How to Fix Amazon Firestick black screen [Easy Ways]

Firestick Black Screen

Every smart device has its own flaws and technical issues. Amazon Firestick is not an exception. You may experience some technical issues like black screen, hanging, and some other issues. For any such issues, Firestick has its own fixes. Black Screen is one of the most common errors that you can encounter on Firestick. If you encounter this black screen error, try the following fixes.

Why Black Screen occurs?

There are some specific reasons that Black Screen occurs on your Firestick.

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  • Insufficient Power supply
  • Outdated Software
  • Using third-party connection cables
  • Hardware problems

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Black Screen may appear in countable situations like when you open a streaming app (Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu), you may get a black screen after Amazon logo, or a black screen with sound. Below fixes will work for all such situations.

Fixes for Firestick Black Screen error

Restart Firestick: Restarting the device is the customary fix for all Firestick issues. If you encounter the black screen error, restart Firestick without any second thought.

Firestick Black Screen

HDMI port: Check the HDMI port if it’s damaged or not. If it is not damaged, unplug the Firestick and plug it back. Try connecting to another HDMI port. If you are streaming 4K Ultra HD videos, buy high-speed HDMI cables separately from the official store. You can also use HDMI extenders.

Firestick Black Screen

External Connections: Use only the connection cables that come with the device. If you are using any other third-party cables, switch back to the original cables. Remove additional devices that are connected to TV’s additional HDMI ports, if any.

Firestick Black Screen

Other devices: Check whether that your AV receiver is switched on and paired with the correct input. Try, connecting Firestick directly to the TV.

Internet Connection: For optimum streaming experience, you need to have a minimum of 10 MBPS for 1080p video and 20 MBPS for 4K video. Check whether your Firestick is receiving enough internet from the router. If possible, reset the router. Disconnect the device from the WiFi and connect Firestick to the WiFi again.

Input Source: Make sure that you selected the correct HDMI input source. Change the input default TV to Firestick HDMI. Also, check the TV’s HDMI port compatibility. Some HDMI ports won’t stream 4K videos. In that case, you have to plug the Firestick into the HDMI port that supports 4K streaming.

Overheating: Don’t use the Firestick for a longer period of time. Turn off the Firestick when not in use.

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To Conclude

Balck Screen is one of the most common errors that can occur in Firestick. These are the fixes that you can use to remove the black screen error. So, when the next time you face black screen error, try the above-mentioned tricks. If you have any other methods to remove the black screen error, tell us in the comments below.