How to Install Descent Kodi Addon on Firestick

Install Descent Kodi Addon Firestick

Descent Kodi Addon is one of the widely available on-demand Kodi addon. It comes with an intuitive and smooth interface that features all the essential stuff to provide never-ending entertainment. All the streaming media titles are well categorized under different sections including, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Circus Divas, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, Recently aired, and much more content. Descent Kodi Addon Firestick will bring you all intended contents to watch on the big screen in HD resolution. If you are looking for a way to get Descent Kodi Addon on Firestick, here is the solution.

Features of Descent Kodi Addon

  • Descent Kodi Addon offers high-quality streaming links, even for classic content too.
  • This addon has a huge collection of streaming titles, with the new ones will be updated regularly.
  • It is compatible with all Kodi-supported devices.
  • Notably, it supports a Real-Debrid account to get high-quality streaming for your content.
  • Descent Kodi Addon is really fast with zero buffering.

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How to Install Descent Kodi Addon on Firestick?

Before installing, make sure your Firestick has the Kodi app. Moreover, Descent Kodi Addon not an official Kodi, so you will need to Turn on Kodi Unknown sources option.

Preparing Kodi App on Firestick

#1: First, launch the Kodi app on your Firestick.

#2: Locate and select the Settings icon.

Select Settings

#3: On the settings screen, select System.

Select System

#4: Select Add-ons from the left side menu.

#5: Click on the Unknown sources toggle icon to enable this option.

Install Descent Kodi Addon Firestick

#6: After that, click Yes on the warning prompt.

Install Descent Addon on Kodi

#1: After enabling the unknown sources, return to the System settings page.

#2: Hover to the File Manager option and open it.

Select File manager

#3: On the File manager screen, select Add Sources option.

#4: Click the <None> menu on the Add File dialog box.

#5: Enter the URL (  without mistake.

Install Descent Kodi Addon Firestick

#6: Enter a Name (Cy4root) for your source and click the OK button.

Install Descent Kodi Addon Firestick

#7: After that, get back to the Kodi System settings screen and select Add-ons.

Select Add-ons

#8: On the addon browser screen, select the Install from zip file option.

Select Install from zip file

#9: Select the Cy4root file.

select Cy4root

#10: Followed by that, select the zip file URL

#11: Wait until the Cy4rooth Repository Add-on got installed.

#12: When you see the Installed message, select the Install from Repository option.

Select Install from Repository

#13: Select the Cy4root Repository option.

Select Cy4root Repository

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#14: Select the Video Add-ons option.

Select Video Addons

#15: On the Video Addons screen, hover to Descent and select it.

Select Descent

#16: After that, click Install on Descent Kodi addon description screen.

How to Install Descent Kodi Addon Firestick

#17: Instantly, a pop-up will appear with a list of additional addons. Click OK to install all these addons along with Descent.

How to Install Descent Kodi Addon Firestick

#18: Next, click No from the prompt and wait until the Descent Kodi Add-on got installed.

#19: Once the addon was installed, return to Kodi’s home screen and select the Addons menu.

Install Descent Kodi Addon Firestick

#20: Select the Video addons option.

Install Descent Kodi Addon Firestick

#21: Select and launch the Descent Kodi Addon.

#22: Now, the Descent Add-on interface will appear on the screen. Choose your streaming category and enjoy your favorites.

Install Descent Kodi Addon Firestick

To Conclude

Installing Descent Kodi Addon is very simple with the above procedure. You should be very careful while entering the repository URL. If you entered mistakenly, addon installation seems to be difficult. Even though Kodi is not a legal media player on Firestick, we suggest using VPN to encrypt your privacy. Using VPN will also bypass geo-restriction while streaming online.