How to Use K-Lite Codec (Full Pack) | Tips and Tricks

While Windows can play most digital music and video files, it could run it a file format which it may not be able to play, or you may need to run and older Windows version to be able to play. At this moment, you may need to go ahead and install the correct codec required. There is indeed a whole lot of different audio and video formats available these days, therefore for one to install a media codec pack may be the right thing to do. These codec packs help save time that could be spent looking for an actual codec on the internet.

Irrespective of what audiovisual tool one uses, having the right codecs installed on your system is very key to be able to play a varied range of different file formats.

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When you download K-Lite Codec (Full Pack), you get a codec pack that is compatible with various Windows upgrades available so far and is regarded as a very popular code collection for a lot of reasons. Its interface is quite user-friendly, and that ensures installation is easy as it contains an impressive number of codecs which are regularly updated. There are four versions available for download, depending on your computing requirements. These include the K-lite Codec Pack Basic, which is a basic version that provides for only the essential codecs and is great when one wants only the necessary codecs to save space on your hard drive. There is also the K-lite Codec Pack Standard which is arguably the best option for average users as it contains almost everything as the Basic package with the exception of additional codecs for playing various video formats.

The K-Lite Codec Pack Full and Mega are the higher variations of the aforementioned and include everything the Standard Pack offers and much more. The Megapack includes tools for being able to create your encoded audio and video files along with everything within the Full Pack. The K-Lite Codec Pack is essentially a collection of various DirectShow filters, other tools and VFW/ACM codes which are needed for encoding and decoding different audio and video file formats. It works as a user-friendly solution which plays all your available audio or video files. You should be able to go ahead and play all the available audio and video file formats with the K-Lite Codec Pack (Full).

Broken Codec Detection and Adaptation

One top tip when using the K-Lite Codec Pack is that its installer is designed in such a way as to detect broken codec and even DirectShow filters on your system while also helping you fix such problems. This uniqueness can ensure thousands of users like yourself can solve a lot of issues which they were not able to fix by themselves when they were using other packs. Apart from this, the Codec Pack also works all versions of Windows, and its intelligent installer automatically ensures its adaptation based on the version of Windows you are using. This is unlike a lot of other codec packs available as this adaptation mode means it can adapt other codecs which are already installed on your Windows PC. There are also useful tools for one to manage and configure all installed codecs.

Customizable Options

k-lite codec (full pack)

When you download K-Lite Codec, it is also easy for you to fully customize the installation process and also then choose which of the available components you may want to install. It is quite easy to ensure you make a fully customized installation which you can choose to leave unattended to as it installs on its own using the integrated installation function. The pack also comes with a lot of options for users, which allows for tweaking according to one’s specific needs as well as preferences. As well as having different options for installation, one can pick what they need and can fit what they do.

Configuration of Media Player and Explorer

The K-Lite Codec is able to automatically configure Windows Media Player as well as the Media Center for you to ensure recognition of all common audio and video file formats so that these files can be seen in your media library when you look for them. Under normal circumstances, this would require you to tweak your manual registry to view the files. There is also the option for extended video thumbnail generation functionality for the Windows Explorer tool in which all popularly used video file formats are given full support. There is also support for showing the various file properties including the duration and width or even height within Windows Explorer for the MKV and FLV video file formats.

Regular Updates for Codecs

There is absolutely no need for you as the user to track the updates to various individual components which can be automatically configured to work together in tandem. This does not work if you go ahead and make a manual installation and also if you utilize a mix of various splitters and decoders available. Most of these codes are already selected for you the user by various codec experts, so there is no need for you to worry about figuring what you need in terms of the available codecs. This is not a feature available with most codec packs and is one reason why you should go ahead and download K-Lite Codec (Full Pack).

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