Best VPN for Firestick & Fire TV in 2021

Best VPN for Firestick

Amazon Firestick is the most preferably used media streaming device that offers tons of content for entertainment. Accessing the on-demand contents from the best Firestick apps isn’t a simple task due to the risks and restrictions provided by the content providers while accessing copyrighted content. So your streaming experience would greatly differ based on the region from where you are using the Firestick devices like Fite TV stick, Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV 4K. A VPN would help you out if you never want to limit yourself from getting hours and hours of entertainment using Firestick.

With the help of the best free VPN for Firestick, you can stream unlimited content especially while using Kodi on Firestick or similar apps. Besides accessing the geo-restricted contents, a VPN will give you privacy and security while streaming and will let you anonymous from the ISPs to trace you. We highly recommend you to have a secured VPN app installed on your Firestick to get the most out of the streaming device Firestick. There are a wide range of free VPNs available and let us find the best VPN for Firestick devices below.

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Streaming without a VPN exposes your IP address, making you vulnerable to privacy breaches and hacker attacks. Without encryption, your online activities are more susceptible to monitoring by ISPs, snoopers, and the government. Lastly, accessing geo-restricted content may be impossible without a VPN, limiting your entertainment options. Hence, it is recommended to use a VPN.

Of all the available VPNs, I recommend NordVPN if you ever want to watch the desired movies, TV shows, or sports events on your Firestick without risking your privacy. NordVPN is the fastest and best VPN service provider with global coverage. You can now avail yourself of the New Year's deal of 67% off + 3 Months Extra of NordVPN to stay anonymous.

With NordVPN on Firestick, your internet traffic gets encrypted, so your IP and identity stay anonymous. You can stream the desired content while staying away from the government and other online intruders.

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Learn How to install VPN on Firestick?

What is a VPN?

Best VPN for Firestick

A virtual private network or VPN is a service that lets anyone access the internet anonymously. It establishes a secure tunnel between the devices and thereby protects your web traffic from interference, snooping, and censorship. Simply a VPN will act as a proxy and lets you surf the web and the contents available in it without any limits. Any VPN would mask your IP address and thus your online activity will be completely untraceable as it will create a virtual IP address. So your browsing activity will be hidden and cannot be traced by anyone.

Why Choose a Best VPN for Firestick?

If you are a Firestick user, then it is vital to have a VPN app installed on it as to take ultimate advantage of the streaming. As the ISP can track the internet usage of users, it is hard for you to access contents globally. In such a case, a VPN will act as a lifesaver and protects your privacy. There are various reasons that portray the need for the best VPN for Firestick, which are,

  • A VPN in Firestick will never let the government and hackers to surveillance your online activity.
  • With a VPN, you can bypass the internet censorship and access anything using Firestick without limitations.
  • You can stream geo-specific contents or access Kodi and other such streaming apps with the installation of a VPN in Firestick.
  • Unblock any websites and apps to surf the web without any limitations by downloading a secured VPN.
  • Any trusted free VPN on Firestick will secure your privacy and protects your sensitive data.
  • Access any geo-restricted streaming services from any part of the world with ease using a VPN.
  • A VPN on Firestick will give you the fastest streaming experience with zero buffering.
  • Internet throttling issues will be removed by the VPN app and it will bypass the speed restrictions as well.

Things You Must Consider Before Selecting the Best VPN for Firestick

Just before selecting the best VPN for Firestick, you must consider certain aspects such as,

  • The best Firestick VPN should be easily downloadable.
  • It should be a lightweight app.
  • It must not lower the performance of Firestick.
  • It should provide faster streaming speed.
  • Should provide anonymous streaming.
  • It must be reliable in nature.
  • Compatible with all the add-ons of Kodi.
  • Comes with malware protection.
  • It should block internet surveillance.
  • Must be Firestick-friendly.
  • Should be moderately priced with the inclusion of all features.

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Best VPN for Firestick

On considering all such aspects, the best VPN for Firestick are listed in the below section. As a user of Firestick, you can opt for anything to use the Firestick to the fullest.

