50+ Best Kodi Addons FOR KODI 19 MATRIX With Installation Guide

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Amazon Fire Stick has been the choice of millions of users as you can seamlessly use Kodi on it. However, without Kodi and a large number of addons it supports, Firestick wouldn’t be so popular. Get the best Kodi addons for the Firestick and make your home a place of endless entertainment. The internet is filled with several Kodi addons and only around 800 are official and the rest of them are unofficial. There are a few addons that are found to be not working at all. However, we have given you the best addons for Firestick that are found to be working with the latest Kodi 19 Matrix and the previous Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 17 Krypton versions. The minimalistic effort you wanted to do is to choose the right addon based on your need.

Before heading to the best Kodi addons, see how to install kodi on Amazon Firestick using 4 easy methods.

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Selecting the right addons from different categories is a tedious process. Yet choosing the right addon for you will let you access the Kodi to the fullest possible extent. So it is important for any Firestick users to find the best addons for Firestick. You don’t have to trouble yourself as we have handpicked collection of the best Kodi addons for Firestick on different categories.

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Best Kodi Addons for Firestick

1. Covenant

Covenant is one of the most popular and best addons for Firestick when it comes to the overall entertainment. It is the most stable addon that can be used by those who love streaming movies. Covenant is the best working Kodi addon that has included a wide range of contents. You can enjoy the top-grade streams with the newest launch. It features a simple-to-use interface and you can navigate into any sections of this addon with ease. Covenant offers you a large number of movies, TV shows, and you can access them from numerous sub-categories.

2. Exodus

Exodus is a most widely used addon for Firestick that has been revived after its shut down. The new version looks just like the old and shares the same core. It is updated by the independent developers regularly and thus has no bugs. With Exodus, you will find useful filtering options and thus you can choose the best movies and tv shows to been streamed on your Firestick. It even gives you the contents that have been offered by popular TV channels. You can get better streaming experience as the Exodus supports Real Debrid, All Debrid and IMDB contents.

3. 13Clowns

13Clowns is one of the best addons for Firestick with which you can watch movies, tv shows, cartoons, documentaries, popular videos from YouTube etc. Anyone can watch the favourite series and video contents from the 13Clowns favourite section. It gives you feature-rich video streams and thus you will get unlimited entertainment. With 13Clowns Kodi addon on Firestick, you will not only be able to stream regular videos but it also supports streaming other working addons. It includes two top-rated scrapers called Lambda and Global, both ensure you access with numerous working streams.

4. Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon is yet another best Kodi addons for the Firestick with which you can access tv episodes. It will work as an all-in-one addon for all your entertainment needs. It has been the most loved addon by many Kodi users as it gives unlimited streaming experience on your device. All the videos can be streamed at the fastest rate and you can watch your favourite contents including movies, sports, radio, and shows. You will get new links added to the Magic Dragon library and thus lets you stream something new every time in the HD quality. You can find it on both the Supremacy Repository and Maverick TV.

5. Yoda

Yoda is also the best addon for Firestick that features the same codecs as like the Exodus. It stands out among the rest of the best addons with the impressive contents it is offering. Yoda gives the best of on-demand contents and is a unique addon that gives different categories. It is the best standalone addon with which you will find movies and tv shows of various categories. Browse for any streams from the vast library by using the genres, language, popularity, etc. Although it is a part of Kodi repo, you can still find it on the supremacy repository.

6. DeathStar

DeathStar is the most famous Kodi addon which is familiar with the long-term users of Firestick. It is a unique addon with unique features and stands different from the rest of the addons. The new release will give you much more contents and you can watch on-demand contents as well as live-tv streaming. With one single addon, you can access all of the videos streams including shows, movies, kids contents, etc. DeathStar has included additional addons like the One Click, Leviticus, House of Blue, etc. It even supports the Real Debrid and it includes huge media collections in different sub-categories.

7. Scrubs

Scrubs is one another best addon for Firestick that will bring you high-quality on-demand contents. It is an amazing addon that will bring you more of the interesting contents including movies, tv shows, series, etc. Scrubs will give you extra categories like music, podcasts, trailers, reviews, etc. There are various improvements and enhancements done on the Scrubs addon with the same layout. As a user of Kodi, you can use this addon to stream your favourite contents easily by integrating it with your IMDB and Trakt accounts.

