How to Stream Morpheus TV on Firestick / Fire TV

Morpheus TV on Firestick

Morpheus TV is a streaming application that packs a solid collection of movies and TV shows for free. With the Terrarium TV shutdown, Morpheus TV has become a great alternative. Like Terrarium TV, it uses high-quality scrapers to pull off HD streaming links from different sources. The user-friendly interface and the lightweight application give you a smooth performance while streaming. It comes with an internal video player to stream the content. Users can also add subtitles in over 20 languages. You will have an IMDB rating for each movie and TV show available in this app.

Morpheus TV

Update: Due to unknown reasons, the Morpheus TV has been shut down by its developer. You can check out the Alternatives Apps.

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Morpheus TV Key Components

The notable features of the Morpheus TV app are,

  • It lets you watch/stream movies without a subscription or registration.
  • Integrate your account with the Morpheus TV app to manage your favorite media content across different platforms and devices.
  • It is a perfect Terrarium TV alternative. Moreover, it streams all the media content without ad interruptions.
  • The simple UI lets the user navigate and browse movies/TV shows with ease.
  • The media contents in this app can be streamed in either 720p or 1080p resolution.
  • The application pulls content from nearly 20 sources. Hence, you can get the best streaming link for your favorite video content with ease.
  • It also supports integrating external video players.
  • The Morpheus TV Reborn has added support to integrate Real-Debrid and the option to change the default media player.

How to Download Morpheus TV on Firestick

Morpheus TV is an unofficial app, and you can’t download it from the official Amazon store. You need to use the sideloading method to install this streaming app. To sideload android apps, you need to enable Apps from Unknown Sources. After that, you can use either Downloader or ES file explorer to sideload android apps.


1. Install Downloader or ES File Explorer on your Firestick device.

2. Head to Firestick Settings >> My Fire TV >> Developer Options >> Install unknown apps, select Downloader or ES File Explorer and turn it ON.

Downloader or ES File Explorer.

Note: If the ABD Debugging is turned OFF, turn it ON too in the Developer Options.

How to Get Morpheus using Downloader App

Follow the simple steps below to download and install Morpheus TV on Firestick using Downloader App.

1. Open Downloader App and select the search bar.

Select the search bar.

2. Type and click GO.

Click Go.

3. Wait for the Morpheus TV apk file to download.

Morpheus TV on Firestick

4. Click INSTALL.


5. Wait for the Morpheus TV app to install.

6. Click DONE.

App Installed.

7. Select the Delete option in the following two prompts to delete the apk file.

How to Sideload Morpheus TV on Firestick using ES File Explorer

The below steps will help you install Morpheus TV on Firestick using ES File Explorer.

1. Open ES File Explorer and click on the Downloader option.

2. Click the +New icon.

+ New Morpheus TV on Firestick

3. Type and click the Download Now button.

Download Now. MediaBox HD on Firestick

4. Scroll down and click the download button.

5. The installer (.apk) file will download on your Firestick.

6. Click the OPEN FILE button.

Open File. MediaBox HD on Firestick

7. Click INSTALL.

8. Once again, click INSTALL.

9. The Morpheus TV app will install on your Firestick.

10. Click OPEN.

How to Use Morpheus TV on Firestick

The Morpheus TV app has a very easy and simple user interface.

1. Launch the Morpheus app on your Firestick.

Launch Morpheus TV on Firestick

2. Click Allow to allow the Morpheus TV app to access your Firestick device.

allow. Morpheus TV on Firestick

3. Click OK on Whats New prompt.

Ok. Morpheus TV on Firestick

4. Now, four options appear on the screen, Movies, TV Shows, Debrid Cloud, and Settings.

Home screen. Morpheus TV on Firestick

5. If you select Movies, a screen appears with options like Trending, Popular, Search, My Collection, and My Watchlist.

Movies. Morpheus TV on Firestick

6. The Trending option shows all trending movies of the time, and Popular movies display all famous movies.

Popular movies. Morpheus TV on Firestick

7. You can use the Search option to search for a particular movie.

8. To start playing a movie, you can just select the movie, and multiple links will appear from different sources.

Links. Morpheus TV on Firestick

9. When you select one of the links, you can Play or Download it. You can Select other players to play the movie.

Play. Morpheus TV on Firestick

Note: To use a different player, it must be pre-installed in your Firestick device.

How to Integrate Real-Debrid on Morpheus TV

Real-Debrid is a hosting service that helps you get high-quality and high-speed download links. The Morpheus TV Reborn added the ability to integrate Real-Debird to improve stream quality. You will need to register to Real-Debrid to use its functionality.

1. Go to Morpheus Settings.

2. Select Accounts.

accounts. Morpheus TV on Firestick

3. Select Login into Real-Debrid.

login. Morpheus TV on Firestick

4. Note down the code that appears on the screen.

Note the code. Morpheus TV on Firestick

5. Head to on a different device and enter the code. Click Continue.

Click Continue. Morpheus TV on Firestick

6. Once authorization is complete, you will get a notification.

Authorization. Morpheus TV on Firestick

The Real-Debrid integration with Morpheus TV is completed successfully.

Alternate Apps

Filmplus is a free-to-stream online app to stream movies, series, and TV shows. All the contents in the app are neatly organized based on their genre and year of release, making it easy to find and access the content. Filmplus allows you to download movies and series so that you can watch them offline.

Fimplus. Morpheus TV on Firestick

Strix is an online on-demand video streaming app with a library that consists of blockbuster movies and top-hit TV shows. The content is pre-organized based on the genre. You stream in various resolutions based on the internet connection speed. You can also watch Live TV broadcasts from around the world.

strix. Morpheus TV on Firestick

Cinema HD is one of the most popular third-party apps to watch free movies and TV shows on Firestick. This is a must-have app if you love watching movies and TV shows. You can stream in HD quality from the vast library of Cinema HD. It is free to stream and doesn’t require any subscription or registration.

cinema hd. Morpheus TV on Firestick

Cyberflix TV is an online streaming app that streams movies, TV shows, and on-demand content. It aims to bring high-quality streams for the users. Cyberflix TV also allows the user to download and watch the content offline. The content in the app is updated regularly with the latest releases.

cyberflix. Morpheus TV on Firestick

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Morpheus TV available now?

Yes, the Morpheus TV app is now relaunched as Morpheus TV Reborn.

Is Morpheus TV safe to use?

Morpheus TV is a third-party app, so it is recommended to use a VPN service while you stream content in this app.