How to Rename Firestick Quickly

learn to rename firestick

Firestick is the best streaming device by Amazon. It supports thousands of streaming apps and games. You need an Amazon account and a strong internet connection to stream the content from the device. By default, Amazon names its device with a random name. If you don’t know the name of your Firestick device, you cannot recognize the device easily when connecting it to other devices. And you won’t be able to remember the default name of your device always. So, you can rename your Firestick as you like to recognize it easily.

How to Find my Device Name on Fire TV?

You can change your Firestick name in two ways, using Amazon mobile app and through Amazon’s official website. However, before renaming your Firestick, you must know the current name of your device. To check the current name of your Firestick, follow the simple steps given below.

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1. Tap on the Gear icon from your Firestick home screen.

2. Under that, choose My Fire TV and then the About option.

tap about to rename your firestick

3. Click on the model of your Firestick on the screen.

4. Now, you will find your device’s name under the Device Name option.

find the current name of your device

How to Change the Name of your Firestick via Amazon Website

You can set different names for Fire TV from the Amazon website using your PC or mobile browser.

1. Visit Amazon’s official website on any browser.

visit the amazon website and click sign in

2. From the web page, tap the Sign In option.

Sign in with your account details

3. Provide your Amazon account details on your Firestick, and click on Sign In.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the web page and locate the Let Us Help You section.

5. Under that, click on Manage Your Content and Devices.

Click on manage your content and devices

6. On the following screen, click on the Devices tab and tap on the Fire TV.

Click on the devices tab to rename your Firestick

7. Now, you will see all the Firestick devices connected with this account.

You will see your Amazon device under devices

8. Choose the Firestick that you want to rename.

choose your firestick name

9. Select the Edit button next to the selected Firestick name.

Click on the Edit button to rename Firestick

10. Next, you will get Edit Device Information pop-up menu.

11. Click on the box near Device Name and enter the new name for your Firestick device.

Rename your Firestick and click Save

12. Once done, click on the Save button to save the changes.

13. You have successfully changed the name of your Firestick on the website.

How to Rename Firestick via Amazon App

Alternatively, you can change the Firestick name using an Android phone or iPhone from the Amazon App.

1. Launch the Amazon app on your smartphone. If you have not yet installed it, install the app from Play Store or App Store.

2. Sign in with your Amazon account details.

3. Click on the Hamburger Menu from the top-left of the app screen.

4. Under that, click on the Your Account option.

choose the your account option

5. Further, choose Content and Devices.

tap content and devices to rename your firestick

6. Next, tap on the Devices option.

7. Then, choose the Firestick name that you want to rename.

choose your firestick from the list

8. Tap the Edit button and enter the new name for your Firestick device.

9. Once done, click on the Save button.

tap dave to rename your firestick

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That’s it. Now you can easily change the name of your Firestick device. Remember to select the proper name for your device so that you can recognize the device quickly among all the available devices. You can also set a nickname for your Fire TV for easy remembrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change the device name on Firestick using iPhone?

Yes, you can rename your Firestick device with the name you like using the Amazon app on iPhone.

How to rename my Firestick?

You can rename your Firestick through the Amazon website and Amazon app. For more details, go through the above section completely.

Will renaming affect apps, services, and subscriptions on the device?

No, renaming Firestick doesn’t affect your device in anyways. You can use the device as usual.

Can I delete my Amazon account?

Yes, you can send a request to delete your account from your Amazon account.

How to change your phone number on Amazon?

#1 On the Amazon website, go to the Account settings page and click Edit next to your contact number.
#2 Type your new mobile number and click Continue.
#3 Enter the verification code and hit Verify.

How do I set up Amazon Firestick without an Amazon account?

If your Amazon Firestick is connected with your Amazon account, you can easily de-register it to set your Fire TV without an Amazon account.