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Best Kodi Addons for Live TV

1. Live Hub

Live Hub is one best addon for Firestick for live-tv streaming. With this Kodi addon, you can indulge yourself to stream and watch multiple sports channels at zero cost any time. If you are looking for an addon that works well on Kodi to stream UFC, WWE, sports PPV events on your Firestick. It has included lots of many features along with a huge number of streaming channels. A few of them will be geo-restricted and you can take advantage of such addons using the secured VPN. Stay updated with the happenings around you with the Live Hub addon support.

2. Kodi Solutions IPTV

Kodi Solutions IPTV gives you high-quality live tv contents at any time. With this addon, you can stream from more than 4000 live tv channels at any time. It is an all-in-one addon for Kodi that will bring anything you want. You can stream movies, music, shows, live sports, kids contents, and more. It is a multi-platform addon and you can use it on any devices without any limits. With Kodi Solutions IPTV addon, you can choose to access dozens of streaming international live tv channels.

3. cCloud TV

cCloud TV is one another live tv addon that can be accessed on the Kodi installed Firestick. It doesn’t ask for any subscription fee to watch top tv networks. With this addon, you can watch all satellite channels without any complications. It has included one-click play, and thus you can watch any video streams online with this Kodi addon. Pick anything from different categories as it gives the best live tv channels when compared with its rivals. It is a live tv IPTV addon that has included the on-demand categories when it comes to movies and shows.

4. Oblivion Streams

Oblivion Streams lets you stream different channels from all around the world. It is an ultimate entertainment hub for streaming live tv channels. You can enjoy watching any of the streams in different languages. It is an unusual live tv streaming addon that lets you stream movies, tv shows, live sports, radio, and more. You will never get into trouble while streaming free movies and tv shows using Oblivion addon. It has two other special sections like Karaoke and Fitness that brings you videos related to it. Oblivion Streams is thus considered to be an unusual live tv streaming addon.

Best Kodi Addons for Sports

1. SportsDevil

SportsDevil is the best addon for Firestick for streaming sports contents. It is one of the must-have addons for those who love streaming sports contents. You will be able to access different sports contents right from the Firestick device. It lets you watch your favourite sports including cricket, soccer, tennis, football, hockey, and more so that you cannot miss an event. SportsDevil is an excellent addon for Kodi that gives its users a great sports streaming experience at zero cost.

2. Just Sports Kodi

Just Sports Kodi is a sports streaming addon with which you can stay tuned with the live-tv channels. You can use this addon to stream high-definition sports contents on your Kodi installed devices. It is one of the most popular sports addons that is the choice of many. You will get to access any of the sports-related contents with the Just Sports Kodi addon installed on your device. It is a Kodi sports addon with which you will find five sub-menu for you to stream live tv and sports taking place in any part of the world.

3. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go will let you watch all live tv sports events. It will bring you the live streams from the biggest national sporting events. It is one of the must-have addons for anyone who loves streaming different sporting contents. You can use this addon on your Kodi to live-stream the major sports events on your Firestick. With the Fox Sports Go addon support, you can easily watch any matches and games from the suite with ease. It brings new contents every day and thus you can stream both on-demand as well as the live contents.

4. Planet MMA

Planet MMA is the best known MMA sports addon that can be used on the Firestick. It is one among those addons that cover all the sports contents related to MMA. It was previously called as UFC Finest. You can stream live contents, on-demand videos, PPV events, etc on your Firestick. With the new launch, it has included new streams as well as the old telecasts. Besides this, you will also get a chance to stream MMA related tv shows, games, UFC events, documentaries, etc. It is an interesting Kodi addon that has more than 30 different categories.

5. Strike All Sportz Recap

Strike All Sportz Recap is the best sports addon for Firestick that will show you the replays and highlights. With this addon, you can easily watch the highlights of any sports from anywhere in the world without any delay. It is a great addon that will work best when you have missed watching the live coverage of your favourite match. You will find almost all of the highlights of different sports contents like NFL, UFC, WWE, NBA, UEFA, Tennis, and others.

Best Kodi Addons for Music

1. BeatZ

BeatZ is an amazing Kodi addon to enjoy streaming to music contents right from your Firestick. It is the best and must-have music addon for any Firestick user. With BeatZ, you will find more number of music tracks from different sources. It stands out amongst the rest of the music addons with the impressive list of music contents it is offering. You will find seven different categories and thus BeatZ is all you need for unlimited music listening.

