How to Stream FandangoNOW on Firestick

FandangoNOW is one of the award-winning OTT platforms that brings almost all the newly released movies in its network as soon as possible. Many times even some of the newly released movies running in theatres are also available on FandangoNOW. You can also watch trailers of movies that are not available on any other OTT networks. FandangoNOW gives an option to all users whether to rent or buy a movie in SD, HD, 4K quality and price varies for each quality. So in this article, we explain to you how to install and stream FandangoNOW on Firestick.

Unlike other networks like Netflix, Prime Video, etc. there is no signup or monthly subscription fees on Fandango. All you need to do is to buy or rent your favorite movies or TV shows and pay the fees and start streaming instantly.

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Special Features of FandangoNOW

  • It has more than 100,000 movies & TV shows to stream on its network.
  • Auto-sync your progress through all your devices such as Roku, Samsung, etc.
  • One Fandango account for all your needs.
  • Full seasons and episodes of hit TV shows without any ads.
  • Watch the latest trailers of movies that are not available on OTT networks such as Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Subscription Packs

FandangoNOW is 100% free to sign up and the special thing is there no subscription fees. Users can buy or rent any shows or movies and watch them in 4k UHD for a lifetime.

How to Stream FandangoNOW on Firestick

FandangoNOW has a special app made exclusive for Amazon Firestick users and is available in the Amazon app store. So there is no need for sideloading apps, you can use any of the below two methods to install FandangoNOW on Firestick.

  1. Using Amazon app store.
  2. Through Browser.

How to Stream FandangoNOW on Firestick using Amazon App store

Step 1: Turn on the Firestick device.

Step 2: Go to Home and click the magnifier (search) icon in upper left hand corner of the screen.

click search - FandangoNOW on Firestick

Step 3: In the search box type FandangoNOW and press OK.

type FandangoNOW

Step 4: In the list of channels select FandangoNOW app.

FandangoNOW logo

Step 5: Click GET button to download and install the app.

Step 6: After installation tap Open to launch the app.

Step 7: Enjoy streaming FandangoNOW on your Amazon Firestick.

FandangoNOW on Firestick

How to Stream FandangoNOW on Firestick using Browser

Step 1: Go to Amazon website or app store and Sign in to your Amazon account.

Step 2: Enter FandangoNOW in the search box and click the search icon.

enter FandangoNOW into the search box

Step 3: Select the first app in the next screen.

select the FandangoNOW app

Step 4: Now select the Firestick device in the dropdown and then click Deliver button.

click Deliver button

Step 5: Now you need to turn on your Firestick device and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Step 6: Since you have already asked Amazon to deliver the app to your device, it will be installed automatically onto your device.

Step 7: After installation Open the app and Login to your FandangoNOW account and start streaming your favorite contents.

FandangoNOW on Firestick

How to Sign up for FandangoNOW

1. Go to FandangoNOW website and click SIGN IN button in the header menu.

click sign in

2. Click Join Now button in upper right corner.

click join now

3. Just Fill in the form and click JOIN NOW FOR FREE button.

FandangoNOW on Firestick

4. Check your mail and click on the link to confirm your email address.

5. You have successfully registered for an FandangoNOW account for free.

To Conclude

Congratulations! You have successfully installed and activated FandangoNOW on Firestick. If you are looking to opt for a non-subscription-based OTT streaming platform then FandangoNOW is good in all aspects. Just follow the above steps and you will be able to install and FandangoNOW in few minutes.