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How to Watch Sports on Firestick | 9 Best Free Sports Apps for Firestick

Amazon Fire Stick and TV has definitely changed the way we watched TV a decade ago. It gained popularity when the cable TV subscription witnessed a price hike. Amazon App Store has listed a large number of best apps in different categories like live TV shows, sports, series, movies, on-demand content, and whatnot. Fire Stick is most often termed as a cord cutter as it supports a wide range of TV channels from all over the world. Thereby it lets the user stream content just like the cable TV subscription but at a reasonable price. Having said that, Firestick users can watch different sports content as it supports a large number of sports apps and channels. The article in specific deals about how to watch sports on Firestick and 9 best free sports app for Firestick in detail.

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How to Watch Sports on Firestick

Watching any sports content on the Firestick isn’t a complex thing as there are hundreds of apps available for free or as a paid app. Amazon App Store is the official app store for Fire TV and it has a lot of sports apps available on it. While some of the apps are readily available on the store and some should be sideloaded on Firestick to stream your favorite sports. Many of the live TV streaming apps have a separate section or category for sports.

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However, due to geo-restrictions certain apps will not be available on all parts of the world so it can not be accessed. So to take advantage of this, the Firestick users should go for a secured VPN for Firestick. Choose any of the free sports app from the section below to stay up-to-date about your favorite teams and scores.

Why a VPN is Needed to Watch Sports on Firestick

A VPN is a must to bypass the geo-restrictions and internet throttling. Some of the sports videos will be location-specific and thus your ISP will restrict you to access them. With a VPN, you can even unblock any such limitations in the efficient way possible. It will mask your identity by replacing your real IP address with a virtual ID. So you can connect to any server of your choice and access any sports channels or apps from the Firestick.

9 Best Free Sports App for Firestick

Amazon App Store has a plethora of sports apps that are available free of cost. However, it is essential to find the best free sports app for uninterrupted sports streaming. To make the task simpler, we have listed the top 9 best free sports app for Firestick.

1. Pluto TV

Pluto TV - sports apps for firestick
Pluto TV

Pluto TV is one of the free TV streaming applications that supports hundreds of live TV channels. It is a free-to-use entertainment app that features only legal content. So any Fire TV user can find and stream any sports content. Get to experience the best of sports streaming on Firestick without any contracts. Pluto TV updates its database every week and sports enthusiasts can stay up-to-date on the matches.

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2. Live NetTV

Live NetTV - sports apps for firestick
Live NetTV

Live NetTV is a Firestick-supported app that lets you stream sports content free of cost. Choose your favorite sports channel from about 800 live TV channels to stream them. To use Live NetTV, you need not subscribe or sign up. It keeps on updating new channels and links every day and the users can even request channels from within the app. Besides all, you can stream sports content without any ads while using the Live NetTV app on Firestick.

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3. FOX Sports

FOX Sports
FOX Sports

FOX Sports app is an exclusive sports app that can be used on Firestick to live stream your favorite sports. It can be used to stream anything like Boxing, Soccer, Tennis, MLB, NFL, Golf, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, etc. With FOX Sports, you can even stream the biggest national sporting events like WWE, MLB, NFC Championship, etc. It will also give you personalized news, score updates, must-see video highlights, etc.

4. Relax TV

Relax TV
Relax TV

Anyone can get Relax TV on Firestick to stream your favorite sports channels. It is a free IPTV live streaming app that has more than 70000 TV channels. Relax TV supports channels from all over the world including the US, Brazil, India, UK, UAE, etc. It supports most of the popular video players like MX Player, VLC Player, and Wuffy Media Player. With fewer ads, anyone can watch different sports content at any time.

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5. CKayTV


CKayTV is a live TV streaming app that supports streaming a wide range of sports content on the Firestick. It is a free app that doesn’t require any registration and has more than thousands of TV channels. New channels are constantly added into the database of CKayTV app by the developer. It uses a customer-centric approach and there are no buffering issues while streaming any sports videos.

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6. fuboTV

fuboTV - sports apps for firestick

fuboTV can be accessed on Fire TV to stream sports videos free of cost. It supports more than 100 live TV channels while more than 30 of them can be used to broadcast live sports. You can stream NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, NASCAR, FOX, TBS, etc. fuboTV app gets extensive live sports coverage from all over the world. With 30 hours of Cloud DVR space, you can save any sports events to watch later.

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7. FloSports


FloSports is an entertainment app for those who love streaming sports content from Fire TV. It is a free-to-use app with which the user will get complete access to any sports events. With the FloSports app, anyone can start streaming Soccer, Wrestling, Football, MMA, Basketball, Hockey, and more. It gives up-to-date match highlights, breaking news, along with full event replays.

8. Mobdro


Mobdro is the most popular IPTV application that supports streaming a wide range of sports content on Firestick. You can easily find any sports videos from around the world. It scraps the web and brings you the best free sports contents to stream on Fire TV. Mobdro even supports hundreds of live TV channels and all of them can be accessed without any subscription fees. It updates the database constantly so as to offer the latest sports content.

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9. NBA for Firestick

NBA for Firestick
NBA for Firestick

NBA for Firestick is a sports app for you to stay tuned with the latest game scores, highlights, and news. Get quick updates about the game, replays, stats of the team and players right from the home screen of the NBA app. It brings you game previews and recaps. Over time it will understand your interests and bring personalized streams including the matches played by your favorite team or player.

Winding Up

Streaming sports content is such a simple thing on Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV if you have any of these Sports apps. Undoubtedly Firestick has cut the cord and lets you access your favorite content including live sports at no cost. You can either choose the sports apps listed above or search for your favorite app on forestick to watch your favorite sports on the Firestick supported smart TV at any time. Hope the article is useful to you. Let us know your favorite free sports app in the comments.


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