How to Reset Amazon Firestick Remote [All Models]

Reset Firestick Remote

The Firestick remote is one of the reliable remote controls. Sometimes you may face issues with your Firestick remote, making it difficult to perform the basic functions. However, you can easily get rid of the problem by resetting the Firestick remote. Since the remote of the Fire TV Stick differs for each model, the reset process also varies. In this article, we have briefly explained the types of Firestick remotes and the resetting process for all the Firestick remote models.

How to Identify Firestick Remote Model

Based on the button’s availability, you can easily identify the remote. Check the below table to find your remote models.

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Remote NameImageKey Feature
Basic RemoteBasic modelD-pad with six buttons only
Alexa Voice Remote (1st Gen)Alexa 1st genMic button without volume controls
Alexa Voice Remote (2nd Gen)Alexa 2nd GenMic button with volume controls
Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen)Alexa 3rd GenMic button with volume controls and app buttons
Alexa Voice Remote LiteAlexa Voice Remote liteMic and Live TV button
Fire TV Remotereset Fire TV remoteSearch button
Soundbar RemoteSoundbar remoteSettings button

How to Reset Firestick Basic Edition Remote

Reset Firestick basic edition remote

1. Press and hold the Home button on your Firestick remote control.

2. Press the Menu button three times while holding the Home button.

3. Remove your finger from the Home button and press the Menu button nine times.

4. Take out the batteries from the remote and disconnect your Firestick. The remote will be reset.

5. After a minute, insert the batteries into your remote.

6. Now, press and hold the Home button on your Firestick remote till the home screen appears.

How to Reset Firestick Remote 1st and 2nd Generation

The 1st and 2nd generation remote includes Alexa Voice Remote, Fire TV remote, and Firestick Remote Lite.

Reset Alexa Voice remote

1. Disconnect your Firestick from your TV and wait for some time.

2. Hold the Left and Menu buttons on your Firestick remote simultaneously and release the button after 12 seconds.

3. This will reset the remote.

4. Now, remove the batteries from your remote and keep the remote idle for more than 10 seconds.

5. After that, put the batteries back into the Firestick remote.

6. Power on your Firestick device once you connect to the TV.

7. Now, press the Home button on the Firestick remote control to pair the remote with your Firestick.

How to Reset Alexa Voice Remote Pro / 2nd / 3rd Generation

Press Left, menu and Back button at the same time

1. Turn off your Firestick. Disconnect it from your TV and wait for a minute.

2. Next, press and hold the Left, Menu, and Back buttons on the remote for 12 seconds simultaneously.

3. Let go of these buttons and leave your remote idle for a few seconds.

4. Remove the batteries from the remote to drain the residual power.

5. Put back the batteries in your remote and press the Home button.

Using these five steps, you can also reset the Alexa Remote Lite, Alexa Voice Remote (without Power and Volume buttons), Fire TV remotes, and soundbar remotes.

Still Cannot reset the Firestick Remote?

If you cannot reset your Firestick remote even after trying multiple times, we advise you to reach out the Amazon Customer Support to seek help. If there is a major manufacturing defect, you can request a replacement remote.

How to Pair Fire TV Stick Remote

After resetting your Fire TV Stick remote, you need to pair the remote to the Fire TV Stick. For that,

1. Press and hold the Home button on your Firestick remote for a few seconds.

2. The LED light on your Firestick remote starts blinking. This indicates that your remote is searching for a TV.

3. Once your TV is discovered, the remote will flash three blue lights. This denotes that your remote is paired with your TV.


1. Will resetting the Firestick reset the remote?

Yes, when you reset the Firestick or Fire TV remote, the remote will be unpaired. You have to pair it again manually.

2. Is it possible to reset the Firestick without using the remote?

Yes, you can reset the Firestick to factory settings without using the remote.