How to Watch PPV on Firestick | Best PPV Kodi Addons in 2021

Amazon Fire Stick is one of the greatest reason for the revolution that has taken place on home entertainment. It is a streaming device that has soon become the essential thing for those who wanted to cut down the cord. With Firestick or Fire TV, you can watch tons of contents in which PPV isn’t an exception. When it comes to streaming high-profile sports contents, it is vital to pay for it to watch such streams. In such a case, you can opt for the best Pay-Per-View or PPV to streams on Firestick. The article will give you the five best PPV Kodi Add-ons that can be accessed on Firestick.

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What is PPV?

PPV or Pay-Per-View is a pay television service in which you have to pay for watching certain videos every time. All those who have purchased the PPV contents will be able to stream the events at the same time. Unlike the on-demand contents, you cannot see the record broadcasts. With the best PPV on Firestick, you will be able to stream combat events like boxing, wrestling, concerts, mixed martial arts, etc.

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In recent time, Pay-Per-View add-ons are mainly focusing on the live event programs. The cost of PPV contents varies from minimal to maximum based on the events, player, and numerous other factors. So accessing PPV on Firestick seems to be costly as the users have to pay for each and every contents. But with the Kodi add-on, you can easily stream PPV contents at low cost or even without paying at all. By getting the third-party add-ons, anyone can live stream the PPV on Firestick using Kodi.

You can live stream anything from WWE to UFC, NBA, etc with the help of PPV Kodi add-ons. Kodi is a media center that will bring you a wide range of streaming contents from different sources. There are lots of official as well as unofficial add-ons available to stream PPV on Kodi. So accessing the PPV contents on Firestick can be done in a much better way with the help of Kodi. See how to install Kodi on Firestick.

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5 Best PPV Kodi Add-Ons 

There are infinite add-ons available and it is hard for the users to find the right PPV Kodi add-on to stream sports and other events. So as to make the task simpler, the article has listed the five best PPV Kodi add-ons that works the best on Amazon Fire Stick. With this, you can instantly stream your favorite PPV contents on Firestick. Make sure to have a secured VPN app installed on your Firestick just before proceeding.

1. Planet MMA

Planet MMA Kodi Addon
Planet MMA

Planet MMA is one of the best Kodi add-on to stream your favourite PPV events. It is a reliable and most consistent platform to stay tuned with the MMA contents. Planet MMA is a PPV for Firestick that works the best for those Mixed Martial Arts and UFC fans. It is an unofficial add-on that has almost all of the categories and you can stream events that are live. Stream MMA Fight Night, Fight Night Live, MMA Mindset, Born to Fight, UFC Fight Night, etc. With Planet MMA Kodi add-on, you can also stream TV shows, documentaries, and more.

Repository Name: Supremacy Repository
Repository URL: http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/

2. Sportsdevil

Sportsdevil Kodi Addon

Sportsdevil is one of the most popularly known and used kodi add-on to stream sports contents. It supports a wide range of events including NFL, NBA, UFC, NHL, Cricket, Hockey, Soccer, and many other major sports events. Besides this, you can use it to watch live tv, live sports, highlights, etc on Firestick. Sportsdevil is an unofficial add-on that offers video contents in different resolutions from lowest to 1080p.

Repository Name: Supremacy Repository
Repository URL: http://supremacy.org.uk/zip/repo/

3. Maverick TV

Maverick TV Kodi Addon
Maverick TV

Maverick TV can be accessed as a PPV on Firestick to watch live sporting events. It is a Kodi add-on with which you can choose to watch from hundreds of popular tv channels. It focuses on live tv, movies, new releases in HD quality. With the day-to-day updates, you will be able to get the latest and interesting PPV events. It is found to be one of the longest-running Kodi add-on that has even 4K contents.

Repository Name: Kodi Repository
Repository URL: http://mavericktv.net/mavrepo/

4. Fight Tube

Fight Tube Kodi Addon
Fight Tube

Fight Tube is a Kodi add-on that can be accessed on Firestick to stream the pay-per-view contents. It is a popular add-on that has always included unique sports contents. You can stream WWE, UFC, boxing, wrestling, and more other sporting events by using the Fight Tube Kodi add-on. Although it doesn’t have a separate PPV section, you can search for it from different categories.

Repository Name: Rockcrusher Repository
Repository URL: http://rockodi.com/

5. UK Turk Playlist

UK Turk Playlist Kodi Addon
UK Turk Playlist

UK Turk Playlist is a Kodi add-on to stream PPV contents on your Firestick. It is rated as the best regional add-on to watch live sports in the UK, USA, Russia, Canada, etc. Besides watching sports, it supports streaming tv shows, live tv, anime, cartoon, movies, and more. UK Turk Playlist is a top kodi add-on that has included multiple streaming links. You can access the links of PPV events from the sports section of the UK Turk Playlist add-on. With standard interface and layout, it has been one of the longest-running PPV add-ons.

Repository Name: UK Turn Repository
Repository URL: https://addoncloud.org/ukturk/install

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Winding Up

You can get any of the above PPV Kodi addons on Firestick as to stream your favourite events. All five Kodi add-ons given in the article are handpicked considering various factors. You will be getting a great deal of contents in high quality with any of them. Share us which PPV add-on worked the best for you in the comments.

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