How to Clear Cache on Firestick and Free Up Storage Space

How to clear cache on Firestick

Amazon Firestick and Fire TV are some of the best streaming applications you can purchase to stream the latest media content. With the support of 15000+ apps and games, it improves your streaming experience to a new level. However, it also comes with a few issues. The most significant issue is storage space. Sometimes, due to lesser storage space, the device may become slow to navigate or use. At that time, you need to clear the cache files stored on your Firestick.

What is Firestick Cache

Firestick/Fire TV cache is nothing but the temporary files stored on your streaming device. The major advantage of using Firestick is that the users can install various apps to stream movies, audio, TV shows, and more. While using those apps, some temporary files will be stored on your device. When an application becomes slow to navigate or respond to commands, you need to clear its cache files.

Why Should you Clear Cache on Firestick?

Here are some reasons when and why you should clear up the device cache.

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  • If your Firestick device hangs often.
  • When there is insufficient device storage.
  • When your Firestick responds slowly.
  • If your device blacks out often.

How to Clear the Cache of Individual Apps on Firestick

Step1: Go to Settings.

Step2: With the help of arrow buttons, move to the Application menu.

Step3: Click Manage Installed Applications.

Step4: Select the app.

Step5: Tap Clear Cache.

How to Free up Some Space on Firestick

The above-mentioned method will clear the cache and improve the performance of the particular app. If you want to improve the overall performance of Firestick, you can free up some space by uninstalling the unused apps. Follow the steps to uninstall apps on Firestick.

Step1: Go to Settings.

Step2: Select Applications.

Clear Cache on Firestick

Step3: Click Manage Installed Applications.

Clear Cache on Firestick

Step4: Select the app that you don’t use regularly.

Clear Cache on Firestick

Step5: Select Uninstall to remove the app.

Note: You can also force-stop or disable unused apps.

How to Reset Firestick to Default Settings

Resetting Firestick to factory default settings is one of the best ways to improve the functionality of Firestick. Before using this method, users must remember the fact that the following process will delete all apps that they installed on your Firestick. If your aim is to clear the cache of a few apps, don’t perform this process.

Step1: Go to Settings.

Step2: Click My Fire TV.

Step3: Click About.

Clear Firestick Cache

Step4: Click Reset to Factory Defaults.

Clear Firestick Cache

Step5: A warning message will appear on the screen. Click Reset to initiate the reset process.

Clear Firestick Cache

Step6: After completing the reset process, use your Amazon user account to complete the setup process.

How to Improve Firestick Performance

Other than clearing the cache and uninstalling the unused apps, you can improve your Firestick performance by following the below steps.

  • Make sure to use the original adapter that came along with your Firestick.
  • Update your Firestick device.
  • Force stop or Disable unused apps.
  • If the performance lack is due to a minor error, restarting your device will help to improve.
  • As the final step, you can restart your device.

To navigate/use the streaming apps effortlessly, it is important to clear the cache files regularly. With the help of the above-mentioned methods, you can clear it easily. You can follow the same step if you encounter any not working issues on your Firestick device.


What does clearing the cache on Firestick do?

The clear cache will improve the device performance, increase device storage, and removes the minor error. You can also clear the cache on Firestick to fix not working issues.