How to Install the Spectrum TV App On My Devices?


If you’re reading this or rather have searched for this query, then hats off to you for choosing one of America’s largest and best cable TV, phone, and internet service providers. As much as we would love to get right into the nitty-gritty of how to install the Spectrum TV App on your devices, we need to make sure that you are fully equipped with all the correct equipment, whether or not all the equipment is set up correctly and if all of your Spectrum services are functioning perfectly.

Let’s make up a fake scenario to get our point across, nothing beats a make-believe world to build an understanding. Assume that you and your spouse or girlfriend are lounging around in the living room making plans with another couple to go on a road trip. As you’ve just finalized the entire plan, you realize that the dates that you have decided upon clash with the season finale of your favorite show. A state of panic is exactly what is about to engulf you. However, fear not, the Spectrum TV application is a one-stop solution for you and your significant other watching all of your favorite shows, movies, etc. on the go or rather on-demand. That’s not all, if you do have the Spectrum TV application, then you could very well also control the DVR equipment while you’re away from it i.e. on the go.

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We would suggest placing a call to get in touch with a Spectrum Customer Service representative to figure out whether or not your devices are compatible with Spectrum TV or to inquire about the correct installation guide. However, we know that not all people are comfortable or have the time on their hands to place a call on the Spectrum customer service, so here we have a guide to the installation procedure for mobile phones, Roku, and Xbox One.

Mobile Phone

  1. If you are an android user, then log on to the play store and type in the following keywords, “Spectrum TV Application”. If you are an Apple or iOS user, then search for the same query on the Apple application store.
  2. Locate the application and then proceed to download it. Keep check whether the application you have just downloaded is the correct application.
  3. Once you are done with the download of the application on your mobile devices, let the applications be installed on the mobile devices.
  4. Enter your details i.e. username and password.
  5. Once you are done with all of your relevant sign-in, you are perfectly able to take advantage of your Spectrum cable TV, no matter where you are and what you’re doing. The only issue that you will probably face is deciding on what to watch on your phone or watch an on-demand movie or season.

The correct details are given below for step 4.

  • Spectrum

Username is written as E-mail address.

Password: The password is the same as the one that is used to access this e-mail.

  • Bright House Networks

Username is written as BHN username.

Password: The password is the same as the one that is used to access this specific username.

  • Time Warner Cable

Username is written as TWC ID

Password: The password is the same as the one that is used to access this ID.

One thing that you need to know is that if you are in your household and are already connected to an already authorized Spectrum modem, then you would not have to fret over the authorization procedures as you would already have been authorized for the use of the application.

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  1. Log on to and begin setting up your own Roku account.
  2. Use the username and corresponding password that you have just created to sign in to Roku. Since you are using the box for the very first time, you would be required to register your device via the recently created account via the code that has been provided by Roku.
  3. Establish an internet connection with your Roku device and proceed to activate your own Roku account.
  4. Access the Roku Channel Store via the remote provided by Roku and look for the Spectrum application.

From here on, the steps are fairly simple.

  • Press on the option that says “Get Started”. This would give the device a signal that would start the process of authentication.
  • Press on the “I Agree” option as soon as the process of authentication is complete.

If you have not previously subscribed to the Spectrum TV application, then you can use this opportunity to click on the “How to Subscribe” option. And hence become a part of the Spectrum TV application consumer base.