How to Download and Install CBS on Firestick

CBS is an American subscription-based video-on-demand service that offers original content, newly aired on CBS’s broadcast properties and content from CBS’s library. It is an amazing video-on-demand application that offers all the latest primetime, daytime, and late-night episodes in HD for free. Moreover, you can get a personalized show list and view photo galleries & cast pages. You can also watch local channels through CBS using your TV provider account. The use of CBS on Firestick is completely legal as the application doesn’t stream from any torrents.

As of now, CBS streams 4 channels of live TV on local CBS stations, 24/7 news coverage on CBSN, 24/7 entertainment news on ET Live, and live scores & highlights on CBS Sports HQ. As of February 2019, CBS has around 4 million subscribers and expects to reach 6 million by next year.

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CBS on Firestick

Features of CBS on Firestick

  • CBS provides ad-free classic series like the original Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Beverly Hills 90210, I Love Lucy, and more.
  • The app lets subscribers watch and download the content for offline viewing with a commercial-free plan.
  • Ad-free subscribers can watch and download up to 25 episodes or movies simultaneously.
  • You can watch CBS videos on up to 5 different devices at the same time.
  • Once downloaded, the content is accessible for 30 days or 48 hours from the start of playback. But, the downloaded content is not playable outside the United States.

If you’re a CBS All Access subscriber, you can access the following features,

  • The latest original series from CBS All Access is Star Trek: Discovery, After Trek, The Good Fight, No Activity, One Dollar, and Strange Angel.
  • You can watch popular reality competitions like Big Brother and Survivor.
  • Some of the Network primetime dramas include Blue Bloods, Bull, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS: New Orleans, and MacGyver.
  • News magazines: 60 Minutes, 48 Hours
  • All classic shows like All the previous Star Trek series, Cheers, and Twin Peaks, are too available for all-access users.

How to Install CBS on Firestick

Installing the CBS on Firestick is not that hard. As CBS is available in the Amazon app store, you can directly download it.

Quick Guide: Launch your Firestcik > Click Find > Click Search > Browser for CBS using Alexa > Click Get > Click Open to launch.

Step1: Open Firestick and navigate to the Search option under the Find title.

Click search under Find Category

Step2: Type CBS on the search bar.

CBS on Firestick

Step3: Find the official CBS app and click on it.

Step4: Select Get or Download to download the CBS app.

Step5: Wait while the CBS app gets downloaded.

Step6: Once downloaded, tap on the Install button.

Step7: Now, click Open to run CBS on Firestick.

How to Activate CBS on Firestick

Step1: Open the CBS from the Apps section.

Step2: Select Activate your device.

Step3: You will receive an activation code on the screen.

Step4: Now, open a web browser on your mobile and visit

Step5: Enter the code displayed on the Firestick screen and tap Next.

CBS on Firestick

Step6: Enter your CBS login details and hit Sign In.

Step7: Now, the CBS Firestick app will load automatically and display its contents.

How to Watch CBS on Fire TV for Free with Silk Browser

Step1: Launch the Silk Browser on Firestick from the Amazon App Store.

launch silk browser on Firestick

Step2: Click on the URL bar and enter in the URL field.

CBS on Firestick

Step3: Tap the Go button.

Step4: You will now see a list of USTVGO channels list. From that, select CBS.

CBS on Firestick

Step5: Tap Play and start streaming CBS for free.

How to Cast CBS on Amazon Fire TV

Step1: Using the Fure TV remote, long-press the Home button.

Step2: Click on the Mirroring option to enable it.

Step3: Install the CBS app from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Step4: On your Android device, go to the Control Center and click on the Cast option.

Select Cast and select your firestick device

Step5: Choose your Firestick device to connect.

Step6: Once connected, play any content on CBS and stream it on your TV.

CBS Alternatives

That’s it. The above method is the most common way to download and install CBS on Firestick. Compared to other streaming services, which feature live TV), CBS is the better option where you can enjoy TV shows, movies, and live TV at a lower price.


Can you Get CBS on Firestick?

Yes, you can install CBS on Amazon Firestick.

Why is CBS not working on Firestick?

Make sure to connect your Firestick device with a stable internet connection and try again.

Is CBS on Firestick free?

You can stream CBS for free using the Silke browser on Fire TV.