10 Must-Have Apps for iPhone – Updated 2021

With an almost unlimited number of mobile apps available and most of them for free, downloading new apps is the priority after buying a new phone. It seems that there is now a mobile app for every one of our daily needs, from shopping, cooking, and fitness to news and entertainment. Mobile apps need to be user-friendly, strong in functionality, and with an appealing design. Different apps rise and fall in a fiercely competitive market, so we review the leading contenders.

Best Apps for Iphone – Must Have

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This is a great app for viewing the upcoming hourly or daily weather conditions in your local area. Users can check precipitation, wind speed, UV index, allergy levels, and temperature in the sun or shade. There is also a tab for watching short weather videos.


Google Maps

Unfortunately, Apple Maps doesn’t even compare to Google Maps in terms of the data provided and navigation. In terms of maps, Google has cornered the market, and even Apple CEO Tim Cook has suggested iPhone users should download Google Maps.

Google Maps


Instagram has become a leading social media platform with over a billion monthly users. It can be used for sharing photos and videos with friends, but also be a way of following your favourite news platform or influencer. IGTV also enables long-form videos.

Instagram iphone app


Especially useful for those under stay-at-home measures, TikTok allows users to create and watch videos under different categories. Videos can compile different clips, which can be added to music, filters, stickers, and captions. This has created a global online community where we all have the chance to be a star.

TikTok apps for iPhone


With a huge music library of millions of songs, albums, and playlists, Spotify is the best choice for music. It is incredibly easy to use, and it also features unlimited podcasts. The app is free, but there are more options with the premium version.

Spotify For iPhone


The best for fitness and health, MyFitnessPal, allows users to keep track of their calorie intake and exercise. You can set realistic fitness goals and follow instructions on how to keep to them. It also has a barcode scanner for totaling up the calories of common foods.

MyFitnessPal app for iphone


Another app that is especially useful for those staying at home, UberEats, now has global coverage from Andorra to Uruguay. All you need to do is select your desired dish, view the delivery time, and choose the payment option. This app is highly rated for usability.

Uber Eats

Sleep Cycle

Rather than waking you up at a certain time, Sleep Cycle allows you to set a time period in which you will be woken at best possible moment. It does this by measuring your sleep cycle in terms of R.E.M. sleep and how well-rested you are.

Sleep Cycle app for iphone


The Twitch app brings game streaming to your phone. This allows you to connect with other gamers, watch videos of events or the best gamers in action, or the best streaming channels—a great option for gamers on the go.



For budding home chefs, Yummly has an enormous library of recipes to try out. Searches can be honed down to the most particular needs, and recipes and ingredients can be saved and added to shopping lists. Yummly also features an online store.


End Note

The list of fantastic iPhone apps is endless, but here are just some of the essentials. Apps for iPhone like these can give us greater control from our phones, so the restriction of movement can be more manageable.