How to Download OLA TV Apk on Firestick

OLA TV on Firestick streams television channels in better quality. Mainly, all the live content from your favorite channels will be broadcasted on OLA TV Apk. Using OLA TV Pro APK, you can watch any live channel with multiple service options. Moreover, if one server fails or runs slow, you can change the alternative server to watch the live shows. This article provides precise details on installing OLA TV on Firestick.

OLA TV is one of the amazing live television apk that has numerous channel options. Designed by IPTV Droid, the streaming app is much easier to use, and you can view all the live channels that broadcast across the globe. In addition, OLA TV is free of cost along with OLA TV Pro IPTV.

OLA TV on Firestick

Features of OLA TV

The highlights of the Ola TV apk are listed below.

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  • Using OLA TV Apk, you can watch all the live TV channels free of cost.
  • If your internet speed is fast enough, you can enjoy the videos in High Definition quality.
  • There are more than 12000 live TV channels available on OLA TV Apk.
  • In addition to Firestick, OLA TV is also accessible on Android, Windows, and Fire TV.
  • In OLA TV, you can choose the live TV channels depending on your country, genre, and language.

Does OLA TV work on Firestick

OLA TV doesn’t offer an individual application for Firestick. Still, you can install the app by sideloading the app on Firestick. You can install Old TV on Fire TV using

  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer.

Before heading to the installation procedure, make sure to enable the Install Unknown Apps option on Firestick.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources on Firestick

Step1: On your Fire TV home, click on the Settings option.

Click on the Settings icon on the home screen

Step2: Tap My Fire TV and select Developer Options.

click Developer options under My Fire TV

Step3: Click Apps from Unknown Sources and turn it on.

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

How to Get OLA TV on Firestick using Downloader

Step1: Open the Downloader app on firestick.

Step2: Enter the URL and click Go.

OLA TV on Firestick

Step3: Wait for the file to download.

OLA TV on Firestick

Step4: Once downloaded, click on INSTALL to begin the installation process.

OLA TV on Firestick

Step5: Within a few minutes, you will see a notification on the bottom.

OLA TV on Firestick

Step6: Click OPEN to launch the OLA TV app on Firestick.

How to Download OLA TV on Fire TV using ES File Explorer

You can alternatively use the ES File Explorer to download the third-party apps on firestick. Similar to Downloader, it also sideloads Android apps with the inbuilt downloading option.

Step1: Open ES File Explorer on Firestick.

Step2: Hit the Downloader icon.

click Downloader on the second row

Step3: Click the +New icon.

Click +new icon on the bottom of the page

Step4: Type on the path box and type OLA TV on the name box. After entering the details, click DOWNLOAD NOW.

click Downloader on the second row

Step5: Wait for the OLA TV apk file to download.

Step6: Tap OPEN FILE.

Click Open File to install the app

Step7: After downloading, you can just click on the Install button to start the installation process.

Step8: Again, tap INSTALL.

Step9: Wait for the OLA TV app to install.

Step10: Click DONE.

How to Use OLA TV on Amazon Firestick

Step1: From the Fire TV main menu, click Apps.

Select Apps from the home screen

Step2: Then, select OLA TV under the Your Apps & Games section.

Step3: Click on the Hamburger option and select Move.

OLA TV on Firestick

Step4: You can now drag and drop the app to the desired location.

Step5: Launch the app and click on any number/ option.

OLA TV on Firestick

Step6: Select your favorite Live TV channel or category from the list.

OLA TV on Firestick

Step7: Select the channel and start streaming OLA TV on Firestick.

OLA TV on Firestick

Note: In order to access the menu, install the Mouse Toggle app on Firestick.

How to Access OLA TV with a VPN

Using a VPN for IPTV is very important. Lets us check the steps to stream OLA TV using a VPN.

Step1: Install the IPVanish app on Firestick.

Step2: Launch the app and provide your account credentials to Sign In.

Sign in with your account details

Step3: Select the server to which you want to connect.

Step4: Click Connect and start streaming OLA TV.

click connect to use VPN

Step5: If you want to stop using the VPN, click the Disconnect button.

tap disconnect to stop using VPN

How to Fix OLA TV Not Working on Firestick

If you cannot stream OLA TV on Firestick, here are the steps that your want to follow to fix the issue.

  • Make sure to connect your Firestick properly to the TV.
  • Connect your device with a stable internet connection o stop buffering or loading issues.
  • Update OLA TV to the latest version.
  • Restart Fire TV and update your device.
  • Reset your Firestick.

Hope the above-mentioned steps helped you install OLA TV on Firestick easily. There are several live TV streaming apps available, but OLA TV has more advanced features.


Is OLA TV down?

OLA TV is still working with loads of streaming content and added features.

Is OLA TV safe and legal?

OLA TV is safe and legal until you are streaming the contents with the proper license. If you can’t risk it, you can use a VPN for safe streaming.

Is OLA TV APK free to use?

Yes, the OLA TV APK is completely free to use.

What are the best alternatives for OLA TV?

Live Net TV on Firestick and Smart IPTV on Firestick are the two best OLA TV alternatives.

How to update OLA TV on Amazon Firestick?

To update OLA TV, simply uninstall the app and reinstall the latest version.