How To Update Firestick to its Latest Firmware

How To Update Fire Stick?

Amazon Fire TV Stick or Firestick needs to be updated every once in a while. Amazon releases new updates to Firestick and Fire TV at least once a year. It is recommended to update your Amazon Firestick to its new version as soon as possible. Using the streaming device or TV in the older version will cause performance issues and app compatibility issues.

How to Update Firestick [Latest Devices]

In the Firestick 2021 models, the UI of the device has changed entirely. The whole navigation and icon placement have changed. To update the Firestick or Fire TV that are manufactured from 2021 and above models, follow the below steps.

1: On your Firestick home screen, click the Settings icon.

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Settings icon

2: On the Settings menu, click the My Fire TV title.

Click My Fire TV

3: Now, choose the About option from the list of options.

Tap the About option

4: Then, tap the Check for Updates option on the next screen.

Click Check for updates

5: If you are using the latest version, you will get the “Your Fire TV is up to date” pop-up.

6: If a new update is available, click the Install Update button to get the new update.

7: This will take more than five minutes. Don’t turn off the device until the update is completed.

8: During the update, your Firestick will restart multiple times.

9: When a new update is installed, you will get the home screen.

How To Update Firestick [Older Models]

In the Fire TV Stick older models (2020 or before models), you will get only the security updates. In these models, you won’t get the new UI.

1: Plug in the Fire Stick to the HDMI port of your tv and turn it on.

2: Then, on your Fire TV, go to Settings > My Fire TV > About.

How To Update Firestick

3: Scroll down to Software Version and click on Check for System Update.

4: If there is a new version available, then click on the Install System Update option to update your device.

How To Update Firestick

5: It will take a few minutes to update your Firestick to the latest version.

How To Update Firestick

How to Check Firestick Version

If you want to make sure that your Fire TV is updated without any issues, you can check the version number before and after the update.

In the Check for Updates menu, you can see the version number. Note down the version number before updating the device. Then, check the same after the update to verify it. As of now (Dec 2022), the latest version available for Firestick is FireOS (25938402180). Check the version number with your updated Firestick to verify it.

How To check Firestick version

Why is it important to Update Firestick

It is indeed mandatory for anyone to use the latest version of Fire Stick to stream with no limits. Technology has new products every day and almost all electronic gadgets are updated by the respective developers on a regular basis. Fire Stick is nothing different, and you have to update it either to use the new features or to resolve the issues that existed with the previous versions. By considering these aspects, Firestick needs to be updated regularly to use for seamless entertainment. Fire Stick needs to be updated for the following reasons.

  • With the Amazon Firestick update, you will get the chance to access new features of the Fire Stick device.
  • All the bugs and issues that existed in the previous versions will be fixed efficiently.
  • Update Fire Stick to stream new content without any limitations.
  • Get rid of the vulnerabilities and access the Fire TV Stick with added security.
  • Get more streaming apps and games from the Amazon App Store.
  • To improve the overall performance of the Fire Stick.
Update FireStick

When to Update Fire TV Stick

In most cases, the Fire Stick update will take place automatically, requiring no manual process. When the Fire Stick device is connected to the internet, the new software update will be downloaded in the background and will be installed when the device is in Standby mode. When you turn on the Firestick when installing the new update, it will be halted and allow you to access the device. In this way, your streaming experience won’t be disturbed. So, performing a manual update is not necessary. However, you can check for the updates manually from the Settings option. There, you will be able to find out if your Fire TV Stick is running on the latest version. There are a few situations in which you have to update Firestick manually, and they are,

  • If you have been using Fire Stick after a long gap, you must perform a manual Fire Stick update.
  • When your device software isn’t up-to-date, then update your Fire Stick.
  • If an application causes an issue with firestick, the developers might issue an update with saving the device from further issues or security threats.
  • To enhance performance, support, and security.

New Features in FireOS

Based on the Fire TV Stick version and manufacturing year, you will get updates. Check the Amazon website to know the latest FireOS version for your streaming device. In the FireOS (25938402180), these new features are added.

new feature in FireOS
  • A new Amazon Prime menu is added in the Account & Profile Settings. With this, you can manage your Amazon Prime Video account.
  • You can check the internet speed and network status of the connected WiFi network.
  • Using the Smart Home Dashboard, you can control and manage Alexa-enabled devices right from your Firestick.
  • Alexa Home Cinema, an immersive sound experience, is added. With this, you can connect two speakers and a subwoofer to your Fire TV.
  • The personalized recommendation was improved.
  • Now, you can check the app size in the Manage Installed Application settings. This will help you to clear the app cache on Fire TV.
Smart Home Dashboard

Possible Firestick Software Update Issues & Fixes

If you have any issues while updating your Fire Stick, it is high time to fix them. In most cases, just by restarting your Fire Stick, you can solve the issue. To do this, just remove the power cord and plug it back. If this didn’t help you, get to know the possible issues and fixes from the below section.

Issue 1: The Fire Stick will freeze on the update screen resulting in the software update issue.

Possible Fix: In such a case, you can try to restart your Fire TV Stick by disconnecting the power cord. After five seconds, plug it back. It will fix the Fire Stick software update issue.

Issue 2: An error message displaying that the software update was not successful.

Possible Fix: Ensure that your Fire TV Stick is connected to the internet. If the issue still persists, then restart your device by discarding the power cord for five seconds from the power outlet and then plug it back.

Issue 3: You can see a software update available, but your Fire Stick wouldn’t update automatically.

Possible Fix: Ensure your Fire Stick is connected to the internet, as the updates will take place only with an active internet connection. Check for the software update manually by going to Fire TV Menu > Settings > Device > About > Check for the System Update and select Install Update to complete the installation.


1. How to update jailbroken Firestick?

When you jailbroke a Firestick, you will install Kodi and add third-party apps. These won’t affect the Fire TV OS. So, you can update a jailbroken Firestick without any issues.

2. How to update Firestick remote?

There is no option or feature to update the Fire TV remote separately. When you update the Firestick, the remote will be updated automatically.

3. Can I update my Firestick using a computer or laptop?

No, you can’t update your Firestick by connecting to a PC. It needs to be updated from the settings menu.