How to Change Time on Firestick

Chane Time on Firestick

Are you not getting timely updates on your Amazon Firestick? If yes, it is because of the incorrect time on your Firestick. If the time is not accurate, you may not also start and end the schedule on time on Firestick. The date and time settings on your Firestick are set automatically through the internet. But when the time is not correct, you need to adjust the time on your Firestick manually. Flow with this article to know how to change the time on your Firestick.

How to Change Time on Amazon Firestick

You can adjust the time on your Firestick by selecting the region. Because once you select the region, the time will set automatically through the internet.

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One Step Guide: Go to Firestick Home screen >> tap Settings >> click Preferences >> hit Time Zone >> select your Region.

1. First, plug in the Firestick device to the HDMI port on the TV.

2. Connect your Firestick to Wi-Fi network and pair your Firestick remote.

3. Launch the Firestick Home screen by pressing the Home button on your Firestick remote.

4. Next, click the Settings option on the top right corner of the Firestick home screen.

tap the settings icon on Firestick home screen

5. Tap the Preferences tile from the settings menu.

Tap the Preferences tile

6. Now, select Time Zone under the preferences section.

select Time Zone

7. Choose your region from the list of available countries.

Choose your region to change time on Firestick

8. Finally, the time will be changed automatically according to the region.

Follow the above steps to adjust and set the time on your Firestick. Once you set the correct time, you will never miss any updates on Firestick, and you can also start and end the schedule on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to change sleep time on Firestick?

You can change the sleep time on your Firestick in a few steps. First, press and hold the Home button on your Firestick remote until the quick menu appears on the screen. Next, click the Sleep tile from the menu and change the sleep time o your Firestick.

2. How to set time limits on Firestick?

If you want to set time limits on Firestick, you can do it in the parental control section.

3. How to change the time on Kindle Fire?

To change the time on your Kindel Fire tablet, go to Settings > Device Options > Date & Time and change the time.

4. Can you reset the language on Firestick?

Yes, you can change the language on Firestick. Go to settings > Preferences > Languages > English.