How to Install Joker Builds on Kodi / Firestick

Joker build is one of the amazing builds on Kodi that provides users with lots of content. Those contents include sports, Live TV, movies, TV shows, kids’ content, documentaries, and so on. They are so lightweight and mostly focus on simplicity. But the users have to be cautious while streaming Joker builds on Kodi. This is because Kodi has been known as the platform of copyright infringement due to the availability of third-party Kodi addons and builds.

Update: Joker Kodi Build is currently unavailable, and we dont know when the build will be back. So you can check out the other best Builds for Kodi as an alternative in the below section.

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How to Download Joker Builds on Kodi

In order to install Joker Builds on Kodi devices, first, you need to turn on and allow the Downloads from Unknown sources.

Steps to Turn on Unknown Sources

[1] First, open the Kodi application and go to the home page.

[2] Then click the Settings option on the home screen, which will be on the top left corner of the screen.

Click settings to install Joker Builds on kodi

[3] You will now get a window appearing on your screen. Select the System option.

Click System install Joker Builds on kodi

[4] Then choose the Add ons option from the left menu.

[5] Now click the Unknown sources option and turn it ON if you find it is OFF.

Click Unknown sources to install Joker Builds on kodi

[6] Following that, click Yes on the prompt to confirm whether you wish to keep Unknown sources turned ON.

How to Install Joker Builds on Kodi

Here are the significant steps to Install Joker Builds on Kodi devices.

[1] Open the Kodi settings from the home screen by clicking the gear icon.

Open the Kodi settings

[2] Then go ahead within the Kodi settings and click the File manager option.

Click File Manager option

[3] A window will appear on your screen. Click the Add source option on the window.

[4] Then click the option <None> on the window.

Choose None

[5] Now type in URL on the window appearing on your screen and click OK.

[6] You will now be returned to the pop-up window where you can enter the source name and then tap OK.

[7] Then go back to the settings window again and click Add ons.

Click Add ons

[8] Following that, click install from Zip file from the menu option.

Choose Install from Zip file option

[9] The following window will pop up. Click the name that you added earlier and click the name.

[10] Click the zip file and click Dismiss option.

[11] Then press the back button and then click Continue.

[12] Again press the back button when you see the pop-up window.

[13] You will now go back to the home screen of Kodi. Press the home button repeatedly until you go there.

[14] Now navigate to Add ons option and then select Program to add ons.

Click Program add ons option install Joker Builds on kodi

[15] Then open the Joker Wizard option and click Builds.

[16] Now click the build you wish to install and click the Fresh Install option to install it on your device.

[17] Click Continue again if your receive the prompt on your screen.

Click Continue again

[18] The Joker Builds will now start to install on your device. Once it is installed successfully, click the OK option.

Henceforth these are the steps to install the Joker Builds on Kodi devices. These Joker builds are usually lightweight and support all Kodi devices. After installing Joker Build, you can select from 10+ Kodi builds.

Best Alternatives

As the Joker Kodi Builds are currently unavailable, you can try alternative builds.

Xanax Kodi Build

Xanax -  Joker Kodi Builds alternative

Xanax Kodi Build is one of the most popular Kodi Builds with a decent collection of add-ons. It is most similar to the Durex Kodi Build as it is designed by the same developer. Xanax Build is lightweight with a user-friendly interface for easy access. The Addons list includes Exodus Redux, DeathStar, Magic Dragon, and more.

Durex Kodi Build

Durex - Joker Kodi Builds alternative

Durex Build is one of the must-have Kodi builds with a wide collection of movies and TV shows. It can also be used to change the user interface of Kodi. Moreover, Durex Kodi Build also helps you to manage multiple Kodi Addons. With that, you can also access popular Kodi addons Neptune Rising, Placenta, Uranus, The Dos Bollocks, FlixNet, etc.

Titanium Kodi Build

Titanium - Joker Kodi Builds alternative

With Titanium Build on Kodi, you will get it all in one place. It offers a Simple UI with various categories like movies, TV shows, kids, fitness, favorites, etc. Moreover, it is a lightweight build. Thus it will not occupy a huge space on Kodi. You can also access YouTube videos, a decent number of video addon, maintenance tools, etc.


Do you need a VPN to stream Kodi Build?

Yes, VPN is a must for streaming on a Kodi. As all the contents on Kodi may not be legal to use and using the best VPN gives you full immunity for streaming without getting any legal issues.

Why is Joker Build not working on Kodi?

Joker Build has been removed. Thus it may not work on your device.