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is the #1 high-speed ultra-secure VPN app to be used on your Firestick devices. It lets you access anything on the web as it will unblock the apps and sites which you want to access. You can use it on your Firestick for ultimate security and privacy. With its powerful encryption, your activity in Firestick cannot be traced or hacked. ExpressVPN gives you a blazingly fast connection as it has more than 2000 global VPN servers in 100 countries. It will hide your IP address from prying eyes and thus you can stream or download anything by using your Amazon Fire Stick with ease. It lets you access the geo-restricted contents easily from different streaming sites. Get unlimited bandwidth and no throttling with this easy-to-use VPN on your Firestick. It also ensures offshore privacy protection and thus it neither keeps any activity nor connection logs. ExpressVPN will protect its users from being hacked as it supports 25-bit AES encryption and DNS/IPv6 leak protection. Also, it has the network lock or kill switch and split the tunneling. It is the best VPN for Firestick that offers you 24/7 support and thus you can get help with the live chat feature. You can have a free trial and avail the 30-day money-back guarantee if you want.

Get ExpressVPN now.

See how to Download & Install ExpressVPN On Firestick / Fire TV

  • Number of Servers: 2000+
  • Server Location: 148
  • IP Address: 30,000
  • Maximum Device Supported: 3
  • Price: $12.95/month | Special Deal: $6.67/month for 15 months


  • Fastest VPN for Firestick in the industry
  • Has zero-log policy
  • Unlimited downloading
  • Has 256-bit encryption
  • Has a wide range of servers in different locations
  • 30-days money back guarantee


  • Supports connecting only three devices with one account
  • It is a bit costlier than other VPNs

2. NordVPN

NordVPN is also the best VPN for Firestick with which you can access the contents from the web with no limits. It gives advanced security and absolute internet freedom. You will get secured and private access to the internet with this VPN. It will act as a hack-proof and provides an encrypted tunnel for the online traffic flow. NordVPN will not let anyone track your browsing history and thus you will stay safe even if you are using public Wifi. With more than 5200 servers, you can stream and download without buffering issues. It comes with cutting-edge tech that will shield your internet activity from hackers and malware. It is a robust VPN service with which you can stay secure while you are accessing online content. NordVPN will keep your data private and you can enjoy the internet without any restrictions. It comes with double data encryption and supports a wide range of protocols. NordVPN also has no-log policy and thus you can stay safe while accessing it on your Firestick. Get the AES 256 GCM encryption as it uses the NGE in IKEv2/IPsec.

Get NordVPN Now.

See how to Download and Install NordVPN on Firestick / Fire TV

  • Number of Servers: 5242
  • Server Location: 62
  • IP Address: N/A
  • Maximum Device Supported: 6
  • Price: $11.95/month | Special Deal: $3.99/month for 2 years


  • Gives above average speed
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Provides absolute privacy
  • Works with US Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  • Connect up to six devices with one account
  • 30-days money back guarantee


  • Some servers are bit slow
  • There is no mention of the free trial

3. IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the best VPN that is providing secure web access while using the Firestick. It is known for its best performance on both short hops and in long-distance communication. IPVanish is the most preferred VPN among Kodi users as it is the fastest and safest VPN. It is Firestick-friendly that provides unlimited bandwidth and prevents you from internet throttling. With unlimited P2P traffic, you will get buffer-free streaming while accessing the Firestick contents with the IPVanish. It is the best VPN for Firestick that works five times the speed of its rivals as it has more than 1100 anonymous servers from all over the world. With this VPN, you will be able to use all the best Firestick apps without any limits. You no more face geo-restrictions while streaming content on your device. It maintains a stringent no-log policy and thus you are absolutely safe and private. IPVanish has automatic IP switching, 256-bit AES encryption, faster server optimization, and supports setting up a VPN using the router.

Get IPVanish Now.

