Firestick Won’t Turn On: Causes and Solutions Explained

Firestick Won't Turn On

Firestick is one of the best streaming devices out there that is used worldwide. Some users of Firestick also face the device wont turn on issues. In other words, you might find that the Firestick displays a blank screen. The issue is common when you push your device to its extreme limit, and it may hang or won’t respond to your commands correctly. Although there are no official mention of the issue from Amazon, it is possible to fix the problem with our troubleshooting guidelines.

Why is Firestick Not Turning On

The cause for Firestick won’t turn on may be different for each users. However, we have mentioned some common reasons.

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  • Damaged power cords and cables
  • Incorrect HDMI input
  • A low battery in the remote control
  • Incorrect physical connections
  • Compatibility issues

How to Fix Firestick Won’t Turn On

As of now, there is no specific reason for the Firestick wont turn on issue. So you can follow the fixes one by one to resolve the problem.

  • Restart your Firestick
  • Hard Reboot Firestick
  • Use the Correct Power Adapter and HDMI Cable
  • Connect Firestick to Different HDMI Port
  • Connect Firestick to Another TV
  • Check Other Devices
  • Use Sockets
  • Adjust Charging Tab on Firestick
  • Unplug Firestick from HDMI Hub
  • Use Splitters
  • Check Firestick Remote Batteries
  • Replace Firestick

Restart your Firestick

When your Firestick is not turning on, the very first thing you need to do is to check the power cord. If the power cord is loose, the will not get enough power and so it won’t turn on. Restarting your Firestick is the universal solution for any errors. If your Firestick wont turn on, unplug the power cord from your device and unplug it from the wall outlet. After waiting for a few minutes, plug back the cables to restart Firestick and check if the problem is fixed.

Hard Reboot Firestick

Sometimes, simply restarting the Firestick wont work, so you need to hard reboot your Firestick. The hard reboot will also help you clear the cache files on your Firestick. You can follow the steps mentioned below to reboot your Firestick.

1. Initially, unplug the power cables of your TV from the wall outlet.

2. Next, plug out the Firestick from the HDMI port on your TV.

plug out the Firestick

3. Press and hold the Power button on your TV for up to 30 seconds.

4. Now, connect your Firestick device to the HDMI port.

5. Connect the power cables to the wall outlet.

6. Turn on your TV and select the correct HDMI input.

Use the Correct Power Adapter and HDMI Cable

Wire Connections

If the problem is not fixed after restarting your TV and Firestick, you need to check the power adapter and the HDMI cable. Because the power adapter might be damaged. In case the power adapter or the cable is damaged, you need to get a new HDMI cable from the Amazon Store. But don’t use the other common HDMI cables with your device.

Connect Firestick to Different HDMI Port

firestick wont turn on

Generally, a TV has more than one HDMI port, so you can connect the Firestick device to the different HDMI ports on your TV. The number of the HDMI port is mentioned nearer to the port. Also, select the correct input on your TV. To remove the workload of your TV, leave the other HDMI ports empty.

Connect Firestick to Another TV

The next fix is to connect your Firestick to another TV or device to check whether the problem is with your TV or Firestick. If it works with other TVs, then the problem is with your TV that is previously connected. In case, Firestick doesn’t turn on, the issue is with your Firestick device. Hence, you can get a new Firestick from Amazon.

Check Other Devices

If you have connected other audio devices to your TV, make sure that all the other devices are connected and working properly. Also, remove all the other devices and connect them again to ensure that it is no loose connection between the devices.

Use Sockets


If you use USB ports to power your Firestick avoid that, instead use USB sockets. This will provide enough power and help you to turn on your Firestick. If this too doesn’t work you can move on with the next fix.

Adjust Charging Tab on Firestick

Adjust Charging Tab

If you connect your Firestick device to various devices frequently, the charge tab can get damaged. Firestick will not get charged with the flattened charging tab your device won’t turn on. But, you can fix this by using a clip or knife. You need to pry the tab up and hold it for 30 seconds. This may help you fix the issue and turn on your device.

Unplug Firestick from HDMI Hub

In case, you are using the HDMI hub to connect your Firestick, unplug it and connect to the HDMI port on your TV direclty and check if the Firestick wont turn on the problem is solved, if not, move on with the next troubleshooting method.

Use Splitters

Use Splitters

If you are using the older Firestick device, it won’t work with the new HDCP. Hence, it is good to use a new splitter, if the Firestick device is not communicating with other devices.

Check Firestick Remote Batteries

Check Firestick Remote Batteries

The next fix that you could try when your Firestick won’t turn on is to check your remote control battery. Because your Firestick remote may not work with a low battery. If the battery is drained, you can replace it with the new one and check if the problem is resolved.

Replace Firestick

If none of the fixes mentioned above doesn’t work, you need to replace your Firestick. Instead, give it to a service center if they can fix the problem. But this won’t work for everyone. So it is good to purchase a new Firestick from Amazon.

Try all the above fixes to solve the Firestick won’t turn on issues on your Firestick. But don’t forget to turn on the power switch. Still, your Firestick has issues, take it to the nearest Amazon service center or call their customer service.