How to Install Smaug Kodi Addon on Firestick

Smaug Kodi Addon

Kodi is one of the most used streaming apps on Firestick. In Kodi, you can install a number of addons without any trouble. Streaming addons will allow you to stream live and on-demand videos for free. Installing addons on your Firestick will be a perfect alternative for paid streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. Follow the below steps to install Smaug Kodi Addon on your Firestick.

What is Smaug Kodi Addon?

Smaug is one of the popular Kodi Addon that contains a lot of movies. It has movies from the 1950s to the latest ones. The interesting thing about Smaug Kodi Addon is the Smaug Favourites where you can find all the popular and most-watched movies. It has movies separated from categories like Mosy Voted, Most Viewed, Box Office, Oscar Winners and much more.

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Steps to Install Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 1: Open the Kodi app on your Firestick and click on the Settings icon.

Kodi on firestick

Step 2: Click the System icon on the Settings menu.

Kodi on firestick: System settings

Ste[ 3: Under the System Settings, click the Addons option.

Smaug Kodi Addon: Addons

Step 4: On the right side of the screen, click the Unknown Sources toggle to turn on.

Kodi on firestick: Unknown Sources

Step 5: In the Warning pop-up, click the Yes button.

Kodi on firestick: Unknown Sources

Step 6: Now, go back to the Settings menu and choose File Manager.

Kodi on firestick: File manager

Step 7: Double-click on the Add source option.

Kodi on firestick: add sources

Step 8: Add file source dialog box will open. Click <None>

Kodi on firestick: add file source

Step 9: On the next screen, enter the download link In the field below, enter the name Smaug. Click OK.

Kodi on firestick: add file source

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Step 10: Now, go back to the Settings menu and click on the Addons option.

Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 11: Choose Install from zip file option.

Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 12: The Smaug Repository will appear. Click on it.

Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 13: Click on the repo named

Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 14: On the top right corner, you will see a notification pop-up stating that the Nitro Repo is installed.

Smaug Kodi Addon on firestick

Step 15: When the repo is installed, click the Install from repository option.

Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 16: Choose NItro Repo on the list of repositories displayed.

Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 17: On the next screen, choose the Video addons.

Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 18: Under the Video Addons section, click the Smaug Addon.

Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 19: Click the Install button on the bottom of the screen.

Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 20: A pop-up will be displayed, click OK to install the Smaug Kodi Addon.

Smaug Kodi Addon

Step 21: When the installation is done, you will get a notification on the top-right corner of the screen.

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To Conclude

Install the Smaug Kodi Addon on your Firestick and watch all the Hollywood movies for free. The only drawback in the Smaug addon is that it has contents only about movies. You cannot find a single series in the addon. If you want a series, you need to consider other addons from our list of best Kodi addons.