How to Watch Friends Reunion on Firestick for Free

The Friends Reunion special, officially named Friends: The Reunion, is set to premiere on May 27th only on HBO Max. The news was revealed in the first official teaser video for the series. According to insiders, filming has already begun in New York, and the final episode should be aired in May end. In the below article, we guide you on the steps on how to watch Friends Reunion on Firestick or FireTV for free.

The Friends Reunion special marks the 20th anniversary of the television show and promises a fun and exciting return to the series’ distinctive style and humor.

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If you want to get your hands on the Friends Reunion Special DVD, you must pre-order it through the official Home Box Office (HBO) website no later than May 27th, or else you will miss out on the opportunity to watch the Friends Reunion special when it arrives.

If you plan to watch the Friends Reunion special in the summer, you can also purchase the Friends Reunion Special V DVD from local home entertainment retailers such as Blockbuster or Hastings.

You can find many reviews on the new Friends Reunion Special on the internet and in speciality magazines.

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How to Watch Friends Reunion on Firestick

Friends Reunion is only available to stream for HBO Max subscribers, so you need an active subscription to watch Friends Reunion.

How to Sign up for HBO Max

1. Go to HBO Max website and click “START YOUR FREE TRIAL” button.

Friends Reunion on Firestick

2. Fill in the registration form and click Create Account.

click create account

3. Enter your credit card details and click start your free trial button.

start your free trial - Friends Reunion on Firestick

5. After successful log in, start streaming HBO Max movies and shows for free.

Friends Reunion on Firestick

Steps to Install HBO Max and stream Friends Reunion on Firestick

HBO Max developers have created a unique app for Amazon Firestick users and published it in the official Amazon app store. So there is no need for sideloading process. Follow the below steps to start streaming instantly.

Please click on the link to check our detailed guide on HBO Max on Firestick.

stream Friends Reunion with HBO Max

Wrapping Up

Thus in the above article, we explained how to watch Friends Reunion on Firestick for free. If you have an existing account on HBO Max with an active subscription, you can follow the installation process of HBO Max on Firestick.