How to Download and Install Spotify on Firestick

Spotify App on Firestick
Spotify App on Firestick

Spotify is the best subscription-based music streaming service that offers millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists worldwide. The digital music app is packed with amazing features, including offline listening. Like Apple Music and Amazon Music, you can find out the differences between Spotify Free and Premium services. This article will show you the easy ways to use Spotify on Firestick.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is one of the legal ways to stream music that offers over 20 million songs for free. There are free and paid options to access Spotify’s services. The music app operates by dealing with many different record labels to access their categories. The listener can access a large variety of music available. If you are a music lover and eager to listen to music, then Spotify music can be a better option.

Spotify on Firestick

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Features of Spotify

  • Spotify is still more attractive when you can access content by simply signing up using an email address or by connecting with Facebook.
  • Spotify Premium offers no ad between your favorite songs.
  • The app works on Bluetooth-enabled audio systems like cars via Android Auto and CarPlay.

Spotify Subscription

Spotify PlansPricing/ Month
Individual Plan$9.99
Duo Plan$12.99
Family Plan$15.99
Student Plan$4.99

Steps to Install Spotify on Firestick / Fire TV

For Firestick users, Spotify is officially available on the Amazon app store. Follow the below steps to download this app with ease.

Quick Guide: On your Fire TV Home > Click Search under Find > Search Spotify > Click Get > Tap Open to launch > Sign in to stream.

Step1: Go to the Search bar under Find from the Fire TV home.

Click search under Find Category

Step2: Type Spotify. Likewise, you can voice search for Spotify with Alexa.

Step3: From the search results, click on the Spotify app.

Step4: Open Spotify and click the Get icon.

Step5: Wait for the Spotify app to install.

Step6: Finally, tap the Open icon to launch the app.

Step7: Once you launch the app, click on Sign In.

Spotify on Firestick

Step8: Now, you can enjoy your favorite artists, songs, and albums for free.

How to Connect Spotify Music on Amazon Firestick via Casting

You can screen mirror Spotify music from your Android smartphone/ tablet easily, as the Spotify app has an in-built cast option.

Step1: Press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV remote.

Step2: Click on the Mirroring option from the list to enable screen mirroring.

Click Mirroring to enable screen mirroring

Step3: Install the Spotify music app on your Android device from the Google Play Store.

Step4: Launch the app and sign in with your login details.

Step5: Choose to play your favorite song from the app.

Step6: Click on the Cast icon under the Now Playing title.

Cast Spotify on Firestick

Step7: Select your device and start listening to Spotify on your TV.

(If prompted, enter the pairing pin code to connect.)

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Alternate Ways to Stream Spotify on Firestick

If you can’t get Spotify on your Firestick, another option to stream it on Fire TV is by using a converter. You can convert Spotify Music using the converter app called Sidify Music Converter on your Windows PC. It allows you to convert the music into MP3/ AAC/ WAV/ AIFF/ FLAC. Once converted, you can transfer the songs using a pen drive to your Fire TV.

You can also AirPlay Spotify Music using iPhone/ iPad to Firestick. Spotify allows you to listen on five devices simultaneously with its family plan. Listen to the songs of the most prominent artists like Zayn Malik, Anne Marie, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Katty Perry, and more.


Can I get Spotify Music for free on Fire TV?

Yes, you can get the basic version of Spotify for free.

Did Spotify still have Visualizer?

No, Spotify has removed the Spotify Visualizer feature. However, you can use a third-party music visualizer.

Does Spotify have a screensaver mode?

No, Spotify doesn’t have a screensaver mode.

What are the other best alternatives for Spotify?

Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Pandora are the best alternatives for Spotify.

How to fix Spotify not working on Firestick?

Make sure to unmute your speaker and update the latest version (If available). Also, check whether you have connected with a strong internet connection. For more help, contact Spotify support at

Can you sync Spotify to Alexa?

#1: Open the Alexa app and click on the Menu option.
#2: Click Settings and then tap Music & Podcasts.
#3: Choose Spotify and Link account to Alexa.