How to Install and Use OLA TV Apk on Firestick [2023]

OLA TV on Firestick

OLA TV is a third-party application that allows you to watch over 50,000 TV channels for free. You can stream TV channels in the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Italy, etc. So, it makes it easy to get live sports, news, entertainment, and kids’ channels all in one place. Firestick users have to sideload the OLA TV apk on Firestick as it is not available officially.

Key Features

  • The OLA TV app is compatible with Kshaw and Ludio Player.
  • It also supports streaming in HD quality.
  • There are more than 12000 live TV channels available on OLA TV.
  • In addition to Firestick, OLA TV is also accessible on Android and Windows.
  • It lets you filter live TV channels based on your country, genre, and language.

How to Install OLA TV on Firestick

There is no official OLA TV app for Firestick. However, you can install the APK version by sideloading the app on Firestick. So, you can use any of these apps to do so.

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  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer.

Before the installation, make sure to enable a few settings on your Firestick.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources on Firestick

1. On your Fire TV home screen, click on the Settings option.

Click on the Settings icon on the home screen

2. Tap My Fire TV and select Developer Options.

click Developer options under My Fire TV

3. Click Apps from Unknown Sources and turn it on.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Pro Tip: For the latest Fire TV models, go to Settings My Fire TVDeveloper OptionsInstall unknown apps → Turn on Downloader (or) ES File Explorer.

Using Downloader to Install OLA TV on Firestick

1. Open Downloader on Firestick and click Allow to accept the permissions.

2. Enter the URL ( in the search term and click Go.

OLA TV on Firestick

3. Wait until the OLA TV apk gets downloaded.

OLA TV on Firestick

5. Once done, open the file and click on Install to begin the installation process.

OLA TV on Firestick

5. Within a few minutes, the OLA TV app will be installed on your Firestick.

OLA TV on Firestick

6. Later, click Open to launch the app on Firestick.

Using ES File Explorer to Install OLA TV on Firestick

Alternatively, you can use the ES File Explorer to download third-party apps on firestick. Similar to Downloader, it also sideloads Android apps with the inbuilt downloading option.

1. Open ES File Explorer on Firestick and agree to permissions if prompted.

2. Hit the Downloader icon from the middle pane.

click Downloader on the second row

3. Click the +New icon.

Click +new icon on the bottom of the page

4. Type the URL ( on the Path box and enter the Name as OLA TV. After entering the details, click Download Now.

click Downloader on the second row

5. Wait for the OLA TV apk file to finish the download.

6. After it gets completed, click on Open File.

Click Open File to install the app

7. Further, click the Install button to start the installation process.

8. Again, tap Install to continue.

9. Lastly, tap Done.

Install Ludio Player to Watch OLA TV on Firestick

Ludio Player is a third-party IPTV player to play OLA TV channels on Firestick or Android devices. Before using the OLA TV app, you have to sideload Ludio Player using a Downloader.

1. Open Downloader on Firestick.

2. Input the URL ( in the URL field and tap Go.

3. Follow the previous instructions to download the APK file and then install it.

How to Use OLA TV on Amazon Firestick

1. Long press the Home button on the Fire TV remote and click Apps.

Select Apps from the home screen

2. Select OLA TV under the Your Apps & Games section.

3. Click on the Hamburger option and select Move.

OLA TV on Firestick

4. You can now drag and drop the app to the desired location.

5. Launch the OLA TV app and click on any number/ option.

OLA TV on Firestick

6. Select your favorite live TV channel or category from the list.

OLA TV on Firestick

7. Select the channel and start streaming OLA TV on Firestick.

OLA TV on Firestick

Note: To quickly access the menu, you can install the Mouse Toggle app on Firestick.

How to Access OLA TV with a VPN

Using a VPN for the OLA TV app is very important. Lets us check the steps to stream OLA TV using a VPN.

1. Install the IPVanish app on Firestick.

2. Launch the app and provide your account credentials to Sign In.

Sign in with your account details

3. Select any US server from the list of options.

4. Click Connect and start streaming OLA TV.

click connect to use VPN

5. If you want to stop using the VPN, click the Disconnect button.

tap disconnect to stop using VPN

How to Fix OLA TV Not Working on Firestick

If you cannot stream OLA TV on Firestick, here are the steps to fix the not working issue.

  • Make sure to connect your Firestick properly to the TV.
  • Connect your device with a stable internet connection o stop buffering or loading issues.
  • Update OLA TV to the latest version.
  • Restart the Fire TV and update your device.
  • Reset your Firestick if none of the methods fix the problem.


1. Is OLA TV down?

OLA TV is still working with loads of streaming content and added features.

2. Is OLA TV safe and legal?

OLA TV is safe and legal until you are streaming the contents with the proper license. If you can’t risk it, you can use a VPN for safe streaming.

3. Is OLA TV APK free to use?

Yes, the OLA TV APK is completely free to use.

4. What are the best alternatives for OLA TV?

Live Net TV and Smart IPTV are the two best alternatives to watch live TV channels.

5. How to update OLA TV on Amazon Firestick?

To update OLA TV, simply uninstall the app and reinstall the latest version.