How to Watch TBS on Firestick / Fire TV

TBS, Turner Broadcasting System, is a cable TV network available only in the USA. On the TBS channel, you will get video content that mainly focuses on comedy and drama. Apart from TV shows, you can also get sports content from MLB, NCAA, AEW, and more. If you don’t have a cable TV network, you can install the TBS app on your Firestick from the Amazon App Store and watch all the matches and TV shows.

Special Features of TBS

  • It has a wide range of global blockbuster hit movies.
  • TBS originals with exclusive web series and TV shows.
  • TBS can be clubbed with any of your TV plans, like YouTube TV and Sling TV on Firestick.
  • With the TBS app, you can stream buffer-free up to 4K, depending on your internet speed.
  • In the USA, the TBS channel is considered one of the best sports networks for Firestick.

Subscription Packs

TBS is not offering any standalone subscription. You need to subscribe to any of the live TV providers like YouTube TV, Sling TV, or fuboTV on Firestick to get the TBS channel. You can also use your cable TV subscription to get the TBS channel.

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TBS on Firestick

Warner media has developed a separate TBS streaming app for Amazon Firestick, so you do not need to download the Android apk files and sideload apps on Firestick. You can install and stream the TBS app on your streaming device in two easy methods. They are,

  1. Using Amazon App Store.
  2. Through Browser.

How to Install TBS on Firestick using Amazon App Store

In the latest version of the Fire TV Stick, you will get a new UI for the home screen. If you are using the older version of Firestick, you need to update your Fire TV Stick. If you can’t update your Fire TV, skip to the next section.

1: Click the Find button on the Fire TV home screen.

Firestick home screen

2: Tap the Search tile from the Find menu.

Search TBS on Firestick

3: With the on-screen keyboard, search for the TBS app.

4: Choose the Watch TBS app from the search results.

5: On the next screen, tap the Get or Download button to install the app.

6: After the installation, click the Open button to launch the Watch TBS app on your Firestick.

Install TBS on Firestick [Old Version]

1: Connect and turn on your Fire TV Stick device.

2: In the home screen, select the Search icon.

TBS on Firestick

3: With the help of a remote, type TBS in the search box.

TYPE tbs in search box

4: Now select the first app with the same icon shown in the image below.

5: On the next screen, click the Get button.

6: After installation is complete, click Open.

Get TBS on Fire TV Using Amazon Website

[1] First, visit the Amazon app store website ( and log in to your account.

[2] Then, type in TBS in the search icon and then press the Enter option.

Search TBS

[3] Select the Watch TBS app from the right corner and choose the Firestick device.

[4] Click the Deliver option to install the TBS app to Fire TV Stick.

Click Deliver option to install TBS on Firestick

[5] The app will now be successfully installed on the Firestick device.

Steps to Activate TBS on Firestick

[1] When you open the TBS app on your Firestick, you will get an activation code on the screen. Kindly note the activation code displayed on the screen.

[2] Go to the TBS website (

[3] Click the My device is… drop-down button and choose Amazon Fire TV. Then, click the Continue button.

Choose Amazon Fire TV

[4] On the next screen, enter the code and click the Submit button.

Activate TBS on Firestick

[5] Now, sign in with a TV provider account to activate the application on Firestick devices.

[6] After the activation, you can watch all the video content from the TBS app on your Firestick.

TBS on Firestick

How to Use TBS on Firestick

[1] After the activation, you will get the TBS home screen on your Firestick.

[2] On the home screen, you will get the trending video titles. Tap the Watch Now button to stream the titles on the home screen.

Watch trending content on TBS

[3] If you want to search for a video title, click the Search icon and search for it.

Search video title

[4] To watch live TV content, click the Live button.

Watch live TV on TBS

[5] To manage your profile, click the Profile icon.

TBS profile on Firestick

[6] In the Watch TBS app, you can’t customize video or audio settings.

TBS Not Working on Firestick

If you have any issues on the TBS app, like streaming or buffering issues, follow the below solutions.

This is how you install, stream, and activate TBS on Fire TV. TBS has a wide range of blockbuster hit movies which also have live news and a Sports TV channel.


1. Is TBS free on YouTube TV?

Yes, with the YouTube TV app on Firestick, you can watch the TBS channel for free.