How to Install Xanax Kodi Build on Matrix, Leia & Firestick

xanax kodi build
xanax kodi build

The Xanax Kodi build as a replacement for the Durex builds with a good collection of video addons like Exodus Redux, The Magic Dragon, Deathstar, and more. Most Kodi users must be aware of the popular Durex build, which was considered one of the best Kodi builds. After the demise of the Durex builds, the Xanax build comes as an alternative to the Druex build from the same developers. It comes with the same UI, design, and with the set of addons Durex had. So Xanax is clearly a replacement for Durex built by its makers. In this guide, let us see how to install Xanax build on Kodi 18 Leia.

How to Download Xanax Build on Kodi

Simply get through these steps to install Xanax build on Kodi.

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Update: Xanax Build is no longer available on Kodi 19 Matrix. So you can try the st alternatives mentioned below.

The first steps before installing a third-party build are to enable the Unknown Sources option. So let us begin with that.

Enable Unknown Sources

Step1: Launch Kodi on your device and go to Settings (gear icon on the top left).

Kodi home screen: xanax kodi build

Step2: From this, click the System Settings.

system settings

Step3: From the left, click the Add-ons menu. On the right, click to Turn On the toggle Unknown Sources.

Unknown sources

Step4: From the warning pop-up, click Yes.

Warning message

How to Add Xanax Repository

Step1: Go back to the home screen and click the Settings icon again.

Step2: Click the File manager option.

File manager: xanax kodi build

Step3: On the following page, click Add source.

Add source

Step4: You will get an Add file source option. Click <None>.

Add file source: xanax kodi build

Step5: Now, you will be asked to enter the path. Type the link and click Ok.

Enter path

Step6: Under the source path you just entered, you get a field to enter a name for this media source. Type Xanax or any other name as you wish.

Add file source: xanax kodi build

Step7: Go back to the Kodi home and click Addons from the sidebar.

Click Add-ons

Step8: Click the package installer icon (open box) on the top left.

Kodi home

Step9: Select Install from zip file.

Install from zip file

Step10: Click Xanax (or the name you entered). Click Ok.

Step11: Open the zip file

Install from zip file

With this, the addon gets installed, and you get a notification Xanax Repository add-on is installed on the top right.

Add-on installed: xanax kodi build

How to Get Xanax Build on Kodi

Step1: Click the Install from repository option.

Install from repo

Step2: Click Xanax Repository.

Xanax repository

Step3: Click on Program add-ons.

Program add-ons

Step4: Now click Xanax Wizard.

xanax wizard

Step5: Click the Install button on the bottom.

xanax wizard

Step6: After the installation, you get the Xanax Wizard Add-on Installed notification.

Add-on installed: xanax kodi build

Step7: Click Continue.

Step8: Click the Build menu.

Build menu

If you are back to the Home screen, open the Build menu through Add-ons > Program Add-ons > Xanax Wizard > Build Menu.

Step9: You can select the Xanax build from the list of servers. If one doesn’t work for you, choose another one.

xanax host: xanax kodi build

Step10: Click Standard Install.

Standard install

Step11: Click on Yes, Install. Wait for the Xanax build to download.

Yes, Install

The installation process happens right away. This should not take more than a few minutes.

Downloading xanax kodi build

Step12: Now click Force Close to end the process.

Force close

When you restart Kodi, you can see your Xanax Kodi build installed. Now you can enjoy streaming your favorite movies, TV Shows, Sports, and more.

Best Alternatives for Xanax Build

Let us look at the three best alternatives for Xanax Build for streaming movies, TV shows, and more.


Titanium Build on Kodi is one of the best builds for Kodi, where you can access all the Kodi addons in one spot. It is a lightweight build that is most popular among Kodi users. It has different categories like Movies, TV Shows, Kids, Favorites, Fitness, etc. You can install this build from the Supreme Builds Wizard.

Titanium Build on Kodi


If you are a comics fan, then Batman Kodi Build is the best option to stream all the movies, TV shows, and series based on DC comics. Along with that, it also features live concerts, music videos, sports, and more. It offers an excellent interface with high-definition streaming. This build can be installed from the Twisted repository.

batman build

Diamond Dust

Install Diamond Dust Kodi Build from the Diamond Wizard Repository. It has the best Kodi addons for streaming movies, sports-related content, etc. Diamond Dust Build is the best alternative for Xanax Kodi builds with various top-grade video addons.

Diamond Dust Build On Kodi

Other Alternatives

  • Diggz Xenon Matrix
  • Zilt
  • Alienware
  • No Limits Magic Build

You have successfully installed an alternative to the Durex Kodi build. You will notice this when you use the Xanax Kodi build. It has the best collection of addons with it under all categories like Gears, Rising Tides, Redemption, supremacy, Yoda, etc. Also, it works perfectly on all Kodi-supported devices, including Firestick.


Can you install Xanax build on Kodi?

Yes, you can install and stream Xanax build on Kodi from its repository.

Why is Xanax build not working?

Make sure to connect with a trustable VPN service and try again.

How to update Xanax build?

There is no update available for Xanax build on Kodi.