There are lots of music streaming applications available for the Firestick and Apple Music is the newest addition to the list. It can not only be accessed on Apple devices but can also be used on Amazon Fire Stick as well. Those music lovers will be able to discover and listen to 50 million songs at any time with this service. So you will get the ultimate music streaming experience with Apple Music on Firestick. Know more about the features of Apple Music and the setup guide by getting into the article.

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What is Apple Music?

Apple Music is a music and video streaming service that can be accessed on Amazon Fire TV. All you need to do is set up Apple Music account on Alexa and with this, you can listen to your favourite music tracks at any time on Fire TV devices. You can choose to stream on-demand music or listen to existing and curated playlists with Apple Music on Fire TV.

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Apple Music on Firestick

Download 100,000 songs to the library and it can be played in the offline mode. With Apple Music, you can stream ad-free music and music videos that are curated for every occasion. You can browse for the latest tracks from your favourite artists or listen to songs that are picked just for you. Use the global charts to find the popular tracks at a glance on the Fire TV.

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Features of Apple Music on Firestick

  • Apple Music is a commitment-free music app that comes with the 3-month free trial and the user can cancel the purchase anytime.
  • It is easy to find and play your favourite artists’ new releases, playlists, collaborations, etc.
  • You can check the curated music video playlists, watch top music videos, etc with the Apple Music on Fire TV.
  • Get daily music recommendations from artists, tracks, playlists, radio, etc, based on your listening history, genres and moods.
  • You can discover new music by seeing what your friends are into and listening with Apple Music.
  • With the all-access pass to Beats 1, you will get breaking news and exclusive programs in Apple Music.
  • It is easy to check global charts to keep track of the top music the world is listening.

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Steps to Setup Apple Music on Firestick

Finally, Apple Music is available for the Amazon Fire Stick and it can be accessed as an Alexa skill. The steps below would help you out with the steps to setup Apple Music on Firestick.

Note: Make sure you have subscribed to Apple Music just before heading to the section below.

Step 1: You can use the browser or use the Alexa app to go to Apple Music Alexa Skills.

Step 2: Click on the Enable button to enable Apple Music skills on Alexa.

Step 3: Provide your Apple ID to sign into the Apple Music account.

Step 4: Click the Allow button to let Alexa use Apple Music, media library, etc.

Step 5: Select Apple Music as a default music provider for Alexa if you want.

Step 6: Now, take the Firestick remote to click on the mic button and ask Firestick to Play Apple Music. Say “Alexa, play today’s hits on Apple Music”

That’s it. With this, you will be able to listen to songs from Apple Music.

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Apple hasn’t failed to amaze its users and that’s true in case of Apple Music on Fire TV too. It has made streaming music contents all the way simple and easy right on the Firestick with the Alexa support. The interface isn’t complex and you can listen or stream music videos on Firestick with ease. An added advantage is that it comes with a free trial with no commitment. Share us your experience with Apple Music on Amazon Fire Stick in the comments.