How to Turn Off Amazon Firestick / Fire TV

Turn off Firestick

If you are a newbie to Firestick, you must be exploring the ways for certain functions, especially turning off your device. Amazon Firestick lets users turn off their devices with and without using the remote. You must note that turning off the Firestick doesn’t make the device completely hibernate until you plug out from the TV port.

Check out this article completely to learn about the basic and alternative ways to turn off your Fire TV Stick.

How to Turn Off Firestick 4K using Remote

With the Firestick remote, you can power off your device in many ways. Before you proceed, ensure the remote is paired with Firestick.

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Using Power Button

This is one of the simplest and easiest methods to turn off the Fire TV Stick.

Note: The following method applies only if the Firestick button has the Power button.

1: Hold the remote in line with the TV and tap the Power button.

Press the Power button on the remote to turn off Firestick

2: Alternatively you can use a combination of buttons, to turn off the device. Press the Select and Play/Pause buttons simultaneously.

3: Leave the buttons when the device is turned off.

Using Quick Access Menu

1: Press and hold the Home button for three seconds.

2: The Quick Access menu will open. Select the Sleep icon. Your device will go to sleep.

Select Sleep

3: You can notice the Firestick gets black screen.

4: To turn it on, tap the random button on your Firestick remote.

Using Settings

1: Head to the Settings on your Fire TV Stick.

2: Select My Fire TV from the options.

3: Tap Sleep and your Fire Stick turns off.

Select Sleep on Firestick settings

How to Turn Off Fire TV Without Remote

If your Fire TV remote stops working, you can turn off the device without depending on the remote.

Unplug Firestick from Power Source

You can unplug the Firestick from the HDMI port of the TV if the remote is lost or stops working. In the case of Fire TV, you can use physical buttons on the TV to turn it off. You can even switch off the power source connected to the Fire TV to make it sleep.

Using Amazon Fire TV App

You can install the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone to turn off Firestick Lite.

1: Download the Amazon Fire TV app from the Play Store or App Store.

Use the Fire TV remote app to turn off Firestick

2: Connect your smartphone to the WiFi to which your Fire TV Stick is connected.

3: Sign in to the Amazon Fire TV app and pair it with the Fire TV Stick device.

4: Tap Settings on the remote’s interface.

5: Select Sleep.

Using Alexa

If you have set up Alexa on Firestick (2nd and 3rd Generation), you use the voice commands to turn off the device. Ensure you use the Alexa-powered Firestick remotes.

1: Press the Alexa button on the Firestick remote.

Alexa button on the remote

2: Say the command: “Turn off Fire TV / Firestick“.

3: The FireStick will turn off.


1. Does the Fire Stick turn off when the TV turns off?

Yes, the Fire Stick will turn off when the TV turns off. If your Fire TV Stick is idle for nearly 20 minutes, the device will turn off automatically.

2. How to turn off the Fire Stick remote click?

If you are frustrated with Fire Stick remote click sounds, you can disable it on Settings. Go to SettingsDisplay & SoundsAudio → Select Navigation Sounds to turn off.

3. Why can’t I turn off the Fire TV Stick?

When your Fire TV Stick isn’t responsive or frozen, it doesn’t respond to your remote commands. The only possible way to turn it off is by unplugging the stick from the TV.