How to Reset Kodi on Firestick to Factory Settings

reset kodi
reset kodi

Kodi on Firestick is definitely a must-have open-source media player on any device. Although it is the most customizable media player in the market, it may cause certain issues and errors. If you have any performance issues on Kodi, you have to reset the app on Firestick. Resetting Kodi on Firestick will delete all the add-ons and builds.

Things to do Before Resetting Kodi

If you are ready to reset the Kodi application on your Firestick, make sure that you cover these things.

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Back-Up Kodi: The Kodi app on Firestick won’t offer a separate folder to access the installed files. On PC, you can access the Kodi files in the Local Disk C folder to get a backup. In Firestick, you have to use built-in or third-party add-ons to get backups.

Free Up Firestick Memory: The backup files from Kodi will be saved on the Firestick itself. If there are too many add-ons, it will occupy more memory on your Firestick. So, make sure that your Firestick has enough memory to store the backup. If not, free up memory by clearing cache files on Firestick.

How to Get Backup for Kodi on Firestick

You can back up files on Kodi by using the built-in Kodi add-on called Backup. If you already have the add-on, go to step no.9

1: Open the Kodi app on your Firestick and tap the Settings icon.

Kodi Settiings

2: Click the Add-ons folder to open it.

Add-ons option

3: Choose the Install from Repository option.

Instll from repository

4: On the next screen, tap the Program add-ons.

Program add-ons

5: Search for the Backup add-on.

Backup add-on to reset Kodi

6: Click the Install button to get the add-on.

Install Backup addon

7: Wait until the add-on is installed. You will get a pop-up on the right corner of the screen when the add-on is installed.

Backup addon installed

8: Now, go back to the Kodi home screen and choose Add-ons.

9: Open the Backup add-on from the Program add-ons section.

Reset Kodi on Firestick

10: Click the Backup button to download the backup file.

backup Kodi files

11: Then, copy-paste the backup files and store them in a destination folder.

How to Reset Kodi on Firestick using Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard is the most popular external add-on used by Kodi users for maintenance and fixes. It supports various advanced features that, include the reset feature. The steps below will help you with the steps to reset Kodi using Ares Wizard.

1: Launch Kodi on your Fire TV Stick and click on Settings (gear icon).

Reset Kodi Firestick

2: From the list of Kodi settings, choose the File Manager option.

Reset Kodi Firestick

3: After that, double-click the Add Source to register Ares Wizard.

Add source

4: Click on <None> and enter the repository URL in the field.


5: Enter the name of the media source as Ares and click the OK button.

Ares Wizard addon

6: Press the Esc button twice to go back to the Kodi home screen.

7: Tap on the Add-ons from the left sidebar.

Add-ons on Kodi

8: Choose the Package Installer icon from the home screen or from the Settings menu.

Kodi add-ons

9: On the repository page of Kodi, select the Install from Zip file option.

Install from zip file

10: Now tap on Ares > select

choose repository

11: Wait for Ares Wizard to complete its installation on your device. You will get a notification upon successful installation. Choose Install from repository > Stream Digital Repo > Program add-ons folder.

Digital Repo

12: After that, you get Ares Wizard Add-on installed notification.

Ares Wizard add-on

13: Go to the home page of Kodi.

14: Click on the Add-ons option from the left sidebar. Go to Program Add-ons and choose Ares Wizard.

Reset Kodi Firestick

15: On the Ares Wizard Kodi add-on, click on the More tab.

backup to Reset Kodi Firestick

16: Then scroll down to choose to Erase all Data/Fresh Start menu. Choose Yes to confirm your action.

Reset Kodi Firestick

17: Select the data to back up and use it further. After that, click on Proceed button.


18: On the small pop-up, the list of permissions will be shown. Click on YES/OK to reset Kodi to factory settings.

19: Just reopen the Kodi app now to see the fresh interface of Kodi on Firestick.

20: Open the Ares Wizard add-on and choose Backup.

21: Click the Restore button to restore all the add-ons and builds on Kodi.

Similar to Ares Wizard, you can also use the Indigo Kodi add-on to reset the Kodi application.

How to Reset Kodi on Firestick Using Settings

You can reset the Kodi app by clearing the app data. If you want, you can also uninstall the Kodi app from your Firestick.

1: You should initially close the Kodi app on your Firestick if it is running. Just click on the Exit button.

2: Use the Firestick remote to click on the Home button.

3: Now select the Settings or gear icon on the main screen.

4: Use the Down navigation button to choose Applications.

5: Select Manage Installed Applications by scrolling down the navigation button on the remote.

Apps on Firestick

6: Now, choose Kodi from the list of options shown on the next screen.

Kodi on Firestick

7: After that, you should tap on the Force Stop menu.

8: Just scroll down to click on Clear Data. It will clear all the Kodi settings, add-ons, and accounts permanently.

Clear Data

9: Once again, click on the Clear Data option to confirm the selection. When the file size is reduced, the data is cleared.

Clear Kodi data

How to Uninstall Kodi on Firestick

1: If you want to remove the Kodi app on your Firestick, click the Uninstall button next to the Clear Data button on the Managed Installed Applications screen.

2: Confirm the process by tapping the Yes button.

3: Now, the Kodi app will be uninstalled from your Firestick.

How to Restore Kodi on Firestick

1: Press the Home button on your Firestick remote. Search for Kodi and click on it to launch it. If you have uninstalled the app, you need to install the Kodi app on Firestick.

2: Finally, you will get the Preparing for the first run message, which implies that you have cleared Kodi data and reset Kodi to its factory settings.

Open Kodi

3: Open the Backup add-on and click the Restore button to restore all the add-ons and Kodi builds.

4: To restore files from the folder, click the Open Settings button and choose Browse Remote Path from Remote Dir.

All of the methods discussed above are working, and you can choose whichever method is convenient for you. After the reset, you will see noticeable differences in device performance. Back up the important data just before factory resetting Kodi, as it will clear or delete the entire Kodi data.


1. Will resetting Firestick reset the Kodi app?

Yes, when you reset your Firestick, all the apps and games installed will be deleted. It includes Kodi too.