Firestick wont turn on: Fixes and solutions

firestick wont turn on

When you push your smartphone or smart device to its extreme limit, it may hang or won’t respond to your commands correctly. This happens for Amazon Firestick too. When you try to stream 4K video content in slow internet, install apps that exceed storage, try to access restricted content, your device may hang or to the worst, Firestick won’t turn on. In those situations, you need to act smarter to revive the Firestick from the issue. Firestick won’t turn on is a common issue and can be avoided by following simple instructions.

Tips to solve Firestick Wont Turn On issues

As of now, there is no specific reason for this turn on issue. If you follow the basic fixes, the device will come back to normal.

  • Restart your Firestick
  • Restast the TV
  • External Wire Connections
  • Other Devices
  • HDMI source
  • Use sockets

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Restart your Firestick

Restarting your Firestick is the universal solution for any errors. If you Firestick won’t turn on, remove the device from the HDMI port and kept it for a while. After 10-15 minutes, turn on your Firestick, it will work as normal.

Here a complete Guide to Restart Firestick

Restart your TV

If restarting your Firestick is not working, then try restarting your TV. Sometimes, there may be an error on your TV too. Turn off your TV and turn it on after 15 minutes. Now, try connecting your Firestick to the TV.

External Wire Connections

Wire Connections

Make sure that your Firestick is connected with all the essential external connection. The important thing is that you should only use the cables that come within the kit. Though the Firestick supports cables, don’t use it.

Other Devices

If you connect other audio devices to your TV, make sure that all the other devices are connected properly. Remove all the other devices and connect it again to ensure that it is no loose connection between the devices.

HDMI sources

firestick wont turn on

Generally, a TV has more than one HDMI port, Choose a different HDMI port that you have connected the Firestick. The number fo the HDMI port is mentioned nearer to the port. To remove the workload of your TV, leave the other HDMI ports empty.

Use Sockets


If you use USB ports to power your avoid that. Instead use USB sockets. This will provide your enough power to turn on your Firestick.

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Final Words

Try all the above fixes to solve the turn on issues on your Firestick. But don’t forget to turn on the power switch. Still, your Firestick has issues, take it to the nearest Amazon service centre or call their customer service. If you have any other specific problems, tell that in the comments below, we will suggest a solution for you.