How to Get OneBox HD on Firestick / Fire TV

OneBox HD on Firestick

OneBox HD is one of the most trusted online streaming services to feature the largest collection of movies and shows. It is often used as a cable TV replacement by smart TV users. With OneBox HD, you will get unlimited hours of streaming experience. The updated database of OneBox HD will let you stream the latest episodes, programs, and more. With the simple interface, you can navigate to different sections easily. Above all, it is entirely remote-friendly and thus can be used on Fire TV without the mouse toggle app. As the OneBox HD app is unavailable on Firestick, you can sideload it using third-party apps.

Features of OneBox HD

The key features of the OneBox HD app are listed below.

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  • Get access to movies of all time, from the most recent to the oldest.
  • The app is completely free to install and use.
  • Experience TV shows and other content in HD high quality at any time for free.
  • In addition to streaming online, you can use OneBox HD to download videos for offline access.
  • You can stream all your movies, shows, and episodes from within the app using the Pro player.
  • The library of OneBox HD will be updated regularly to provide you with the best videos.

How to Install OneBox HD on Firestick

OneBox HD is an Android app, and therefore, you need to carry out the sideloading method to install it on Firestick. Choose Downloader or ES File Explorer to install OneBox HD on Fire TV/Firestick.


Do the following to install a third-party app on Firestick.

#1: Turn on the Firestick and click on the Settings icon on the Home screen.

Select Settings from the Fire TV Home

#2: Choose the Device/My Fire TV option based on the Firestick model.

Select My Fire TV

#3: Click on Developer options and turn on ADB Debugging.

Click Developer options

#4: After that, enable Apps from Unknown Sources.

enable Apps from Unknown sources

How to Download OneBox HD on Firestick using ES File Explorer

Those with ES File Explorer on Firestick can install OneBox HD on Firestick with the help of the steps given below.

#1: Soon after the preliminary requirements, tap on the Find title and select Search.

#2: Navigate on the on-screen letters to type in ES File Explorer and launch it.

#3: On the expandable sidebar, click on the Tools option.

Click Tools > Download Manager

#4: Meanwhile, select the Downloader Manager option on the next screen.

#5: After that, tap on + New on the following screen.

Click +New icon

#6: Type in the URL of OneBox HD as on the path field and enter the name as OneBox HD. Click on Download Now button.

Click Download Now

#7: After downloading, click on the Open File option to proceed further.

Click Open file and Install OneBox HD on Firestick

#8: Tap the Install menu on the next screen and launch OneBox HD on Fire TV.

Click Install to get OneBox HD on Firestick

#8 Select the Install option again and click Done.

Click Done and launch OneBox HD on Firestick

How to Sideload OneBox HD on Firestick using Downloader

If you have Downloader on Firestick, then proceed with the steps given below to sideload OneBox HD on Firestick.

#1: After the pre-requisite, click on My Apps & Channels on Firestick.

#2: Hover to click on the search bar and use the on-screen keyboard to type as Downloader.

#3: Choose the Downloader app from the list of suggestions to open it on Fire TV. If you don’t have the app install it first.

 OneBox HD on Firestick

#4: Under the Home tab, type the URL of OneBox HD as and tap the GO button.

#5: Hold on for a few seconds to let Downloader complete the downloading process of OneBox HD.

OneBox HD Firestick

#6: After that, click on the Next button to further confirm the installation of the app.

#7: Now, tap on Install to finish the sideloading process of the OneBox HD app on Firestick.

OneBox HD Firestick

#8: Finally, tap the Open button to launch OneBox HD on your Fire TV.

OneBox HD Firestick

#9: Navigate back to the Firestick interface to access the features of OneBox HD.

How to Use OneBox HD on Firestick Home

#1 Go to the Apps section from your Firestick home.

OneBox HD on Firestick

#2 Highlight the OneBox HD app from the list.

launch OneBox HD on Firestick

#3 Click on the Options icon at the bottom of the page.

#4 Select the Move option. Drag and drop the OneBox HD app in the desired place for easy access.

How to Setup OneBox HD on Firestick

#1 Launch the OneBox HD app on Firestick.

#2 While launching the app for the first time, you will get a prompt to upgrade the app to the latest version. Click Ok.

Click Ok to get the new version

#3 The app will start downloading the latest version of the app.

Wait till the app gets downloaded

#4 Once downloaded, click Open to launch.

#5 On the best page, click OK to remove the old version, as it is no longer needed.

Click Ok to remove old version

#6 Now, you can choose any content on OneBox HD and stream it on your device.

OneBox HD on Firestick

OneBox HD is worth using as an online streaming app on Firestick. You can watch anything from never miss shows, on-demand content, and other videos in high quality on a bigger screen. On the other hand, if you like cutting the cord and streaming videos for free, then OneBox HD on Firestick is all you need.


Is OneBox HD safe and legal?

OneBox HD is not completely safe and legal to use. So we recommend you use a VPN for safe streaming.

What are the best alternatives for OneBox HD?

ShowBox, MovieBox HD, CyberFlix TV, TeaTV, BeeTV, and MegaBox HD are some best OneBox HD alternatives.