See how to Install IPVanish on Firestick / Fire TV

  • Number of Servers: 1100+
  • Server Location: 60+
  • IP Address: 40,000+
  • Maximum Device Supported: 10
  • Price: $10.00/month | Special Deal: $4.12/month for 2 years


  • Best VPN with the fastest VPN speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth & P2P traffic
  • Has zero traffic logs
  • Optimized for Kodi
  • 7-days money-back guarantee
  • Provides 24/7 customer support
  • Supports connection up to 10 devices with one account


  • Some VPN servers failed to work with Netflix
  • Speed may vary depending on server location

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is also the best VPN for the Firestick that gives instant protection when you are online. It is rated as the most user-friendly VPN tool available in the market that works the best-in-class in Firestick devices too. It makes privacy as your default setting and gives better performance while you are on the web. CyberGhost VPN will automatically connect you to the best servers based on the whereabouts. As it is customizable, you can set your own smart rules to automate your privacy. It responds to others’ privacy concern with the considerable number of servers available in it. With CyberGhost, you can quickly hide your digital anonymity and access anything you want including the geo-restricted contents with security. It has 256 AES encryption and comes with the IKEv2 and OpenVPN. It follows a no-logs policy just like most other VPNs available in the market. With CyberGhost, you can quickly choose the server by your own to unblock and stream contents and it doesn’t force you with a location. You will also face no buffering issues with this VPN installed on your Firestick.

Get CyberGhost now.

See how to install CyberGhost VPN on Firestick.

  • Number of Servers: 3100+
  • Server Location: 60+
  • IP Address: N/A
  • Maximum Device Supported: 7
  • Price: $12.99/month | Special Deal: $2.5/month for 3 years


  • Dedicated Firestick VPN
  • Protocol support includes OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPsec protocols
  • Offers 45-days money back guarantee.
  • Works with seven different devices with one account
  • Get 24/7 live support


  • Average downloading speed
  • No trial version available

5. VyprVPN 

VyprVPN is the most trusted VPN service with which you can be safe, secure, and private while using your Firestick. It is the best VPN when it comes to streaming in 4K resolution. You can use this tool as it will securely hide your IP address, location, and your browsing history. It provides super-fast performance and at the same time protects your online privacy from hackers and snoopers. It is the best VPN for Firestick that delivers twice the normal downloading rate and thus you can start streaming in HD or 4K without buffering issues. It will effortlessly bypass the blocked contents and censorship issues. So you can get unlimited entertainment on your Firestick as with this VPN. With the speed optimization options, VyprVPN will let you connect to the fastest servers it has. You can see upload and download speed in the graphical format along with the ping test. With a good number of servers, it will neither let the ISP monitor your activity nor throttle your internet connection. It is the fastest VPN that works without third-party apps and comes with a DNS solution and thus maintains no-log policy.

See how to install VyprVPN on Firestick.

  • Number of Servers: 700+
  • Server Location: 70+
  • IP Address: 200,000+
  • Maximum Device Supported: 3-5
  • Price: $9.95/month | Special Deal: $6.67/month for 12 months


  • Works without third-party connection
  • Offers the fastest performance
  • Has zero restrictions
  • Unlimited server switching
  • No download cap
  • Supports three to five devices based on the plan
  • Gives 24/7 help and support
  • Compatible with 2nd generation Firestick and beyond


  • Only 3-days free trial
  • Billing is expensive
  • No refunds

6. PrivateVPN

Best VPN for Firestick

PrivateVPN is one of the world’s most trusted VPN tools that can be accessed on Firestick devices. You can unlock anything as it is the fastest-growing VPN service available in the market. It lets you stay private to let enjoy the internet to the fullest possible extent. PrivateVPN works at a lightning-fast rate and lets you stream even the geo-restricted media contents to be streamed using your Firestick. With the 2048 military-grade encryption, you will stay ultimately private and secure at any time. So you can stream even the HD contents and download them at the fastest speed than most non-VPN connections. You will get the maximum speed and thus you don’t have to wait for the buffering. PrivateVPN is a super VPN for Firestick that will hide your internet activity from the ISP in an efficient way. It will hide your IP address and address to make you stay anonymous from government surveillance, search engine, etc. So you can bypass the censorship as to let yourself enjoy accessing your favorite content. Get unlimited bandwidth and server switches with zero-logging.

