Best Fitness Apps for Firestick You Should Install

Best Fitness Apps for Firestick
Best Fitness Apps for Firestick

It’s easy to think that your phone is just for calling, texting, and scrolling on social networks. However, this small device is also an ideal instrument to track and manage your health goals. Fitness apps are special programs that you can download for your tablet, phone, or other electronic devices. Certain fitness apps on firestick apps are free to use, whereas others require you to pay some dollars every month to access premium features. However, all of them aim to offer direction, motivation, and accountability regarding your health. Now before you go about downloading these apps, make sure your internet connection is fast and strong. We recommend you try CenturyLink for reliable internet. Call CenturyLink customer service number now and get the best and most affordable packages available on the market.

1. Map My Run

Map My Run is one of the very first fitness apps on Firestick designed for runners. It is still ranked highly because of its numerous features and a dedicated community. The app’s library with more than 70 million routes for running will ensure that you will have a new route to explore and accurately records your speed, distance, elevation, calories burned, and much more while you run. You can also enjoy live audio coaching for your GPS-tracked run, too.

MVP memberships offer advanced information like cadence and heart rate monitoring for $5.99 per month or $29.99 for the year. You can design an itinerary map in advance using their simple online interface and can look over every aspect of your workout within the map after recording your workout. The MVP membership also offers live GPS tracking that lets you share your location with your friends and family in real-time to ensure your safety.

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A successful strength-training program requires plan-of-action, which is why JEFIT excels. The free version of the application contains a database that includes more than 1,300 exercises that aid you in planning the details of your training sessions for weightlifting and keeping track of the total reps and weights you use in the tracker for training logs. 

The log will assist you in keeping track of the changes in your body composition and monitor your body weight, body fat percentage, and much more. You can also communicate with other lifters. The app is also equipped with pre-designed training programs suitable for all training levels for those who prefer to follow an expert rather than become one. JEFIT is an app for mobile devices as well as an online-based application. It is a popular choice for users who can design workouts using their computers and then carry them out using their mobile phones.

For $6.99 per month or $39.99 per year, the premium membership eliminates advertisements and gives you access to training plans, featured exercise sets, and many more.

3. Openfit

If you are trying to build an exercise routine, it’s difficult to beat the advantages of live classes. With more than 200 live classes every week, Openfit gives clear and secure instruction from certified trainers, a sense of obligation to stay in the right direction, and genuine motivation that makes fitness enjoyable. Additionally, it offers hundreds of online classes that will keep you on track whatever your timetable.

Openfit is relatively new to the fitness app market. It is expanding quickly, adding more trainers, classes, and programs every week. In addition to the workouts that are between 15 and forty minutes in duration, Openfit also provides personalized diet plans, nutrition programs, weekly fitness challenges, and an active social fitness network.

Access to the entire app and classes costs $38.99 in three-month increments, $59.99 for six months, or $95.99 for a full year.

4. Glo

Glo is one of the fantastic fitness apps on Firestick for beginners trying to master that tree posture and advanced students looking to become the ‘human pretzel’. It provides daily classes that meet your requirements for better sleep, stress reduction, or general fitness training. Follow your preferred yoga instructor to keep up-to-date about their latest classes. Most positive reviews have given this app five stars because of its teachers’ expertise.

Other reviews praise Glo for its highly-customizable sessions, the possibility to download classes to use the internet while traveling, and its excellent customer support. Glo is also compatible with Apple Watch, so you can record your fitness information during your workout and access classes on all of your Mac devices.

5. 7 Club

7’s workouts are built on research released by the American College for Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal, suggesting you can achieve an effective aerobic workout in as little as seven minutes every day. How? By performing several compound movements that work larger muscles. The app isn’t extravagant, but it does provide clear videos and audio instructions for each exercise, which is all you require to ensure that your time is counted.

The 7 Club is the subscription option for the app, offers personal workout plans tailored to your fitness level, more than 200 workouts, assistance, and support from a personal coach for $59.99 per year and $9.99 per month.

6. Peloton

It’s hard to top Peloton for those who want to experience the luxury of a fitness studio in the comfort of their home space. It’s not necessary to own a bicycle or treadmill of a well-known fitness brand to use and take advantage of everything the app can offer.

For $12.99 per month, you will have access to the entire Peloton studio live and on-demand classes, ranging from the strength and boot camp to treadmill running and cycling. There are even audio-only classes that allow people to exercise outdoors.

Users are raving about the variety of classes available and the feeling of being connected with other fitness enthusiasts as they take part in live classes. You can help others out with digital high-fives, track friends to track their progress, participate in monthly challenges to keep you motivated, and much more. It is one of the best apps, as Peloton for Firestick offers guided programs for those with particular fitness goals, including running your first race.


Fitness apps can assist you in setting goals for your fitness, monitor your progress towards your goals, test new workouts, connect to fitness experts, and more. Download any of the above-mentioned apps for your fitness routine.