15 Best Kodi Builds for Firestick [2021] With Installation Guide

kodi builds for firestick

Accessing the Firestick wouldn’t be complete without using the Kodi app as it gives unlimited entertainment. Kodi on Firestick has been used by a maximum of its users with the number of contents it is offering. Sooner or later, anyone will think of customizing your Kodi and it can be done easily using the best Kodi build for Firestick. Kodi is an excellent media streaming app that can be accessed on the Amazon Fire Stick to watch tv shows, movies, series, and other content. You can choose from the huge number of best Kodi builds for Firestick available to customize Kodi on Firestick based on your need. Kodi builds are considered to be an added advantage to the inexpensive digital media streaming tool called Amazon Firestick. If you are looking for the best builds for Firestick 2019, 2018, or previous versions, find the handpicked collections right here in this article.

What is Kodi Build?

Kodi builds are considered to be the one-click installation setup tools that are packed with add-ons, settings, themes, and stickers. It will bring you everything you need to run within Kodi. As soon as you have installed Kodi,
setting up and customizing your Kodi based on your need takes only a short time. It is not a complex procedure and any user can handle it easily with this setup guide. Kodi build makes customizing Kodi a lot easier.

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With one single Kodi build, you will find many add-ons that are pre-installed on it. So all you need to do is download the build and install it on your Firestick. All the add-ons will work with one click along with the interface and skins. Almost all of the Kodi builds can be installed from the Kodi settings. Any best build for Firestick will let you edit anything including the add-ons installed, skins, general settings, etc.

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Best Kodi Build for Firestick

On analyzing various factors, below given are the list of handpicked best Kodi build for Firestick. You may get anything installed on your Firestick for unlimited streaming. Make sure to install a secured VPN for Kodi to stay safe from legal issues.

1. Titanium Build

Titanium Build is one of the best and most popularly used Kodi build for the Firestick. Although it is the newest entry, you can find a large number of useful add-ons present in it. Titanium build is the light build that has included the support for excellent background and widgets. With the simple navigation structure, it will satisfy all your needs and expectations when it comes to getting unlimited entertainment. It is a reliable Kodi build that lets you stream movies, sports, live tv, etc. With the minimalistic user interface, you will get absolute entertainment as with the numerous add-on support. It is the best Kodi build for Firestick that is constantly updated and you will be able to stream more of the contents online.

2. OneNation Portal

OneNation Portal is the best Kodi build for Firestick that has packed most amazing add-ons present with it. With this build, you will find all types of add-ons and builds. It has included more than 20 builds to choose from that are popularly used by many. OneNation Portal has the support for accessing it on any Kodi platforms with ease. It has included light builds suited to be used on Firestick instantly. You can even use this build to choose from the feature-loaded dynamic builds. Every other build on the OneNation Portal is unique and has its own set of features. However, all the builds will have the same features and functions.

3. No Limits Magic Build

No Limits Magic Build is one another best build for Firestick with which you will find lots of working add-ons. Getting online entertainments wouldn’t be this simpler on Kodi without this build. It is the most comprehensive Kodi builds ever made as it features the Aeon Nox 5: Silvo Skin on it. With VPN installed on your Firestick, you can enjoy streaming the regional contents and movies easily. No Limits Magic build has included the best collections of add-ons for improvising the performance. The build will be frequently updated and thus the old contents will be replaced with the new ones. It has been a prominent build with the simple user interface along with the several number of working Kodi add-ons. So you can stream movies, sports, live tv contents and more.

4. Plutonium Kodi Build

best kodi build for firestick: Plutonium

Plutonium Kodi Build is a more compact and one of its kind Kodi build for Firestick amongst the list. It has included a large number of builds from EzzerMac’s Wizard. You can choose to access in-house builds or the catalogue of third-party builds from other developers. It features vibrant themes and users find the Plutonium Kodi Build as the most useful tool on their Kodi. Besides giving great visuals, you will find the most popular add-ons for streaming movies, sports, live tv, shows etc. It is the lightweight add-on for Kodi on Firestick and offers a highly rated performance. Plutonium Kodi Build will even work great on the low-end model of any Firestick devices.

5. Diamond Dust

best kodi build for firestick: Diamond Dust

Diamond Dust is the new and best Kodi builds for Firestick that works extremely faster. It is a reliable streaming add-on that works on any streaming device of Kodi. You will find an impressive list of best add-ons present with the Diamond Dust. It not only delivers the best of entertainment while streaming the on-demand contents, but it will also let you experience the best of live tv contents with a nice collection of live tv addons. Diamond Dust is a solid build and is a moderately heavy build. It is rated as the best of Kodi builds available at present as it has included the fastest working addons with it. You will find it work better than the most other builds as it has the support for the IPTV options present with the live tv streaming.

6. Lobo Kodi Build

best kodi build for firestick: Lobo

Lobo Kodi Build is the newly released Kodi build that works at a faster rate than any other best Kodi build for Firestick to date. It best suits low RAM devices including the Firestick. With this build, you will experience a decent performance on all of the Kodi devices. If you are a sports enthusiast, the Lobo Kodi build will work the best as it gives you PPV live events. It features a separate section for the PPV matches and you can stream in direct high-quality. As it is a new build, all its add-ons and scrappers are newly updated and work with no issues.

