There is a Problem Parsing the Package: How to Fix on Firestick

There is a Problem Parsing the Package” is just an alert from the Firestick package installer that it cannot install the third-party apps due to some bugs or errors caused during the installation process. This often occurs only when you’re trying to sideload an Android apk file into Firestick. If you do your own modification to the apk file or you rename the app and try to install it then you will be prompted with such errors.

To solve the bugs and to overcome such errors we have explained in detail what will cause the Firestick to give such warnings and also we have given the possible ways to solve such issues. So make sure to follow the below guide to get some tips and tricks to solve such errors.

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Solve “There is a Problem Parsing the Package”

Tip 1

Mainly this problem occurs if you try to install an Android app on to the Firestick device.

Make sure to turn on Unknown sources installation to permit the installation of the apk files. To turn on navigate to Firestick Settings –> My Fire TV –> Developer options –> Apps from Unknown Sources –> Turn on.

unknown sources

Tip 2

Firestick is running on its own operating system and you can just sideload Android apps on Firestick. If you rename the apk file and install it on Fire TV devices then it will install without any issues. But Firestick will check for the package name and the app name. If it mismatches, then you might get such warnings and errors.

So just download the apk and directly install it without making any modifications to the apk file.

Tip 3

If you get the error message during the installation of emulators on your Firestick.

Emulators require debugging functionality to run on the devices as it is running as a virtual second device like creating a second operating system. So make sure to turn on ADB debugging along with Unknown sources to clear the errors.

To turn on USB debugging go to Settings–> My Fire TV–> Developer options–> ADB debugging–> Turn on.

Problem Parsing the Package

Tip 4

If none of the above tips helps you to clear the issues, then the final step is to reset your Firestick device.

Do a factory data reset by navigating to Settings –> My Fire TV –> Reset to Factory defaults –> Turn on.

reset to defaults - Problem Parsing the Package

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By following the above tips and tricks you might be able to solve the “There is a Problem Parsing the Package” error. If the error continues on your device, share them with us in the below comment section.