How to Get Kodi Subtitles on 19.0 Matrix [2021]

We all watch other language movies and video content with the help of subtitles. To be very frank it serves as a life savior when it comes to foreign language movies or TV shows. In that case, as Kodi has a lot of opportunities to watch content from several sources, you must indeed know how to use subtitles in Kodi. Here let’s see how to get Kodi subtitles. Getting a subtitle on Kodi is actually an easy task. Just follow these simple steps below.

If you are Firestick user, you can follow the same steps to get Kodi subtitles. If you are new user, see how to install Kodi on Firestick for limitless entertainment.

Steps for getting Kodi Subtitles

Here first let’s see how to install subtitle add-ons that are located in the official Kodi repository.

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Step 1 – By pressing Cog icon which is on the top left corner of Home Screen open System menu.

Step 2 – Click on Add-ons option.

Step 3 – Then select Install from Repository.

Step 4 – Now click on Subtitles.

Note: In case already if you have installed any 3rd party repositories in your system then you should select the official Kodi Add-on Repository first.

Step 5 – There are many subtitle providers available in the addon list. Here we have selected Addic7ed. Click on it.

Step 6 – Click on Install button in its info page.

Set up Subtitle Preferences on Kodi

After installing the addon, you have to Set up the subtitle preferences in Kodi.

Step 1 – Again go to Home Screen and by clicking Cog icon which is on the top left corner open Settings.

Step 2 – Then click on Player.

Step 3 – By selecting Language tab click on Language to download subtitles for option.

Step 4 – Select your preferred language and click OK. You can also select multiple language.

Step 5 – Now you should set the Default TV show service and Default movie service to one of the previously installed subtitles addons.

Step 6 – That’s all. Now when you play any video, click on the Subtitles button which is near the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 7 – Then select Download subtitles.

Step 8 – Now select a file to download subtitle.

Enable automatic subtitles on Kodi with Autosubs (Optional)

It may be a bit annoying to enable subtitles every time you want. If in order to solve this you can enable automatic subtitles in Kodi. To know how follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1 – Hover to Home Screen and select Add-ons tab.

Step 2 – Open Add-on Browser which is on the top left corner of your screen.

Step 3 – Then click on Install from Repository.

Step 4 – Select Services option.

Step 5 – Click on Autosubs.

Step 6 – Click on Install button.

Step 7 – It will get installed and the Subtitle Selection Dialog will automatically get opened when you start playing a video.

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Keep in mind regarding video quality of the selected media to match with the file name when you choose subtitles to get correct subtitles for your video.

That’s all. Follow all the steps mentioned in this article carefully to get Kodi Subtitles.

Comment if you have any queries and share this article to someone who needs this guide. Thanks for reading.

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