7. Turbo Kodi Build

best kodi build for firestick" Turbo

Turbo Kodi Build is yet another best Kodi build for Firestick that will work as a better alternative for the Kodi Jarvis version. It can be easily installed using the Turboj TV wizard and has the same similar interface as the Kodi Jarvis. It is the fastest Kodi build ever that works better than most other builds with a small size for IPTV. So it lets you stream anything. Turbo Kodi build is available in two different versions called normal and lite. The Firestick users can go with the lite version while other device users can go with the normal version. All the contents in the Turbo Kodi build are categorized and you can access movies, sports, tv shows, live tv, music, kids, apps, and more. The build is designed to give you solid performance.

8. MisFit Mod Lite

best kodi build for firestick: Misfit

MisFit Mod Lite is the number one and best build for Firestick when you are accessing a device of low storage. With the quick installation, you can stream any of your favorite contents using this build on your device. It has included a massive collection of contents with it and without any doubt, MisFit Mod Lite build will satisfy all your streaming needs. The very important thing about this best Kodi build for Firestick is that its simple UI. You can let indulge in streaming anything from movies to sports, live tv, and more. It is a lightweight build that has included awesome add-ons. Besides this, you can find a huge number of movies, tv shows library, music, and more to be streamed on HD.

9. Silvo Kodi Build

best kodi build for firestick: Silvo

Silvo Kodi Build is also the best Kodi build for Firestick that lets you enjoy streaming different contents. It is a lightweight yet comprehensive build that doesn’t have multiple builds. Silvo Kodi Build will take care of your streaming needs in all the efficient ways possible. It has included so many add-ons that come pre-loaded and you can even choose to stream your biggest list including the on-demand contents. Stream anything like movies, tv shows, sports, live tv, documentaries, kids, and adult content. You will find this build as a regular one yet it covers every other thing that you need for getting entertainment. It will give you better performance and has included a solid library of pre-loaded addons.

10. SkyDark Build

best kodi build for firestick: Skydark

SkyDark Build is one of the best Firestick Kodi builds that work on all the Firestick devices. It is designed to work well even on less powerful devices. With this build, you will find anything that you need for the perfect entertainment. It features a solid collection of add-ons like movies, tv shows, sports, and more. Although SkyDark Build is quite big in size, it works faster and smoother. It covers every other category and you get the chance to access add-ons for music and live tv. It has amazing visual effects and the layouts of this build are neatly arranged. You will get the most modern feel with the SkyDark Build on Firestick.

11. Xenon Build

best kodi build for firestick: Xenon

Xenon Build is yet another best build that can be accessed on Kodi. It includes many streaming apps like Mobdro, Terrarium TV, and more. You can use it on any device as the user interface of Xenon Build is designed to work with Android apk. With this build, you will be able to stream videos, play games, and more. It supports many popular entertainment add-ons and thus you will be able to get unlimited entertainment. The build has numerous sections and thus any type of user will get the required contents while streaming it on their Firestick with Kodi. The database of the Xenon Build is constantly updated and you get new content any time.

12. Durex Kodi Build

best kodi build for firestick: Durex

Durex Kodi Build is the best build for Firestick that loads contents at an extremely faster rate. It is a lightweight build that comes with numerous advanced features built-in. With the pre-installed add-ons, you will get unlimited entertainment. Just like its size, its performance is amazing on Firestick and gives HD quality content. If you love streaming movies, tv shows, live tv, and sports, then Durex Kodi Build would be the best choice amongst all other builds available. You can install the Durex Kodi build by the Durex wizard once after taking a backup copy of your data. With the new scrapers, you will get some more additional links. Besides this, it features a user-friendly interface and streaming isn’t a complex task.

Note: The Durex Kodi Build is not working anymore. You can go with the alternative of the Durex build which is the Xanax build.

13. Equinox Kodi Build

best kodi build for firestick: Equinox

Equinox Kodi Build is the newest entry in the list of Kodi builds for Firestick. It is one of the fastest builds available in the market with which you can stream the newest movies, tv-series, shows, and anything more. You will find lots of useful add-ons available with it and you can use it on any of the Firestick devices with ease. It has included lots of sports content when compared to other categories and is the most useful tool for those who love streaming sports. The best thing that comes with the Equinox Kodi Build is the support for live tv content. Although it is a high-size device, you will find the best performance it is offering.

14. Nefarious

best kodi build for firestick

Nefarious is one of the best builds for Firestick that is considered to be the most powerful build available. Besides streaming movies, tv shows, and series, you can stream live tv section. So it will be more useful for those who want to stream anything beyond movies and tv shows. Nefarious is an all-in-one build that has included all the popular add-ons that are needed for unlimited entertainment. It is available in two versions such as the lite and standard. The lite version of Nefarious can be used on different devices without any hassle. It stands out from the rest of its rivals with the two different versions and the fastest speed it offers.

15. One Alliance Reborn

best kodi build for firestick

One Alliance Reborn is a popularly known Kodi build for Firestick that has been the choice of many. It is a tiny yet solid build for Kodi with which you can stream anything you want. With constant updates, the build is comprehensively maintained. It has three builds that come with the pre-loaded video add-ons. So with this, you can stream sports, live tv, movies, kids contents, live-tv, etc. It is a medium-sized build that gives a good performance. It has an easy user-interface and you can access any section of the build instantly.


To Conclude

Hope the information provided about the best build for Firestick in this article is useful to you. Do we still miss any of the best builds, or if you face difficulties in installing these builds, let us know in the comments below.