12 Possible Fixes for Firestick Remote Not Working Issue

If you have been using the Firestick remote for a long time since purchase and stops working suddenly can be frustrating. Firestick TV remote not working issues occur due to numerous reasons like poor battery, pairing issues, signal interference and more. Never feel disappointed when your Amazon Fire Stick remote isn’t working. You can quickly troubleshoot the causes and take measures to rectify them.

In this article, we have explained the possible scenarios for the issues along with the troubleshooting ways to fix your Firestick remote not working problem right away.

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Possible Reasons for Firestick Remote Not Working Issue

Poor battery life1. Change the battery of Firestick remote
Problem with signal transmission1. Check the remote buttons
2. Ensure that your remote is in the connectivity range.
Pairing issues1. Ensure the Firestick Remote is Paired Properly
2. Use Compatible Firestick Remote
Signal Interferences1. Remove Interferences
Temporary glitches in the remote1. Reset the Firestick remote
Issues with the Fire TV or Firestick1. Restart Firestick
2. Update Firestick
3. Reset Fire TV Stick

Troubleshoot Firestick Remote not working Issue

Follow these simple troubleshooting methods and fix the Firestick remote not working issue.

Change the Firestick Remote Batteries

  • The first and foremost step is to check the batteries of your Firestick remote. It may either be not inserted properly or the battery would have drained out.
  • When you have used the Firestick remote for a longer time, then the chances are higher for the AA batteries to run out of charge. It may be one of the reasons for the remote to not work as it should.
  • In such cases, you can buy a new battery for your Firestick remote. Make sure you place the batteries on the positive and negative sides correctly.
Firestick Remote not working?
Firestick Remote batteries

Check Remote Buttons

  • There are chances when the Firestick remote button is jammed or stuck, it can disrupt the remote’s functionality. It can also send false signals to your Fire TV Stick. So, check whether the buttons are stuck on the remote.
  • Sometimes, when remote buttons are accumulated with dust particles, might cause the remote to not function properly. So, wipe out the dust near the buttons and battery compartments gently and check if it works fine.

Keep the Remote in the Connectivity Range

  • The most important factor is to ensure that you have placed the Firestick remote with the connectivity ranges. The distance between the remote and the Fire TV stick should be between 10 feet and 30 feet based on the model of the Firestick & remote.

Remove Interferences

  • If there are interferences between your Firestick remote and TV, the Firestick remote doesn’t work well especially when you use Bluetooth.
  • The signal from other wireless devices like smartphones, soundbars, and more can interfere with the remote’s connection. So, unpair other devices connecting to your Firestick.

Ensure the Firestick Remote is Paired Properly

At times, there might be issues with the Firestick remote pairing. In such a situation, you can unpair and pair your Firestick remote again. To do so,

1. Power on your Fire TV Stick and click the Settings menu.

2. Then, navigate to the Controllers & Bluetooth Devices tile.

3. Now, select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

4. Choose your remote from the list.

5. Press the Menu button and then the Select button to confirm unparing.

6. After a minute or two, press and hold the Home button for 15 seconds for pairing.

Use Compatible Firestick Remote

  • When you aren’t using a compatible remote, then Firestick will not work. The remote that comes with the Firestick will always be compatible with your device. But if you have brought a spare remote, then it may sometimes trouble you if it isn’t compatible.
  • Besides this, Amazon Firestick does support third-party remotes and game controllers and when any of them is found incompatible, your Firestick cannot be accessed. Make sure you are buying the compatible Firestick remote for your device whenever you don’t have the original remote.
Firestick Remote not working?
Amazon Fire TV Stick versions

Check Audio Settings and Remote

  • If your Firestick remote is not working well with the Volume, it can be due to incorrect setup in the device’s Audio settings. In the case of an external speaker, you might have connected it to other HDMI ports, which results in no volume when streaming. Other possible reasons are when the remote interfered with the obstacles or when the batteries are drained out completely.
  • Under these scenarios, we suggest you check and modify the Audio settings if any. Moreover, ensure you are using valid HDMI ports.

Reset Firestick Remote

One of the effective troubleshooting fixes for the Firestick remote not working issue is to reset the Firestick remote. The reset process varies for each model of Firestick remote. Follow the steps to reset the Alexa Voice remote,

1. Turn off your Firestick and remove the power cord.

Reset Firestick remote

2. Press and hold the Left, Menu, and Back buttons on the remote for 12 seconds simultaneously.

3. Remove the batteries from the remote to drain the residual power.

4. Put back the batteries in your remote and press the Home button 10 times for pairing.

Restart your Device

  • The most obvious fix one can opt for as soon as you troubleshoot your Firestick 4K remote not working issue is to restart your device. You can restart your Firestick by simply unplugging it from the main plug and plug-in back.
  • In most cases, your Firestick Voice remote not working issue would be fixed. When it doesn’t fix the issue, then you can use your Firestick remote to restart your device. To do this, you can simply press the Select button and press the Play or Pause button simultaneously for about 5 seconds. Now your Firestick remote should work properly.
Firestick Remote not working?
Restart Firestick

Ensure your Firestick has the Latest Software

  • At times, the Firestick remote will not function at all when the Firestick runs on an outdated version. In such a case, you must update your Firestick with the latest software. You can go to the Fire TV menu → Device Settings About and see the current version. When there is any new update, update your Firestick manually.
  • Then pair your Firestick remote again and check if the device works fine.
Firestick Remote not working?
System software updates

Reset the Firestick

  • If you face issues with the Firestick remote even after following the above troubleshooting tips, you can reset your Firestick to factory default settings.
  • For this, you simply need to press the back button and right navigation button on the remote for a few seconds. Select the Reset option in the pop-up.

Contact Customer Support

  • If none of the troubleshooting methods fails to fix the issue, it is better to reach the Amazon customer support team for technical assistance. Tell them the troubleshooting fixes you followed clearly and support them will help you to resolve the issue.

Other Alternatives to Firestick Remote

There are various reasons why users of Firestick devices can opt for the Firestick remote replacement. It is the best choice when your Fire TV Stick remote is lost, broken, or damaged. There are various replacement options available and all of them are listed below. You can better opt for anything based on your preference.

1. Buy a Replacement Firestick Remote

Buying a replacement or new Firestick remote is the better and simplest option ever. You can purchase it from the official store of Amazon. It is such a hard thing to buy an alternative remote for your Firestick and thus the Firestick remote replacement would help you out with it. Moreover, you have to spend your bucks to buy a replacement remote. If you likely don’t have the patience to fix the Firestick not working issues, then it is better to go with the other Firestick remote replacement alternatives.

2. Firestick Remote App

Besides buying an alternative remote, you can opt for the Firestick remote app too. It is a cost-effective alternative that works best for those who are looking for a replacement remote. It works just like that of your Firestick remote. As the Firestick remote app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you can get it from there directly. The Firestick Remote app will act as a virtual remote that gives you the same features as your original remote. The installation of the Firestick Remote App will act as your Firestick remote. With this, the Firestick Remote App can be easily paired with your Firestick device.


1. Can I use one Firestick remote to control multiple Firesticks?

Yes, you can use one Firestick remote to control multiple Firesticks.