi player and you will see a fresh and new interface, thus deleting all the old Kodi add-ons and contents.

Alternate Method

You can also reset Kodi inside the app player with the help of third party add-ons as explained in the tutorial below.

Step 1: Open Kodi on your PC and click the Settings icon.

Step 2: Tap File manager and click Add source.

Step 3: In the popup, tap <None> and enter in the URL box.

Step 4: Click Done to Close the dialog box.

Step 5: Return to Kodi home and navigate to Settings-> Addons-> Install from Zip file.

Step 6: Select Dmitrology to download and install the addon.

Step 7: Go back to Kodi settings screen and tap Program Addons.

Step 8: Now click Fresh Start button and then click OK in the popup.

Step 9: Restart Kodi and all your files is deleted and this confirms your Kodi has been reset successfully.

Wrapping Up

Thus concluding that you have learned the two working methods to reset the Kodi player on Windows computers. Use any one method as per your wish to reset Kodi. You can also follow the same procedure as explained in the first method to reset all kinds of softwares on your Windows PC. If you uninstall and reinstall the software, again and again, then your PC will save lots of unwanted data on your drive and also in the Windows Registry.