2. Now Music and Now Music USA

Now Music and Now Music USA is the best music addon for Kodi that works the best for those who love listening to music and songs. Just like its name, you will find two repositories on this addon, which are Now Music and Now Music USA. With this, you will get music videos from around the world. It features a large media library that can be played with one-click. You will get almost all of the music contents from old to new from this addon.

3. YouTube

YouTube is one another best addon for the Kodi with which you can listen to the best music contents. It will bring you the contents from around the world for you to watch and stream on your Firestick with ease. YouTube is the biggest video sharing website with which you can browse from different channels and subscribe to them. YouTube addon will be the same as the original website.

4. TuneIn

TuneIn is another music streaming addon that can be used on Firestick for unlimited music. It brings music, podcasts, and internet radio from all parts of the world. You can use this addon to listen to the audio on the go. With this addon, you will get music for your different moods easily. Besides this, TuneIn Kodi addon also has free music contents that are curated by the popular DJs and music editors. Simply, browse your favourite music or play anything you love to listen to radio channels from anywhere in the world.

5. MP3 Streams

MP3 Streams is a music addon for Firestick that has been available for quite a long time. It works the best for any music enthusiasts as this addon will bring any song. MP3 Streams Kodi addon has the biggest collection of music contents with the constantly updated database. MP3 Streams is one amongst the two longest running Kodi addons. With several different categories, you will be able to easily find any music you want from various genres. It supports creating party mixes instantly and shuffles your favourites to play them.

Best Kodi Addons for Kids

1. HootLoop V2

HootLoop V2 is one among the very few addons that have included kids contents. It has been the top choice of anyone as it has included an extensive collection of kids contents with it. It includes live tv shows, movies, anime, and more. You will find numerous other addons present in the HootLoop V2. It has also been the most widely used Kodi repos that are available for the Firestick devices. Besides this, the performance of HootLoop V2 is fast and you will get unlimited fun. It has been a part of OneAllinance Reborn Repo and thus became the most widely used Kodi addons.

2. ToonMania 2

ToonMania 2 is the best Kodi addon for Firestick that will bring you anime and animated contents for kids. You will find the best in the cartoon with this addon. It offers one-click playback and you can choose from different categories. With this addon, you will get entertainment for an unlimited time as it offers dozens of links that are tested. It has a search function and thus you will be able to find any specific contents with ease. ToonMania 2 is an amazing addon for kids contents that will let you stream anime and cartoons at the fastest rate.

3. Zim Kodi Kids

Zim Kodi Kids is a Firestick addon that works well with the Kodi on Firestick. With this addon, you can stream kids movies, kids shows, kids anime movies, anime tv shows, and more. Besides giving the entertainment contents for the kids, the addon even features the kids movies and educational shows that will be useful for kids learning. Zim Kodi Kids is the best addon for Kodi that can be found on the Lumberjack repository. It is easy for any kid to get connected with the Disney Jr Shows, Netflix shows, and much more with the help of the special Little Tikes section.

4. FunimationNow

FunimationNow is the best addon to let enjoy streaming different anime contents. The extensive library of this addon will let you watch your favourite anime contents in the HD quality. You can stream ad-free anime shows that feature iconic classics with this addon on your Firestick. Watch any anime shows and the hottest new series as soon as they are aired with the Funimation Now addon. It gives you anything you want as it features the largest collection of English dubbed episodes. You will get access to the latest simulcast shows and anime classics.

5. Kids Tube

Kids Tube is the best Kodi addon to stream kids contents on your Firestick. With this addon, you can stream from hundreds of high-quality kids videos and contents. Kids Tube is an addon that works for any age group of children. Your kids will love streaming cartoons, movies, instructional videos, and more from this addon. It has an impressive list of videos within its library. You will find different categories and almost all of them can be accessed with one-click. It has included Kids TV, Kids Ply, Kids TV Nursery, Toddler World, Rainbow Kids, and more.

Best Kodi Addons for Utility

1. Fresh Start

Fresh Start is one best addon for Firestick that will make your Kodi restore itself to the factory defaults. So it is quite easy for anyone to make the Kodi new again. You can use this addon from your Firestick to remove those pre-installed builds with ease. If you are looking for ways to restore your Kodi, then you will find the Fresh Start addon as a useful tool. You will be able to get this addon from the Dimitrology repository.

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Wrapping Up

The article has covered almost all of the best addons for Firestick. We found all of them are working perfectly on Kodi for Firestick. So it is up to you to choose from these addons. However, if you still find that we have missed any of the best addons, let us know in the comments.