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How to Install YouTube on Firestick / Fire TV 2021

YouTube is the most popularly used online video streaming and sharing application available on all popular platforms including Amazon Firestick devices. It is the largest video streaming application that brings a number of useful contents. So with YouTube on Firestick, you will get videos, music, tv series, news, sports, entertainment, and more other contents. Although Google has removed the integration of the YouTube app on Firestick, there are several methods available with which you can get access it. Get into the article to know more in detail about YouTube, features of YouTube on Firestick, and different methods to download YouTube on Firestick devices in detail.

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What is YouTube?

YouTube is an excellent video hosting service with which its users can watch, upload, and share videos. With a Gmail account, you can sign in to YouTube for a YouTube account. It lets anyone choose from several millions of videos to watch them online. Similarly, everyone with the account can upload videos to let other YouTube users stream. It is the first of its kind large-scale video sharing site on the internet that has included videos in more than fifty languages.

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Nearly anyone from any part of the world can access YouTube and its features without any limitations. You get to know what is top-grossing around the world from the trending section of this video hosting app YouTube. By subscribing to any YouTube channel, you will be able to get all the latest new videos from it. You can express your views about the videos as comments or shares. The features of the YouTube app are listed below.

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Features of YouTube on Firestick

  • YouTube on Firestick is a free video hosting app with which you can enjoy streaming different video contents.
  • It lets you see what the world is watching and you can search for any videos to watch it online from any of your Firestick devices.
  • With a YouTube account, you can upload your own contents with music and let others watch and share them.
  • With thousands of videos uploaded every day, you will find almost anything on the YouTube app.
  • Express your views and thoughts for the videos in the form of like, shares, and comments as with the YouTube app on Firestick.
  • You can create a YouTube playlist with your favourite set of videos which you stream frequently.
  • Subscribe to any YouTube channel and never miss any new videos from them.
  • Besides providing adult contents, YouTube has introduced a section for kids and thus lets your kids stream cartoons, animations, and more.

How to Install YouTube on Firestick

Presently, YouTube is made available on Firestick devices. Earlier in 2019, the app was removed from the Amazon store. And in the mid-2019, the app was made available for the Amazon devices after Prime was made available to the Android devices. So you can directly install Youtube on firestick easily. Get into the below section for the detailed guidelines for downloading and installation of YouTube on Firestick.

Step 1: Click the Search icon on the home screen.

YouTube on Firestick

Step 2: Type YouTube and select the same from the results.

YouTube on Firestick

Step 3: Click the YouTube icon from the app store results.

YouTube on Firestick

Step 4: Click the Get icon.

Step 5: You will the icon change to download.

YouTube on Firestick

Step 6: When the download and installation are complete, you can see the button changed to Open.

YouTube on Firestick

How to Sideload YouTube on Firestick


To sideload any app on Firestick, you have to turn on your Amazon device initially and to go to Settings from the menu bar.

From there, you can use the Firestick tv remote to navigate to Device/My Fire TV and click on the Developer option.

how to sideload apps on firestick

Now you have to enable ADB Debugging and Apps from Unknown Sources option to install YouTube apk on Firestick.

Method 1: Steps to Install YouTube on Firestick using Downloader

As Smart YouTube TV is available as Android apk version, you can sideload it on Firestick devices using the Downloader app. Simply follow the steps to install YouTube on Firestick with Downloader app from below.

Step 1: On your Firestick home page, click on Search icon.

Step 2: You have to type in as Downloader and search for it to open it or go to the Apps section to open it if you have installed it already.

how to jailbreak firestick using Downloader

Step 3: Hold the Select button on the remote to open the on-screen keyboard.

Step 4: You have to enter the URL as and click on Go.

Step 5: The download and installation of the Smart YouTube TV app on Firestick will begin. Click on Next button.

Step 6: You have to click on the Install button when the downloaded gets completed.

Step 7: When you have seen App installed successfully, then click on Open button to use YouTube on Firestick using Downloader app.

Step 8: You will get a page where you have to select the version of YouTube to use. Select between 720, 1080 or 4K version.

Step 9: Now you will get the Sign in page. Log in to your account to get presonalised content from your Subscriptions. You can also watch videos and load playlists.

Step 10: With this, you can now explore a ocean of videos from YouTube on Firestick.

Method 2: Steps to Install YouTube on Firestick using ES File Explorer

To download and install Smart YouTube TV on Firestick, you can use ES File Explorer. Follow the steps to get it on the go.

Step 1: On the home screen of Firestick, click on the search bar.

Step 2: Type in as Es File Explorer to find it and open it on Firestick if you have already installed it.

how to install apps on firestick
how to install apps on firestick

Step 3: Go to Tools section from the expandable sidebar by scrolling down in the menu bar.

TeaTV for firestick

Step 4: Click on Download Manager and click on ‘+New‘ option.

Step 5: You have to type as on the path field and name as YouTube. Click on Go button.

Step 6: Click the Download Now option and let the Explorer to connect with the YouTube apk.

Step 7: Click on Open File option followed by Install button.

Step 8: You have to click again on the Install button to confirm installation of YouTube on Firestick.

Step 9: If you have seen the App installed message, then click on the Open button to open YouTube app on Firestick.

Method 3: Steps to Install YouTube on Firestick using Aptoide TV

Smart YouTube TV can be downloaded and installed on Firestick devices and Fire TV as with the help of Aptoide TV. The steps to get YouTube using this app is given below.

If you already have the Aptoide TV app on Firestick, jump straight to step 6.

Step 1: Turn on your Firestick and open the Downloader app.

Step 2: You have to press the select button on the remote until you get the on-screen keyboard to type in the URL of Aptoide TV and tap on Go.

Step 3: Click on Ok to enable the Javascript and wait till the Aptoide TV to complete its downloading.

Step 4: You have to click on Install option.

Step 5: Just click once again on Install button to install Aptoide TV.

Step 6: Click on the Open button to open Aptoide TV to download YouTube.

Step 7: Scroll on the sideways to click on Smart YouTube TV to open it.

Step 8: You have to click on Install button to download YouTube app.

Step 9: On the next page, you have to click on Next button and with this, you will be able to use YouTube on Firestick.

Try the Alternative

Steps to Install YouTube on Firestick using Silk Browser

Downloading and installing YouTube on Firestick by this method is also one of the simplest method. You can follow the steps from below to get the YouTube app for Firestick.

Step 1: Go to the home screen of Firestick and click on the search icon from the left corner.

Step 2: You have to type in as Silk Browser and click on the search icon to search for it.

Step 3: Click on Download button to download it on Firestick if you don’t have it already. Click on the Install button to install Silk browser on Firestick.

Step 4: Open the Silk browser app. Under the Apps & Games category click Internet.

Step 5: Click Search the web or enter URL.

Step 6: Type in as to open YouTube on Firestick devices.

Step 7: Simply log in with your account to stream YouTube contents from on Fire TV or Firestick.

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Winding Up

Undoubtedly, YouTube is an amazing video streaming application for anyone who loves getting unlimited entertainment. Installing YouTube on Firestick is such an easy task and hope the methods discussed here is useful to you to cast Youtube on Firestick. Choose from any of the above methods to use YouTube app on Firestick or you may try the alternative methods too. Let us know which one worked the best from your comments.

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