How to Install and Use MovieBox Pro on Firestick

MovieBox for Firestick
  • MovieBox Pro is unavailable on the Amazon App Store of Firestick.
  • Users can sideload the APK version [] of MovieBox Pro on Firestick.

MovieBox Pro is one of the best movie streaming apps for Firestick. The application lets you download and watch 49,000+ titles, including classic hit movies and TV series with top-notch streaming quality. Since the application does not have a dedicated app on the Amazon App Store, you need to install the app on Firestick using the sideloading method. From this article, you will learn how to download and stream the MovieBox Pro app on your Fire TV/Stick.

How to Install MovieBox Pro on Firestick Using Downloader

Since MovieBox Pro is a freemium service, you can access its content free with ads and ad-free with a premium subscription. MovieBox Pro premium starts from $3.99/month.

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1) Turn On your Fire TV/Stick and attach it to a stable internet connection.

2) Now, download and install the Downloader app on Firestick.

2) Return to the Firestick home page and enable the unknown source toggle for the Downloader app. To do so, navigate to Settings My Fire TVDeveloper OptionsInstall Unknown AppsEnable Downloader Toggle.

3) Launch the Downloader app and select Home from the left panel.

4) Enter the URL of MovieBox Pro and hit Go to download the APK file.

Enter the APK URL to download MovieBox Pro

5) After downloading, open the MovieBox Pro app and select Install to add the app to your Firestick.

That’s it. Now, you have successfully added the MovieBox Pro app on your Fire TV/Stick.

How to Activate and Stream MovieBox Pro on Firestick

To activate MovieBox Pro on your Firestick or Fire TV, you have to enter a MovieBox Pro invitation code. Follow the below instructions to activate your account.

1. First, compose a mail to the MovieBox Pro Support team at [email protected].

2. Within 2 hours, you will get an invitation code from the team.

3. Enter the invitation code on the MovieBox Pro app on your Fire TV/Stick.

4. Then, follow the instructions to activate your Moviebox account.

5. After activating, launch the MovieBox Pro app and select your desired movie or series.

6. Finally, play the content and start streaming your desired content on the big screen.

Play the content on the MovieBox Pro app


Why is the MovieBox Pro not working on my Firestick?

Since MovieBox Pro requires a standard internet connection, you must connect your Firestick to stable WiFi. If the issue appears even with a standard internet connection, restart your Firestick and sideload the latest version of MovieBox Pro.

Is MovieBox Pro legal and safe to use?

No. MovieBox Pro is not legal to use on any device.

Is it possible to stream MovieBox Pro with external players?

Yes, you can stream MovieBox Pro with external players like MX Player.