How to Install Equinox Kodi Build in 2021 [Easy Guide]

Equinox is a build developed by Genie TV which has gained more popularity since 2018. It comes with hundreds of addons and so the size of Equinox is more than 400MB. With Equinox you can also access Genie TVs live streaming service that gives you access to 120+ channels worldwide including Sports TV service. In this article, we will guide you on how to install Equinox on Kodi build with step-by-step screenshots attached.

Since the size of this build is high it gives you butter smooth and steady performance. Equinox is one of the best builds for Kodi. It has a variety of categories to stream like movies, TV shows, Sports, 24×7 kids zone, etc. The main unique feature of this addon is that it is mainly focused on entertainment purposes.

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This guide works on all Kodi compatible devices including Firestick, Fire TV Cube, PC, Smartphones, Android TV box, etc.

Special Features of Equinox

  • Beginner Friendly interface – easy to use UI.
  • Has a wide range of music and TV shows.
  • 100+ Addons selection has a built-in repository of about 100 addons.
  • Separate adult section to protect your kids from accessing it.
  • You can also access Genie TV with Equinox.
  • Some of the famous add-ons included with Equinox are Genesis Reborn, Cartoon 8, Bob Unleashed, etc.

How to Install Equinox Kodi Build

Equinox is not a part of the Official Kodi add-on repository. But we guide you on how to install it from an external repository.

Pre – Requisite

Step 1: Launch the Kodi app and click the Settings icon in the upper left corner.

 Equinox Kodi Build

Step 2: Click System Settings in the menu displayed.

 Equinox Kodi Build

Step 3: Navigate to Add-ons > Unknown sources.

unknown sources

Step 4: In the pop-up window, click the Yes button.

click yes

Step 5: Unknown sources have been enabled successfully, now you can install as many add-ons you want in Kodi.

Steps to Install Equinox Kodi Build

Step 1: Go back to Home and select the Settings icon.

click settings icon

Step 2: Select the File manager option.

click file manager

Step 3: Now click Add source under File manager.

tap add source

Step 4: Tap <None> in the popup window.

 Equinox Kodi Build

Step 5: Copy-paste the URL and click the OK button.

enter url

Step 6: Now enter the name Equinox and again click OK.

 Equinox Kodi Build

Step 8: Go back to Home and click the Add-ons tab.

 Equinox add ons

Step 9: Select the Installer icon in the upper left corner.

click installer icon

Step 10: Click Install from zip file and select Equinox.

install from zip file

Step 11: Now select the repository zip file and tap OK.

 Equinox Kodi Build

Step 12: wait for the Repo Add-on to be installed. You will get a notification in the upper right corner.

Step 13: Now click Install from the repository.

Install from repository

Step 14: Now select the Repo eg: GenieTV repo as shown in the figure below.

genie tv repo - Install Equinox Kodi Build

Step 15: Tap Program add-ons in the next step.


Step 16: Click Genie Wiz to open the installation wizard.

Click Genie Wiz

Step 17: In the installation window, click the Install button.

click install - Install Equinox Kodi Build

Step 18: After installation is complete then you’ll get three continuous popups.

Step 19: In the first popup, click Dismiss button.

click dismiss - Install Equinox Kodi Build

Step 20: In the second popup, click the Continue button.

click continue

Step 21: Click Ignore button.

click ignore

Step 22: Go back to Kodi Home and go to Add-ons > Program add-ons > Genie Wiz.

 Equinox Kodi Build

Step 23: In the wizard, click Genie Wiz.

Install Equinox Kodi Build

Step 24: Tap Equinox V1 (v2.8 3/5/18) in the list.

click Equinox V1 (v2.8 3/5/18)

Step 25: You can select either Fresh install or Standard install. We recommend you select Fresh Install.


Step 26: Click the Continue button in the popup.

click continue button - Install Equinox Kodi Build

Step 27: It’s nearly half a GB, Wait for it to download and install.

Equinox V1 (v2.8 3/5/18) - Install Equinox Kodi Build

Step 28: After installation, click Force Close in the popup window.

Equinox V1 (v2.8 3/5/18) - Install Equinox Kodi Build

Now you have successfully installed Equinox Build on Kodi app

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To Conclude

Thus in the above article, you learned the easy and best possible methods to install Equinox on Kodi build. It is a huge process, but once you follow these steps and install it, then you can access its contents easily. For better understanding, we also attached screenshots of each step. If you face any errors during installation share them with us in the comment section below.