How to Download and Install Norton VPN for Firestick

VPN is essential for safe and secure streaming on Firestick devices. Few streaming apps are available only in certain countries and geo-restricted. In this case, VPN helps in bypassing the geo-restriction easily. There are many VPNs available for Firestick, and one such VPN is Norton VPN. Let’s look into the steps to install Norton VPN for Firestick.

Norton VPN

What is Norton VPN?

Norton VPN is a secure VPN for protecting user data and the IP address of the service providers. It is used for seamless streaming in Firestick and avoids copyrights/ geo-restriction issues. The VPN also ensure hassle-free payment for subscription of streaming apps. To subscribe to the Norton VPN, visit the official site.

No. of DevicesMonthlyAnnual
1 Device$4.99$39.99
5 Devices$7.99$39.99
10 Devices$9.99$59.99

Features of Norton VPN

  • Norton VPN offers access to all apps and websites from any location.
  • It provides high-grade encryption while using a public hotspot, and it is equal to the bank-grade quality.
  • The user data and IP address is completely safeguarded, which helps in browsing anonymously.
  • It can block Ads and tracking technologies from online advertisers.

Install Norton VPN for Firestick

Norton VPN is unavailable in the Amazon App Store, but still, you can install the app on Firestick through sideloading. The app can be sideloaded using

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  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer


(1): Plug-in Firestick device to the HDMI port of your TV and launch Firestick.

(2): Select the Settings icon at the top of the home screen.

Select My Fire TV

(3): Move right and click My Fire TV. Select Developer Options.

Click Developer Options

(4): Tap Turn On in the Apps from Unknown Sources.

Turn On Apps from unknown Sources

(5): Now, the Firestick is ready to install apps from other sources.

Steps to Install Norton VPN for Firestick using Downloader

#1 Go to the home screen and select the Search icon.

#2 Enter Downloader using remote and choose from the list below.

Select Downloader

#3 Click Get to download the app from Amazon App Store.

Get Downloader to install Norton VPN for Firestick

#4 Select Open to launch Downloader on Firestick and click the Allow in the prompt.

#5 In the Settings, click Enable java scripts. Enter the Norton VPN URL and select Go to download the files.

Enter the Norton VPN URL

#6 Select Install to install the downloaded files and click Open to launch Norton VPN for Firestick.

#7 Sign in to your Norton VPN account and select the VPN server for safe streaming.

Steps to Install Norton VPN for Firestick using ES File Explorer

#1 In the home screen, select the Search icon at the top left corner.

#2 Search for ES File Explorer and choose it from the options.

#3 Click Get to download the app and select Open to launch ES File Explorer on Firestick.

Select Downloader

#4 Tap Downloader in the app home screen and click New+ at the bottom.

Click New+ to install app

#5 Enter the Norton VPN URL in the path and enter Norton VPN in the name field.

Select Download now to download Norton VPN for Firestick

#6 Click Download Now to download the files and tap Open File.

#7 Select Install to start installing.

#7 After that, select Open to launch Norton VPN for Firestick.

#8 Click Sign In and enter the Username, Password of your Norton VPN account. Choose the VPN server for streaming without any Geo-restriction.


Hence, Norton VPN provides complete security to the Firestick device and protects personal data. It provides cloud storage backup with encryption and compatible with all devices. If there is any trouble with the above steps, please mention it in the comments.

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