How to Install and Use Trakt on Firestick

Trakt is a movie and TV shows tracker similar to Blackberry Hub, which puts all your messages among all the apps in one place, but Trakt will do the same for multimedia content. You can see what you have streamed in the past date-wise and app-wise and also lets you continue watching where you left off. You can also make use of the Trakt app on Firestick and track your content on TV.

Many apps have built-in settings to connect with your Trakt account even if you don’t have Trakt installed. The tracking history is synced in real-time across all devices, and you can watch it on any device. For example, if you watched a movie on Netflix on your smartphone, you can continue watching it on your Firestick if you have Trakt and Netflix installed.

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Special Features

  • Built-in calendar to track your watch history easily.
  • Export your streaming into a CSV file.
  • Set custom notifications to remind you to watch the shows.
  • Trakt also supports popular apps like Netflix, Prime Video, ABC channel, and almost all the apps
  • It gives you suggestions based on your watching history.

Subscription Packs

  • Free – Free to use with basic and limited features.
  • VIP Pack – $2.5/month with custom badges, custom calendar, night mode, Alexa support, and more.
  • VIP EP – $5/month with all VIP features along with Executive Producer Credits.

How to Create a Trakt Account for Free

Step1: Go to the Trakt website at

Step2: Select the Join Trakt for Free option.

Select Join trakt for free

Step3: Provide your Email ID, Username, and Password in the required field.

Trakt on Firestick

Note: You can also log in with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.

Step4: Also, make sure to checkmark the two boxes to agree to their terms and conditions. Then press Join Trakt.

Step5: On the next page, enter details like Display Name, Location, Birthday, Gender, etc., and click Next Step.

Provide details and click Next step

Step6: Choose the streaming app that you are currently using and click Next Step.

Select the app and click Next Step

Step7: By clicking the following button on your remote you can mark the movies and TV shows. Then choose Next Step.

Select your genres and click Next Step

Step8: You can share your activities on social media. If you dont want, you can skip by selecting Next Step.

Trakt on Firestick

Step9: Now, select Connect to Dashboard and start using the Trakt app.

Trakt on Firestick

How to Install Trakt on Firestick

Step1: Connect the Firestick device to the HDMI port of your TV.

Step2: Turn on the Firestick device and press the Home button on the remote.

Step3: Click the Find button in the main menu and tap the Search button.

click find button

Step4: Search for the Downloader app and then select the app from the search list.

Trakt on Firestick

Step5: Tap the Download button to install the app on your device.

click download button - Trakt on Firestick

Step6: Now go back to the Home screen and tap the settings icon.

tap gear icon

Step7: Then select My Fire TV and Developer Options in the next step.

click developer options

Step8: Select Install unknown apps and click Downloader.

tap downloader - Trakt on Firestick

Step9: In the popup, click the Turn on button.

Step10: Now you can install any apk files into your Firestick device.

Step11: Open the Downloader app on Fire TV you have downloaded in the previous steps.

Step12: In the URL box enter the Trakt apk download and click the Go button.

Trakt on Firestick

Step13: Wait for the apk file to be downloaded and click Install to install the app.

Step14: Tap Open to launch the app.

Step15: Sign in with your email or with your social media accounts.

sign in to Trakt on Firestick

Step16: Now all your watching history is available in one place.

Step17: Go to the Calendar tab in the bottom bar and see your streaming history date and app wise.

use Trakt on Firestick

How to Activate Trakt on Firestick with Cinema HD

Trakt supports several APKs. Lets us check the steps to set up Trakt on the Cinema HD app.

Step1: Open the Cinema HD app on your Firestick.

Step2: Select 3 horizontal lines icon on the Cinema HD home page.

Step3: Select Settings on the left panel and select Login to Trakt TV under the Trakt section.

Trakt on Firestick

Step4: Note down the authorization code displayed on your TV screen.

Trakt on Firestick

Step5: Go to the Trakt activate website at

Step6: Enter the code and click Continue.

Enter the code and click continue

Step7: On the prompt, click Yes. Thus, you will receive your device is connected now notification.

Click Yes in the promt

How to Set Up Trackt with Kodi Addons

Most popular addons like Exodus Redux addon, Venom Kodi addon, Covenant addon, and more support Trakt TV. Let us here see the steps to set up Trakt with Exodus Redux Kodi addon.

Step1: On Kodi Home, click on the Add-ons option.

Step2: Select the Exodus Redux.

Select the addon on Kodi

Step3: From the Exodus Redux home, select Tools.

Trakt on Firestick

Step4: Then, select Settings: Accounts.

Trakt on Firestick

Step5: Select Account in the left panel and choose Authorization.

Trakt on Firestick

Step6: Make a note of the authorization code.

Trakt on Firestick

Step7: Visit the Trakt activation site at

Step8: Enter the code and click Continue.

Step9: On the prompt, click Yes. Thus, you will receive your device is connected now notification.

Trakt on Firestick

These are the features and uses of the Trakt app. Follow the above steps to install and set up Trakt on Firestick. It will also be helpful if your kids use the same TV to watch movies and shows because you can track what your kids are watching and spot whether they are watching any unwanted content and advise them.


Can you Set up Trakt with Kodi Addons?

Yes, you can use Trakt with Kodi addons to access all the movies in one click.

Is safe to use?

Yes, Trakt is completely safe and legal to use.

What is Trakt TV?

Trakt is an application that automatically scrobbles you watching history.

Is Trakt free?

Yes, you can access Trakt basic version for free.