How to Install Brave on Firestick

The Brave browser can shield your Firestick from trackers and disable invasive advertisements. You can improve your web browsing experience by installing Brave on your Firestick. The Amazon App Store, however, did not have the Brave browser for Fire TV devices. To download the Brave browser, you must use third-party applications.

Features of Brave Browser

The Brave browser includes a ton of features in a variety of categories, including playlists, security, and tabs. Here are a handful of Brave’s salient features.

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  • Brave Rewards – Brave users can get rewards as tokens to browse.
  • Brave Shields – You can block all the trackers.
  • Browsing speed – 3x the speed of other browsers.
  • Night mode – Users can get eye protection in the dark time.
  • Brave Firewall + VPN – Users can disguise their location using the built-in VPN.

How to Install Brave Browser on Firestick

As mentioned in the introduction, you can’t get the Brave browser application from the Amazon App Store directly. Here we suggest you install Brave on your Firestick using the tools listed below.

  • Downloader
  • Wireless File Manager

Install Brave Browser on Firestick Using Downloader

[1] Turn on your Firestick and connect to WiFi.

[2] Click on the Find option on the home screen of the Firestick.

Find option on the homepage of Firestick.

[3] In the Find menu, select the Search option.

search button on the homepage of Firestick.

[4] Type Downloader using the virtual keyboard that appears.

[5] Find and choose the Downloader listed under the suggestion.

Downloader is shown in the suggestion list.

[6] Hit the Download icon.

Download icon for Downloader.

[7] Now, the app is downloading. When the download is complete, go back to the homepage. Hit the Settings option.

Settings icon of Firestick.

[8] Click on the My Fire TV icon.

My Fire TV button on the Firestick screen.

[9] Go to the Developer options menu.

Developer options under the MY FIRE TV menu.

[10] On the Developer Options, select Install Unknown Apps.

[11] From the list, select and turn on the Downloader app.

Turn ON the Downloader app.

[12] Tap on the Apps button on the Firestick home screen.

Apps & channels button on the home screen of Firestick.

[13] Select the Downloader app from the list of Your Apps & Channels.

Downloader icon under Your Apps & Channels.

[14] Launch the application. The first time you use the application, it will request your consent to access your files. Choose the Allow option there.

Permission pop-up of Brave.

[15] Click on OK on the Quick Start Guide.

OK pop-up of Downloader app.

[16] In the URL bar, type and press Go.

URL box on the Downloader app to download Brave on Firestick.

[17] The Brave app is now being downloaded.

[18] After downloading, click Install on the pop-up window.

Brave installation pop-up on Firestick.

[19] Installation is now complete. Select the Open option to launch the browser on Firestick.

Install Brave Browser on Firestick Using Wireless File Manager

With the help of Wireless File Manager, you can transfer the Brave APK file over the air from your smartphone to Firestick’s storage. Follow the below guidelines to install Brave on Firestick

[1] On the Firestick’s home screen, select the Find option.

Find button on the homepage of Firestick.

[2] Go for the App Store.

Appstore on the home screen of Firestick.

[3] Tap on the Search bar and type Wireless File Manager on it.

[4] Select Wireless File Manager from the suggestion list.

Wireless File Manager from the suggestion list.

[5] Hit the Get button.

Get download icon of Wireless File Manager

[6] After downloading and installing, click Open to launch the app.

Open icon of Wireless File Manager.

[7] Accept the Grant Storage permission.

Grant Storage Permission pop-up.

[8] Click START WIRELESS FILE MANAGER on the welcome screen of the app.

START WIRELESS FILE MANAGER option on the Wireless File Manager.

[9] Now, you can get a unique web address on the screen. Copy that address.

A unique web address on the Wireless File Manager.

[10] Paste and search that address on your preferred web browser on your smartphone.

[11] You can now get your Firestick files on your web screen.

[12] Download the Brave APK file from here.

[13] Click the Choose File option to upload the Brave APK file.

Choose File button on the web screen.

[14] Navigate to the Downloader folder on your system and double-click the downloaded Brave APK file.

[15] Click Send button.

Send button on the web screen.

[16] Now, you go back to the Firestick and select OPEN FILE MANAGER.

[17] You can find the Brave icon on display. Tap on it.

Brave icon on Firestick.

[18] Go for the Open.

[19] Click Install on the pop-up window.

[20] After the installation, you can launch it.

How to Use Brave Browser on Firestick

Following installation, you must understand how to handle the Brave browser. You can use it effortlessly and wisely because of its friendly interface. Connect your Firestick to WiFi and follow the guidelines listed below.

[1] Open Brave browser, choose Set as the default browser or Not now as your wish.

[2] Tap on Continue.

[3] You can see the Brave browser homepage.

[4] You can search for anything on the Search bar.

Homepage of Brave browser on Firestick.

[5] Once you are done with surfing, close the browser.

How to Add Brave Browser to Firestick Homescreen

If you want to put Brave browser on the home screen of your Firestick for easy access, you should follow the below instructions.

[1] Click the Apps button on the Firestick home screen.

[2] Go to the Brave browser icon.

[3] Press the Menu button on your Firestick remote.

Menu button on Firestick remote.

[4] Select Move on the pop-up menu.

Move option on the pop-up menu. It helps to place Brave on your Firestick homescreen.

[5] Move the app to your desired place under the Your Apps & Channels using the directional pad on the remote.

Pros and Cons

Brave rewards help to purchase premium content.The add-ons in the Brave browser are very limited when compared to Chrome.
Web tracker and native ad blockers.It will consume more memory.
Online anonymity.


Is Brave browser free?

Yes. the Brave browser is completely free to use on all platforms.