  • Number of Servers: 100+
  • Server Location: 89+
  • IP Address: N/A
  • Maximum Device Supported: 6
  • Price: $7.67/month | Special Deal: $3.82/month for 13 months


  • Gives the fastest VPN speed possible
  • Unlimited bandwidth and speed
  • Logging free VPN
  • Supports 2048 military grade encryption with AES 256
  • Supports six simultaneous connections
  • Has free remote setup to help with the installation
  • Supports torrenting as is P2P friendly
  • 24/7 live chat support available
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Limited servers only available
  • No trial period

See how to Download and Install PrivateVPN on Firestick / Fire TV

7. Ivacy

Ivacy is the best free VPN for Firestick similar to atom VPN, with which you can take ultimate advantage of the internet. With this tool, you will let experience the best VPN service right on your Firestick devices. It is a zero-log VPN with which you can stream and browse anything from the web at a great speed than ever. Get the best speed at any location as with the 1000+ servers available globally. With the P2P optimizes servers, you can torrent anonymously at your comfort space. Stream anything like your favorite movies, tv shows, live channels, etc on your Firestick from anywhere as with the Ivacy VPN. It will never allow any third-parties to spy on your internet activity as it protects you from ISPs. Get the same level of online freedom that you want as with the Ivacy VPN tool. It uses advanced 256-bit encryption and thus your online activity will be completely hidden from the hacker, snoopers, government surveillance, and more. You will get unlimited bandwidth internet kill switch as with the Ivacy. It supports multiple security protocols and thus you can choose from OpenVPN, IPSEC, L2TP, IKEv, etc.

See how to Install Ivacy VPN on Firestick / Fire TV

  • Number of Servers: 1000+
  • Server Location: 50
  • IP Address: N/A
  • Maximum Device Supported: 5
  • Price: $9.95/month | Special Deal: $2.25/month for 2 years


  • Supports Zero log
  • Lightning speed VPN
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switching
  • Optimized P2P servers
  • Configurable VPN servers
  • Supports split tunnelling
  • Proactive customer support
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Connect up to five different devices simultaneously


  • No free trial available

Free Tip: Atom VPN

Atom VPN is a not so popular VPN for firestick but has a lot of users who regularly use it. It has a simple UI and you don’t have to sign up or sign in to use the Atom VPN. It lets you unlock websites or apps without censorship. The atom VPN also boosts your internet speeds and hides your IP from the ISPs, hackers and governments. It is available as an apk file on popular Android marketplaces like Aptoide, Apkpure, etc.

See how to install Atom VPN on firestick

How To Install A VPN on Firestick?

You may follow the steps given below to download and install a VPN on Firestick. Given method is the most recommended method to install a VPN on Firestick, although there are a plethora of installation methods exists already.

For a detailed guide on how to install a VPN on Firestick (with screenshots), click this link.

Step 1: At first, you have to turn on the Firestick to use the search bar from its home screen. Type in the name of any VPN and tap on the Search button.

Step 2: From the search result, click the VPN app to open it.

Step 3: You have to click on the Get/Download Now option to download the VPN on your Firestick.

Step 4: Once after the download and installation of VPN, you can click on it to open it.

Step 5: Just accept the permissions on the pop-up and click on Allow option.

Step 6: With this, you are successfully connected to the VPN and you can choose the location to start accessing the web from your Firestick.

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To Conclude

Let your need be anything from streaming geo-restricted contents anonymously or looking for privacy online, and much more, it is safe to have a VPN installed on your Firestick. All of the above-mentioned VPN apps are rated as the best VPN for Firestick. If you think that we have missed any of the VPN apps that deserve to be added in the list, then you can mention it in the comments.