How to Download and Install Dailymotion on Firestick [2022]

Dailymotion Firestick

Dailymotion is a video-sharing platform launched in March 2005. It is available all over the world for free. It has videos from categories like News, Sports, Entertainment, Music, and much more. Even though the app is similar to YouTube, the user interface of Dailymotion is fascinating. It is one of the best and oldest video platforms available globally. Also, you can install the Dailymotion app on your Firestick device by following the steps below.

In the meantime, if you feel bored while using YouTube, you will surely be refreshed using the Dailymotion app. Also, this application is free to use. And with the easy-to-use interface, you can stream the video available on the Dailymotion app with ease. So, get the Dailymotion app on Firestick and stream the best entertaining videos in the world.

Features of Dailymotion

The features of Dailymotion are as follows,

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  • You can create your own playlist with the videos you like
  • You can also download videos to view them in offline mode.
  • If you opt to sign in, you can get personalized recommendations of videos you love.
  • In the app, you can follow your favourite artists and channels.
  • You can share any video across various social media platforms.

Ways to Download and Install Dailymotion on Firestick

  • Using the Amazon App Store
  • Using the PC

Steps to Download and Install Dailymotion on Firestick using the Amazon App Store

Dailymotion app is officially available on the Amazon App Store; you don’t need to use any third-party source.

1. Turn on the Firestick and click Find on the Home screen. Next, click on Search

Select Search

2. Using the on-screen keyboard, type Dailymotion and search for it.

3. Choose the Dailymotion app on the searched results.

4. On the next screen, click the Get icon to download the app.

5. When the app is downloaded, click the Open button to launch the app on your Firestick.

6. Then, you can sign in with your account and stream any of the videos from your favorite channels.

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Steps to Download and Install Dailymotion on Firestick using a PC

Follow the steps below to install the Dailymotion app on your Fire TV from the web.

1. Open any web browsers on your PC and go to

Amazon Website

2. Click the Sign-in button and log in with the Amazon account that you are using on your Firestick.

3. Go to the search bar, type Dailymotion, and search for it.

Search for Dailymotion

4. Choose the Dailymotion app on the searched results.

Dailymotion Firestick

5. Click the Get App button on the right side of the screen,

Dailymotion Firestick

6. Your Firestick device will appear. Click on it.

7. Wait for a while. The Dailymotion app will be installed on your Fire Stick.

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Steps to Sideload Dailymotion on Firestick Using Downloader

First, install the Downloader on Firestick, then follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Applications tab from the home screen and launch the Downloader app.

2. From the home screen, select the URL box.

3. Enter the URL of the Dailymotion app.

4. Click on the Go button to download the Dailymotion app.

Select Go to download Dailymotion app on Firestick

5. Now, you can see that the Dailymotion app will progress to download.

6. After downloading the Dailymotion app, click on the Install button.

7. Now, the Dailymotion app will be installed on your Firestick.

8. To launch the Dailymotion app after installation, select the Open button.

Is the Dailymotion Available Everywhere in the World

The Dailymotion is only available in 44 countries. If you can’t find the Dailymotion app in your Region that means there Dailymotion is not operating in your Country. If you still want to access the Dailymotion on Firestick, you can connect to the best VPN on Firestick. And my best pick will be NordVPN on Firestick.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Dailymotion app available for Firestick TV?

Yes, the Dailymotion app is available for Firestick TV.

2. Can I connect to a VPN to watch Dailymotion?

Yes, you can connect to a VPN to watch the Dailymotion platform from anywhere in the world.

3. Is Dailymotion free?

Yes, Dailymotion is a free platform, and you don’t have to pay for anything to access it.